President Bashar Al Assad Politics Essay

President Bashar al-Assad has also deep contacts and friendship with Hezbollah group and Iranian Mahdi Army. In the current situation of Syria between President Assad’s army and protesters Assad has been assisted by fighters of Hezbollah and Shiite recruited by Yemen and other countries. According to “” the army troops of Mahdi Army has entered in South Syria through Druze Mountain to assist President Assad in controlling protesters in the country. This intervention of Mahdi Army was a clear message to progressive socialist party leader of Syria Walid Jumblatt, who was raising his voice to get help for uprising of Syria internationally, that this uprising is going to be crushed by President Bashar with the help of Iranian guards. Iran has shown its full and deep commitments to Syrian regime by helping the regime in Damascus where a severe crackdown was implemented by President Bashar with the full assistance of Iranian Mahdi Army. This severe crackdown of Mahdi Army resulted in the brutal killings of 6,000 protesters in Damascus. A video is been leaked in YouTube ( in which a sniper soldier of Mahdi Army has been captured by the Syrian rebels, in the video this prisoner is admitting that he was sent to Syria to kill Syrian protesters to help President Bashar Assad. This sniper is the member of Mahdi Army in Iraq that means President Bashar has strong relations and contacts with Mahdi Army.

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Hezbollah Group:

President Bashar called the Hezbollah group to crush down the uprising voices in Syria. Hezbollah is the group that has advanced artillery and well trained soldiers to face any rebellion situation. On the request of President Bashar the Lebanese Hezbollah joined the government forces to fight against the rebel groups in the country. Hezbollah is the close ally of President Bashar al-Assad and this is giving full support to assist the President in crushing the hated protest against him in Syria. In this fight, Hezbollah group have killed more than 70,000 people in Syria. Hezbollah is securing President Bashar regime like a strong wall in the country on the request of Iran. The intervention of Hezbollah in Syria has complicated the situation of Syria more intensively. One of the most important protester leaders Ahmad al-Assir has called his supporter to face Hezbollah group with full power and let them taste the sand in the fight. On his call many volunteer rebels have made them prepare to fight against Hezbollah to the last drop of their blood. The fight between Hezbollah and rebellion groups of Syria has increased the tense situation of the country. A worst war has been out broken just because of the natural hatred against Hezbollah in the mind and heart of the people of Syria. This fight of Hezbollah and the rebellion groups had been resulted in a great massacre in Syria. A large numbers of people have died from both sides in this conflict. The situation is getting worse as time passes. The full support of President Bashar to Hezbollah has made the protester angrier and the wave of fight, protest and hatred against President Bashar has grown worse and the enmity has reached to the peak.


Jabaht Al-Nusra Group:

Jabaht Al-Nusra has risen as a most opposing group against President Bashar regime. This group is the major fighting force in Syria. This group is fully equipped with fully trained and ready to die fighters and the numbers of fighters in this group are increasing. Jabaht Al-Nusra has one more important characteristic of having a vast and strong network bounding relationships with other Islamic groups like Al-Tawhid, Liwa Al-Ummah, Ahrar Al-Sham, Suqur Al-Sham and Jund-Alsham. The altogether numbers of fighters in these groups are around 40,000; most of them are actually the local Syrian people who joined this group just because of getting annoyed by the policies and harsh treatment of President Bashar against his own countrymen. Jabaht Al-Nusra is in the front line of opposition against President Bashar, which are opposing Basher’s regime by using weapons. Recent news has confirmed that Jabaht Al-Nusra has links with the terrorist group Al-Qaida. According to BBC News, Al-Qaida for the very first time has announced the Jabaht Al-Nusra group as a part of its network that are fighting in Syria. The leader of Al-Qaida Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has said that the Jabaht Al-Nusra group is fighting in Syria for the establishment of an Islamic state in Syria. This declaration is made in an audio message in which the suspicious links of these two groups has been confirmed by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, head of Islamic State in Iraq. This group has claimed to be an influential power behind a numbers of suicide bombing attacks in Syria at the time of uprising which started in Syria in March 2011. The United Nation has declared this Islamic group Jabaht Al-Nusra as a blacklist terrorist organization because of its brutal and merciless suicide bombing attacks in Syria and increasing the conflict situation in the country.


2.2 Impact of External Lobby:
United States Of America:

The United States of America has raised its voice against the brutal killings of civilians in Syria but has no plan to intervene in the country currently. In Syria the dictatorship is so strong that United State has no control over this Arab regime. In the start of this uprising the position of United States was vague regarding the situation of Syrian regime. It was not clear that if the United States wanted the regime to fall or sustain. The Syrian regime is providing a secure border to Israel. United States always wanted to secure Israel and in the current regime of Assad the borders of Israel are more secure. The current regime of Syria is very clear and straightforward regarding Palestinian organizations in Syria; according to current regime the Palestinian organizations and fighters groups are banned to plan or execute their martial operations against Israel from Syrian land. United States is well aware that the next regime in Syria will not give as strong border to Israel like the current regime is providing. The down fall of the current regime may bring weaker borders of Syria with Israel and the exile groups of militants from Iraq, Libya and Palestinian fighter may have an uninterrupted entrance in Israel. That’s why the intentions of U.S. for Syria are sceptical. In the past few months the news of chemical arms used by Bashar have been exposed by the media and now the U.S. are showing more concern in the situation of Syria. US President Barrack Obama has promised to conduct a vigorous investigation about the use of chemical weapons by Syrian forces and warned the Syrian regime that this act of theirs can be a turning point of the relationship of US with Syria. He furthermore said that not only US but all around the world have to recognize and need to stand against the use of chemical weapon on civilian populations.



Iran is the strongest ally of President Basher and his government since the time of uprising started in the country. Iran has the concept that all the riots and protest in the Syria are held on the signals of America. All the protests are pro-American and these riots have nothing to do with the benefits of Middle East. Iran is assisting President Bashar with its army and artillery to crush down the revolution. The President Bashar and Iranian government has good relationships. The main reason of this good relationship is the same religious views between them. The Iranian government is following the Shiaism religion and the regime of Syria is also the followers of same religion. This similarity of religion has brought both the allies more close to each other. Iran is assisting President Bashar with all kinds of assistance. The army of Iran is currently present in Syria to fight with protesters and rebellion groups. A large number of people are killed by the Iranian soldiers in Syria. Syrian regime is relying on the loyalties of Iran and getting a massive support from the Iran.

Iran considers the President Bashar a strong ally and if Bashar regime fails in Syria then it is considered that one wing of Iran will broke. For this purpose Iran is using all its resources to secure the regime of President Bashar. All the contacts of Iran are being used by the Iranian government to save President Bashar. The main contacts of Iran are from Iraq to Lebanon. Iran’s defence minister Ahmed Vahidi has announced publically that if Syrian regime could not succeeded in putting down the uprising then Iran would dispatched its military help to Syria after signing a mutual defence agreement between Iran and Syria. In the uprising of Syria the Iran is assisting President Bashar to keep his power to him through all possible means like, cash, military, weapons and fighters.



In the beginning of uprising in the Syria the Turkey was concerned to keep its relation with the regime of the Syria. Initially Turkey did not say anything openly in favor of opponents of President Bashar. Turkey started to rethink over its stance on Syria by the summer of 2011 when a large number of civilians were killed brutally in Hama and Latakia by Syrian army. In August, the foreign minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu arranged a meeting with President Assad that continues for six hours. In this highly official meeting between two countries the Turkish foreign minister warned President Assad that if the killing of civilian did not stop immediately then Turkey will stop dialogue with Syria. In June the next month of this meeting, the patronage NGOs of Turkey started gathering Syrian opposition groups in Istanbul after the approval and consent of Turkish government. The participants of this gathering were not interested to discuss on titles like “Change for Syria” or “National Freedom Conference”, rather they demanded that President Assad and his supporter first step down from the government and then discussion about new Syria will started with them. The Syrian National Council (SNC) came into existence in Istanbul and it represented itself as a main political address party for opposition. Turkey unlocked its borders for the Syrian rebel groups. In July 2011, a large numbers of retired Syrian army soldiers reached in Syria under the leadership of retired air force colonel Riyad al-Assad. These groups of retired soldiers made an organization in Turkey named “Free Syrian Army”. The main objective of this organization was to work hand in hand to get freedom from President Assad’s cruel government. This organization proved itself as an umbrella organization and strongly opposed the concept of table talk with President Bashar regime. In September 2011, Turkey has decided to finish all the contacts and relationships with Syrian regime and imposed army restriction on its south border. The good relationship between two countries has come to an end and Turkey has announced the Syrian National Council (SNC) as an official representative of the Syrian Opposition.