What Challenges Did This President Inherit Politics Essay

George Washington-Some challenges were that he had to keep the U.S. united because of the plans that Englands and other had for the nation at that time. Also he had to deal with bickering between Hamilton and Jefferson on things like taxing the farmers and those who grew grapes for wine and other spirits.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt- He had to face the great depression upon being elected. He created the new deal and then he had to face World War II and Nazi Germany.

Lyndon Baines Johnson- A double tragedy of a war in south east Asia and urban riots at home

Ronald Reagon- Being president at the height of the cold war.

Richard Nixon-Some problems he faced was Watergate, Vietnam war, iran hostage crisis, and inflation.

George W. Bush-He faced 9/11 and the war in Iraq

Barack Obama- I think a big problem he faced was helping the economy and getting the job rate increased.

What were his major accomplishments?

George Washington- He was the first president of the U.S. and he got 100% of the electoral votes.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt- He created the social security system and hired many people for different projects and jobs.

Lyndon Baines Johnson- His accomplishments were the Civil Right Act of 1964, the 24th amendment, the 25th amendment, Medicare and Medicaid.

Ronald Reagon- He got the American hostages released in Iran. He also restored Americas faith in government, relieved fears and made America strong and proud again.

Richard Nixon- Richard succeeded in ending American fighting in Vietnam and improved relations with the U.S.S.R. and china.

George W. Bush- He turned around an inherited economy that was in recession and deeply shocked as a result of the 9/11 attacks. He also signed two tax cuts, one of which was the largest dollar value tax cut in world history.

Barack Obama- Obamas major accomplishments were that he passed the health care reform, that he ended the war in Iraq, he eliminated Osama bin laden, and also repealed he “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.

What year was he elected? How long did he serve?

George Washington- He was elected in 1789. He served two terms and declined to serve a third.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt- He was elected in 1932. He served for three full terms and died after serving less than three months of the fourth term.

Lyndon Baines Johnson- Lyndon was elected in 1963. He served one full term along with part of Kennedy’s term due to the assassination.

Ronald Reagan- He was elected in 1981. He served for two terms.

Richard Nixon- He was elected in 1968. He served for two terms.

George W. Bush- Bush was elected in 2000. He served for two terms.

Barack Obama- He was elected in 2008. He has served for one term so far.

What sort of relationship did he have with Congress?

George Washington- He quickly learned to trust his own judgment. He sometimes railed at congress for its failure to supply troops and for the bungling fiscal measures that frustrated his efforts to secure adequate materiael.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt-He had a pretty good relationship with congress. He got congress to do many things and congress supported him more than other presidents.

Lyndon Baines Johnson- He worked with congress but soon congress started to decrease their support for him.

Ronald Reagan- was not an effective relationship because he pressured congress for budget cuts of 39 million and for passage of a 25% tax cut.

Richard Nixon-Nixon did also not have a good relationship with congress. He failed to rally congress to support his welfare reform plan and generally dealt with congress indirectly.

George W. Bush- The majority of congress supported Bush.

Barack Obama- His relationship is good with the democratic congressmen and very bad with conservative republican congressman

Was he an effective communicator?

George Washington- He was an effective communicator since he lead us to freedom and lead the country.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt- He was an excellent speaker and very good at getting his ideas presented but he was not good at listening or understanding the ideas of others.

Lyndon Baines Johnson-Yes, he was an effective communicator.

Ronald Reagan-Yes, he was known for his great communication.

Richard Nixon-Yes, he was also a very effective communicator.

George W. Bush- He had poor communication. Or as they said a lack of effective communication.

Barack Obama- Obama is a successful communicator.

How did he expand or limit the powers of the presidency?

George Washington-

Franklin Delano Roosevelt- Roosevelt expanded the powers of the administrative powers.

Lyndon Baines Johnson- He adopted a far reaching civil rights bill, a voting rights bill, a medicare program for the aged, an measures to improve education and conservation.

Ronald Reagon- He was being anti-delente which gave them more power over foreign affairs.

Richard Nixon- He utilized the term “commander in chief” to expand the Vietnam war into Cambodia and Laos because they were allowing Vietcong yo bypass South Vietnam forces.

George W. Bush- He pushed the limits of presidential power with historical limits of white house authority.

Barack Obama- He expanded the powers but also criticized George w bush for doing the same.

For what will you remember this president?

George Washington- That he was the first president of the U.S.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt- Teddy bear is named after him.

Lyndon Baines Johnson- He took oath of office after Kennedy had been assassinated.

Ronald Regan- assassinated 69 days after he took office but he recovered.

Richard Nixon- Remember by Watergate scandal.

George W. Bush- president when 9/11 happened

Barack Obama- First African American president.