The world of a certified nursing assistant

In my paper I am going to be talking about the world of a certified nursing assistant. I will be taking you though the many steps it takes to become a (CNA), like from the education requirements, all the way to the patient care duties. I also will be talking about the importance of (CNA) and why having them is so important to the assisted living community. Thesis statement: Certified nursing assistant, Certified nursing assistants have been and will always be a big part of the worlds medical field. In today’s time there are so many people needing to be cared for, that you will always have a career in assisted living.

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Certified nursing assistants are very important in today’ time because there are millions and millions of elderly and disabled people needing to be cared for at all times and without these nursing assistants these people would really have it hard. Even the families of these people would have it hard because they would have to spend their time taking care of their family members and wouldn’t have no time to live there every day lives. Daily assisted nurses are needed more than registered nurses, and licensed practitioner nurses, because there are just over whelming amounts of people needing to be cared for on a daily basis. Daily assisted nurses are the most important kind of nurse there is because the world’s majority is elderly and they really need help with everyday routines like feeding them three square meals a day, grooming them, helping them up and out bed, helping them walk, and assisting nurses with medical equipment, and checking patient vital signs. Daily assisted nurses also talk to the patients and give them important social and emotional support though whatever it is there going though at the time. They try to become good friends with the patients, so that the patients will trust the nurses to take care of them and be there to depend on. Daily assisted nurses also provide vital information to registered nurses about the patients, when they are sick or acting funny and so forth. Daily assisted nurses have a lot to handle on the job and that’s the reason this job is so important and needed everywhere around the world. Without daily assisted living the world would be in a great state of panic.

The education of daily assisted living is very important because you are going to be on the front lines of patient care, making sure that the sick and hurt people have their needs met, and you need to know all the right procedures so that you can perform at the highest level that the patients deserve. This program is a pretty short one because it only takes about six to twelve weeks to complete, but you have had to completed high school or have gotten a GED. You can take the course in high school, community college, or a medical facility. This course includes basic nursing skills, and learning about the anatomy, and physiology, and nutrition and infection control, client rights, and body mechanics. Students also gain plenty of hands on experience in class room activities. The students get to train on each other like helping each other up and out of bed, introducing there selves as they would to a real patient, changing the bed pan, taking blood pressure, and learning how to bath the residents. After you have passed the class, you have to take a quiz from the state. There is two parts to this quiz, one is the book quiz part of the class and the other is the presentation part. Now on the quiz part of it you go and take it with everyone at the same time, and you have about two hours for completion. This test covers everything there is to know about being a certified nursing assistant. When everyone has completed their test you go in two at a time for your presentation part of the test. The person who you go in with will be your partner on your presentation. They state people make you pick five cards and on each card there is a task for you to do, like say you get making the bed properly or putting in a bed pan. You and your partner would have to perform the tasks on each other and there is no helping each other aloud or you would fail the entire test and would have to study for 6 more weeks then come back and take your test over again. With passing the test part and presentation part you now would receive your certified nursing assistant licenses and would be able to start applying for jobs. When you go for an interview they will drug test you because they can’t be having no drug attic’s working for them? They will also run a back ground check on you because they don’t want any harmful people around the patients. After they get the back ground check and drug test back and your healthy and applicable for the job, they will then hire you for the job. Some special requirements of the (CNA) program is laws and by laws and I mean legal and ethical responsibilities, like right the residents have and being respectful each and every one of the patients no matter age, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, culture attitudes, background, or response to illness. Some rights I would like to talk about are ethical standards and legal standards. Ethical standards are guides to moral behavior. People who do health care willing agree to live up to these standards. When these standards are broken, the nurse fails to her promise of giving safe correct care and to do no harm. Legal standards are guides to lawful behavior. When laws are broken, the nursing assistant may be prosecuted and held responsible for injury or damage. This legal guilt can result in fines or imprisonment. These laws are established so that ensured safe quality care is given. The caregiver is also protected because sometimes the rules that protect moral actions and protect legal action actually cover the same thing. Some very important rights of residents are the residents “Bill of rights” and this includes things like privacy rights were you have to knock on the door before entering the room of the resident. Another one is confidentiality and this is like where you cannot talk about a resident to another worker without their permission. Theft is a big part of the rights to because residents should never have things stole from them and the facilities are responsible for the resident’s health, well-being, and personal possessions.

The first steps in the procedure of taking care of a resident are gather equipment needed to take to resident’s room. Then before entering the resident’s room you knock and identify yourself by name and title. After entering the room you then check the resident’s identification bracelet and if there is anyone in the room you ask them to leave and advise where they can wait. You then explain to the resident the procedure that is about to take place and how the resident can assist you. Answer any questions that the residents ask you. You then close the door or window curtain or bed curtain to provide privacy. Always wash your hands before beginning because that is a good way to prevent germ spreading or illness. Apply gloves if contact with blood moist body fluids, secretions, excretions, or skin that is no intact. Apply a gown if your uniform might be coming in contact with linen or other articles contaminated with blood, moist body fluids. Also apply a gown, mask, and eye protection if blood or moist body fluids is likely to splash up at you. Then you raise your bed to a comfortable working level and lower the side rail on the side where you are working.

The daily care routines of a resident are bathing, oral hygiene, grooming, feeding, assisting them to whatever they need help with and making them always feel real comfortable and safe. Bathing is done to kill odor, increase circulation, provide exercise, and relax the resident. When bathing a resident you always look for redness, irritation, or other problems. If there is any problems always notify a nurse as soon as possible. Bathing consist of removing excretions, secretions, dirt and oil that may be harmful to their skin. There are two types of baths, complete bath and partial bath. A complete bath is washing the whole body from head to toe. A partial bath is just washing the face, hands, under arms, back, and genital areas. Special baths are given because some residents have special orders from doctors that say they need a special type of bath care for treatment or comfort, and a lot of the ladies get their hair done and do not get their hair washed every time so always consult a nurse before bathing them.

Oral Hygiene involves taking care of the mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue. Oral hygiene care is a major responsibility when taking care of a resident. Good oral hygiene reduces the incidence of pneumonia and other medical conditions that elderly people are prone to. The purpose of mouth care is to help the resident’s appetite, prevent bad breath, and mouth odor. The reason there is a strong policy for oral hygiene is because if we didn’t give good mouth care people would be developing plague which is irritation in the gums, making them red, tender, and bleed easily. Plague eventually leads to gum diseases and gum disease is where your teeth start pulling away from your gums and pockets of pus and bacteria fill up under your teeth eventually make them fall out. Denture care is very important because dentures are artificially made teeth and can break very easily. Some residents are embarrassed about their teeth so always provide privacy when cleaning them. Most dentures are removable but some are permanent. Permanent dentures are for eating, keeping the shape of the face and jaw, and making the resident have a good sense of well-being.

Grooming is shaving, nail care, applying makeup, and combing hair. Grooming is a big part of building a resident self esteem. Before shaving a resident you always check with the nurse because some residents may not be shaved because of the medical condition or medication they are taking. Some women grow facial hair because of the hormonal changes in ageing and most always want it removed. Shaving is most always done with an electric shaver that the resident owns. If using a disposable razor always were gloves because of the high probability of coming in contact with blood. Caring for the feet and nails is very important because only licensed personnel are allowed to cut toe nails and finger nails. The nurses are just for keeping the feet and nails clean and preventing injury and infection. Poor circulation is very common in elderly patients with diabetes. That requiring special care for resident’s feet. Protecting the feet of residents is very important because the skin on the feet heal very slowly. Applying makeup is a great sense of comfort and self-esteem, so always help resident with makeup if needed. When combing hair you should section the hair with one hand, and begin at the scalp and work toward the end of the hair. If it is a woman style the hair attractively and make sure to always be gentle and not pull the residents hair.

When you’re first starting the job it is very important that you get to know the residents extremely well because if you don’t know the resident it can be hard to take care of him or her. When you know the resident it is very easy to take care of him or her because you know what they like and dislike and know how they are going to act and you can talk to them like a friend and help them. When a resident don’t know you or like you I doubt that they will cooperate with you or be nice to you so you’re best off getting to know the patients. Put it this way the patients act just like you when it comes to knowing and liking someone. If we don’t know someone or like someone we aren’t going to want to talk to them either.

The career and future of a (CNA) is very bright because the best of the best nurses started as a (CNA) and that is just stepping stone for becoming a registered nurse. In this kind of there are many kinds of jobs you can do like home health care, were you go to the patients home to take care of them, and there is psychiatric aides, were you take care of people in mental hospitals. There are just so many ways you can work and help people out in this kind of work field. The true key to earning big money in this field is experience and place of employment.

The career of a (CNA) is going to be one of the most fastest growing jobs of the future because everyone gets old, and eventually needs to be taken care of and you always have to have someone to take care of them. The things you learn as an assisting nurse like bathing, grooming, feeding, respect, oral hygiene, are always going to help you thought out your whole life, especially with kids and your self. Once you start this career it is a good thing to know that you will always have a job in it.