Nursing Essays – Heatherwood Nursing Subacute

Heatherwood Nursing SubacuteA general market analysis and challenges of Heatherwood Nursing & Subacute Center in Rhode Island

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The main purpose of the market analysis entails:

The analysis focuses on the developments of knowledge and information that will assist Heatherwood Nursing & Subacute Center become more successful in the creation of information to be used in proactively marketing the home as a new nursing location. The assessment of a suitable blend of nursinges that can do well in the Nursing & Sub acute Center is also entailed in the market analysis.

Deficiencies in Heatherwood Nursing & Subacute Center

The goal of the survey was to identify the potential advancement in growth key issues and factors affecting the cost effective expansion efforts in the nursing home. Data on deficiencies for the nursing home is shown below: the home has to be planned, constructed or well kept to look after the health and safety of residents, workers, and the public. Surety has to be adhered in order to make the nursing home area free of risks that results to accidents. The supply of food should meet all the resident’s needs.

Professional services ought to be entailed with the medication errors being reduced up to less than 5% to facilitates effective service delivery tom the residents.

The Newport County, Rhode Island has 484 residents and 514 certified beds in 6 nursing homes Rhode Island has 8,250 residents and 8,810 certified beds in 86 nursing homes.. The services provided at the nursing home care include the following activities, clinical lab, dental, dietary, housekeeping, mental health, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician services which is provided both onsite and offsite, physician extender service, podiatry social work services speech pathology service, therapeutic recreation vocational services and x-ray services

nursing Mix Analysis

In investigate the prospective strengths and weaknesses of Heatherwood Nursing & Subacute Center nursing mix, the number and types of establishments in the state were compared to other long term care provides. The nursing mix comparison showed a number of significant differences and opportunities for Heatherwood Nursing & Subacute Center.

The was a clear indication that Heatherwood Nursing & Subacute Center was not underserved by the staff .The overall staff quota affected the provision of services to the residents since quality services were being observed as compared to the vast deficiencies on the other long term care providers so as to make the recruitment was made a priority.

The unavailability of total occupancy of the residential beds reduces the margins of advancement in that the overall service delivery was hampered. On the other hand, its strategic location gives an assurance of secure the facility is in that all, the health precaution issues have been undertaken with minimal deficiencies being seen ten total staff to resident ratio enables total service delivery in all the sectors.

The total number of beds gives the facility an overall advantage to then compare eight since it has more large bed spaces that enables all the residence to be totally cared for. The staff has all round positive attitudes to the residents and this strong relationship gives a market opportunity for the facility in that this becomes a selling point.

Demographic, Economic and Lifestyle Characteristics

The facility is not located within a hospital set up. It’s a ‘for profit ‘institution and has a capacity of one hundred and fourteen beds with a total of 105 residents. This in general adds up to a total percentage occupation of 92%.

Heatherwood Nursing & Subacute Center is located in Rhode Island. It has an overall bed capacity of 114 beds with the residents being one hundred and five (105) in number this shows a percentage of 92.the ownership type is profit based. Meeting the required undertaken aspects is highly tolerated.

The whole entire staff at the nursing home is well competent with every urge to deliver to the client’s satisfaction. A total of one hundred and thirteen Medicare patients were given a total of 3,617 days of non-swing bed care and services in 2006, and the provider was compensated with $1,174,636 by Medicare. There were eighty medicare patients who were given outpatient care and services by this provider in 2006. The provider was also compensated $119,829 by Medicare for these services.

When Heatherwood Nursing & Subacute Center was compared to other nursing homes in the state, the consequences was that it was more probable for long stay residents to be more depressed or nervous. The low risk who was also long stay residents experienced no control of their bowels while the long stay residents had catheter inserted and left.

This nursing center had the long-stay residents in bed at al times and they lost so much weight as compared to the other long term care providers. The short stay residents on the other hand had moderate to severe pains. It is also less likely for the long stay residents to experience moderate to severe pain

There will be an increase in the capacity of visit to the home as a result of the effective services delivery and the overall staffing solutions that are sound in the production of effective services to the residents at the nursing homes. The nursing home has seen drastic changes and it is from these effective changes that the facility boasts of all the achieved results. Consecutively to assist the general changes, the nursing home has developed a patient to staff association such that there can be cohesive forces that will unite them together and enable them cooperate within each other.

Market Research – General and Specific

This segment contains information on health deficiencies put forward during the last two most recent state checks as reported to centers for medicare and medicaid services (cms).the percent of short-stay residents with pressure sores was 25 compared to all the other nursing homes in Rhode island which was 21.06 and a nationwide percentage of 16.5% while those of the long stay patients with similar conditions was 26% in the nursing home, 12.96 in Rhode island and an overall of 12.50 % national wide.

The percent of high-risk long-stay residents who have pressure sores percent of short-stay residents with delirium in this nursing home is 0% as compare to the overall in Rhode Island and the national average of 2.19%.

This depicts that their is an absence of residents with delirium in Heatherwood nursing & subacute center in Rhode Island. The percentage of the short stay residents given influenza vaccination through the flu season in the nursing & subacute center was 74% and 71.68% respectively in Rhode Island while the national average was 64.49 %. The short stay residents who had restrained to severe pain percentage were 20 % as compared to 20.6% in Rhode Island and a national average of 21.5%.

According to the last survey no short stay patient was assessed and given pneumococcal vaccination as seen in an overall of 61.19% in Rhode Island and a nation average of 55. 49%.the short stay residents with delirium in this nursing home is 0% as compare to the overall in Rhode island and the national average of 2.19%.This depicts that there is absence of residents with delirium in heatherwood nursing & subacute center.

The overall percentage of the short-stay residents with pressure sores is 25 compared to all the other nursing homes in Rhode island which is 21.06 and a nationwide percentage of 16.5%.The overall analysis clearly shows how competent the nursing home is and the number of resident occupancy as compared to the states average and the national average. Therefore more focus needs to be on this sector to maximize effectiveness all round.


The accountability for making the decisive decisions about enforcement of good quality of care standards in the nursing homes rests primarily with states. But in this situation the states activities are resolute mainly by the federal system that are also influenced by political decisions and dictatorial philosophy. From this it is evident that the public regulatory system is considered ineffective in assuring that all residents receive high quality of care and high quality of life, as the federal law promises.

The limited resources clearly are unable to cater for all the residents in the nursing home proving as the greatest challenge. Sustaining the ability to gather the needs of low-income elderly and disabled individuals goes beyond contemplation of financing to address the effectiveness, equity, responsiveness to individual needs and quality of services and supports. Resource has the greater contributors of a sustainable development opportunity therefore the” staff members will opt to do well in area they feel that is conducive to them.” (Levenson 1993).

The other factor embracing the challenges of the long term care provider entails the inadequate staffing. One of the things that actually require taking place is that these jobs have to be made more desirable, because the problem seems to be, to some extent, more retention than recruitment. There are many registered nurses who actually do not practice nursing since the jobs are so intolerable which also applies for certified nurse assistants.

Many people have qualified to undertake this profession but are refusing to do them the conditions of employment are really very poor (Baker and Bruce 1995).Rather than supporting responsibility and reward competent use of resources to cut costs, the administration has been seen to be increasing the workload of the professional care providers without increasing their support or income a factor that seems to be a total problem.

This actually makes the staff members unable to comply within the regulation and end up, performing less than the required amount to put in. this problems reduce the staff moral therefore they end up without addressing actively their main goal in the achievement of t6heb set goals. When the staffing issues are totally address the quality care of the patients will be highly appreciated since they will have morale of carrying out their duties. Their salaries should also be regulated relevant to the job performance at least every after there months to foster perfection at all the senses.

Recommendations and conclusions

Inspections on the long term care providers should be carried out at least once a mount so that the requirements are made at the specific required time .this enables each and every person to be responsible in all the areas that one is assigned to.

The pharmacy should be able to tackle the deficiencies associated with their services by providing professional services that will be able to follow each resident’s written care plan.

The environmental deficiencies should also be addressed in a manner that the overall safety of the residents is not kept at stake. The designs of the overall structures that are concerned with the welfare of the residents portray safety to facilitate its marketing attributes to the general public. The safety of the public, the workers and the staff members is always of high priority in many institutions.

In tackling the deficiencies in the quality care sector, each resident has to be carefully watched and assistance provided whenever needed by them to prevent the occurrences of accidents that might aggravate the entire condition being experienced. For the effectiveness of service delivery , the long stay residents should always be taken seriously into consideration since when they spend most of their times in bed they may end up developing bed sores which in turn will increases chances of more infections. To cub this scenario, an all round nursing staff should be always on the watch to ascertain the well being of the long stay residents.

In tackling the overall nutrition and dietary deficiencies, the resident meals should be provided in a way that favors their appetite. Nutritional practices are the fundamental aspects that guarantee body changes at al times and it is through proper nutrition that health is attained. The institution has automatic sprinkler systems which should always be maintained at all cost.