Permanent Bonded Retainers After Braces Philosophy Essay

The next phase after braces:

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The moment you get your braces off then you move on to the next phase and that is of retainers. The role of the retainers is to help the teeth hold on to their new position and not move to their original position. This will help in correcting the overbite permanently.

Removable retainers:

Most orthodontist tend to give their patients removable retainers that they can have on all through the day. This is an essential part of the braces treatment. As soon as your braces come off what should go on are the retainers. The first three to six months is the most important time and this is the time wherein your teeth have a likelihood of moving back to their original position. This is the time that you should have your retainers on permanently day and night.

The next phase:

Once your orthodontist has examined the progress of the treatment, after the first six months of having the retainer on permanently they might recommend that you wear them only at night. This will go on for a long time and then finally, the orthodontist might advice you to wear the retainers only a few nights in a week. This takes several years and therefore you can look at the retainers as a permanent addition in your life.

Keep your teeth in line:

The thing about retainers is that they help the treatment and its efficacy to hold true. Once you have got your braces off and your teeth in line that is not the end of the treatment. What you need to do now is to go ahead and wear your retainers diligently as recommended by the dentist to ensure that your teeth do remain in line. What sense would it make to have spent so much of time and effort on your teeth and then let them slide back to their original position once again? What you will be left with is the overbite once again.

Removable and permanent retainers:

There are several different options in retainers that you could opt for. This allows you to be able to have retainers that are removable. You can also go for the invisalign retainers that help your teeth stay in line whilst you sleep.

There are permanent retainers too but they are used on the bottom teeth. These are fixed on to your teeth and help in holding them together. This is an option used by the dentist in case of severe crowding of the teeth or most of the teeth being crooked. The orthodontist will use the retainers as they do not want to take the chances of a relapse in the teeth position occurring.

Permanent versus removable:

Most clients prefer to have removable retainers on. This not only gives them the flexibility of removing them for special occasions but allows them to brush and floss their teeth perfectly. It also allows them to keep a good hygiene routine.


Braces are Coming Off, but Teeth are Still Crooked?

The concern that many patients have about the braces treatment is whether their teeth will be in line in a single row. The treatment usually takes them a year or two to go ahead and set the teeth right. There are several different orthodontist problems that people could have and depending on the kind of problem that you have, your braces will take that long to get your teeth in a straight line. However, if it is close to the time that your braces are going to be taken off and you still don’t see your teeth in a straight row then you have a right to be concerned. At the next meeting with your orthodontist, go ahead and raise this question.

The orthodontist will be able to answer your concerns correctly. An orthodontist is a specialist and he knows exactly how long the teeth will take to get into line. They have years of experience and expertise. They might also suggest a longer period of time for you to continue to keep the braces on.

Don’t be over critical of your teeth. There might be times that you might have visualized teeth that are all pearly white and in a neat tidy row. But, this might not be realistic taking several personal factors of your teeth in mind. Therefore, when you think of straight teeth go ahead and have a realistic visual in mine. Also, when you see your teeth without braces they might seem a little odd.

Most orthodontist at this part of the treatment will go ahead and prescribe a retainer for you to wear. This will ensure that your teeth do not go back to their original places once again. You will be able to ask your orthodontist about a permanent or a removable retainer. These retainers will further help your teeth remain in a straight line and not move to their former position. A word of caution here, do not let go of your retainers or you are in for trouble. Your teeth will then slide back to their original position and all that you will have left behind is a waste of time and effort. The retainers will do a great service by holding the teeth in place. Therefore, the next time that you look in the mirror you will not find your teeth to be crooked. Just a few days without retainers, and you will have crooked teeth once again. Then you will have to start the treatment right from scratch.

As soon as your dentist lets you know that your braces are going to be removed and you have a concern about your teeth looking crooked let them know right away. Then, the dentist will have a further closer look and decide whether the braces need to be kept on for a few more days. That should be able to make your teeth more aligned and in a straight line.


How Can You Get Braces off Sooner?

Some people can be quite worried about the braces that they have on and wonder what could they do to get rid of them really soon. The quicker they are done with the treatment and the braces the better they will feel. They will be able to bare their teeth and smile without feeling the embarrassment of making the braces visible. Here are a few things that you can do to help your braces come off sooner.

Hygiene: ensure that you maintain top notch oral hygiene at all times. Keep your teeth and mouth squeaky clean. You will be quite surprised to hear but the better hygiene that you follow more are the chances of your teeth sliding into the right position quickly.

Do not eat hard food: the more hard food that you eat the more pressure you are going to put on your braces. This will make them work overtime. Whenever you have to eat hard food such as bread crusts, fruits and vegetables. It is a good idea, to chunk them into bite sized pieces and then eat them.

Do not put anything in your mouth and chew on it. when you put things in your mouth such as pencils or pens you go on to damage your braces. This will make you have to go back to the orthodontist and the overall treatment time will be lengthened.

Biting your nails: if you are in the habit of biting your nails or touching your teeth and elastic often then you will find that your braces shift position. This will be detrimental to the treatment and will take you a longer time to complete it. Also, these nervous habits are a good thing if you get rid of them.

Foods to avoid: when you have your braces on avoid food that is sticky and sugary. It is going to stick on to your teeth and damage the braces. It might even cause severe tooth decay.

Follow the orthodontist’s recommendations down to the last letter. When you have the braces on ensure that you do exactly as the orthodontist tells you to. Wear your braces and headgear diligently and for the right number of hours per day. Follow the cleaning instructions that the dentist gives you. This will help in being able to propel the treatment right ahead and get your braces off faster. Make certain that you keep the rubber bands at the right recommended tension.

If you do all the right things then your braces are going to be off even before you know it. The good thing then is that you will have the kind of teeth that you have always wanted to and you will never hesitate to smile. Once your braces are off it will certainly be worth the wait.


What Color Braces will Make My Teeth Look White

There are so many questions that a person has when they sign up for a braces treatment. One of the questions that are asked most often is how to make teeth look pearly white.

If you are a teenager then it can be a good idea to get colored braces. They not only make the treatment more exciting for you but also go about and make your teeth appear whiter. There is an entire range of colors to choose from. Keep in mind that the color you choose suits your personality and your teeth as you will have to wear these braces for the next two years or so.

If you aren’t sure which braces color will make your teeth look white then ask the dentist for a color wheel. This will give you a fair enough idea of the possible colors that you could choose from.

Keep the color of your teeth in mind. Different people have different color of teeth. If your teeth are on the yellowish tinge then there might not be all colors that might look good on them. For yellowish colored teeth the best color for braces is silver or invisible. The darker colors on the braces make the paler teeth look whiter. This is one easy rule to remember when choosing your colored braces. The most often color that gets selected for colored braces are black. Try out the black braces first before you order them. Although no doubt that black braces will make your teeth look whiter than what they are because of the contrast they create, they will also go on to ensure that the braces look larger in your mouth than they actually are. Try out other colors that are equally as good as black such as dark blue and maroon. The contrast that they create, of the dark shade versus the light teeth make your teeth look pearly white.

The color that you should certainly avoid on your braces is yellow. The yellow of the braces will go on to cast a yellow kind of shadow on your teeth. This will make teeth look yellowish rather than making them look whiter.

When you choose clear braces be careful as they can get stained easily and reflect that color on to your teeth.

Another good color that you could opt for your braces is red. Red makes the teeth appear far brighter. However, red might not suit all faces. On the other hand the color light blue not only suits all faces but is a good bet to make your teeth look whiter.

Once you have decided the color for your braces the next step is to keep the color of your braces just the way as you first put them on. Some food such as tea or coffee can actually go on to discolor your braces. This in turn will make your teeth appear discolored and yellowish. Also, too much of acidic food will make the color in your braces to fade.


Hidden Braces is possible

When you go to an orthodontist now you will be offered several options in the choice of braces and hidden braces are one amongst them. A few years ago this would have actually been unheard of. At that point of time, about five years from now, the most popular braces were ceramic ones. They were a far better option than the metallic ones but still they were visible and not hidden.

Most people shy away from having braces on because of the way they will make them look. That is the number one fear of people when the orthodontist asks them to wear braces. But, now the braces are almost invisible. You need not worry about the ugly looking olden kind of braces in your mouth.

The use of invisalign braces is the latest in braces technology. It ensures that you are able to use braces without the use of the ugly metal brackets. These invisalign cost a wee bit more than the other traditional braces but it is money worth spending. Without the metal brackets it will be hard to notice whether you have actually worn braces.

The thing with invisalign is that they might not be suited for all patients and all kinds of teeth. If that is the case with your teeth then you can go on to consider the use of iBraces. These braces put brackets behind your teeth. This means that they are not visible from the outside. IBraces have become extremely popular and several athletes and celebrities have worn them to get their teeth in line. They are the perfect kind of hidden braces to get your teeth not only in line but also be able to smile without the ugly braces or metal brackets showing. They are perfect for people who are overly concerned about their looks. Also they are suitable for most people unlike the invisalign.

As the demand for these kinds of braces increase more and more of them are being introduced in the market. There are newer versions of brackets being introduced in the market rather than the traditional metal or ceramic ones. These brackets are absolutely light and transparent which makes wearing of braces seem really nondescript.

There are several different options in front of a patient in these days. If you are interested in hidden braces then go on and ask your doctor and they will recommend the right ones for you. This will allow you to hide your braces from the world. Also, based on the kind of budget that you have you will be able to choose the best option for yourself.

However, people who have a grave case of overbite or under bite will have to stick to the traditional metal braces as they will be able to ensure that the teeth are in a straight line at the end of the treatment.

The best thing about the latest technology being used in orthodontist is the use of clear braces. Based on this more and more companies are beginning to produce them.


Pregnancy and Braces

pregnancy is one of the most wonderful phases in a woman’s life. At the same time when you look good you feel good too. It is important for the pregnant woman to not only look and feel good inside out as this will have a whole lot of impact on her well-being as well as that of her unborn child. When you have teeth that are in a straight line, there is no end to your smile. Therefore, if you have decided to have braces and discover that you are expecting a child, there is no reason to stop with your braces. Both of these can work as the most wonderful of life changing experiences for you.

The right kind of smile can do a whole lot of wonderful things for your self-image and confidence. Why would you want to stop yourself from getting a wonderful smile and enhance the way you look? Once you have the braces on you need not have any medication or be on any special kind of diet. Therefore, this is going to work out perfectly for you. All that you might need to do is initially have soft food just after you have worn your braces. In fact, if you postpone your braces treatment for after the baby is born you might not have that much of time to take yourself to the orthodontist.

At the same time there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration. The first trimester might make you feel nauseous all the time. This might get aggravated with the braces treatment that you might undergo. But, by the end of the first trimester the morning sickness is gone and that is when you can pursue the braces treatment.

At times the braces treatment involves extraction of a tooth. This is not a dangerous practice as such but the X-ray done before that is to be avoided. Therefore, it is a good idea to let your orthodontist know right from the start if you are pregnant. If you suspect that you might be pregnant and are scheduled for an X-ray then wait out until you have confirmed the news.

Now, the good news is that once you start the treatment for the braces during pregnancy, before you know it the baby will be born, you would have got back your svelte figure and a wonderful smile to boot along with it. This is certainly going to be like a new beginning phase for you. You won’t be able to stop beaming and one wouldn’t be sure if it is motherhood or the new smile that you have got.

Look after your teeth well during pregnancy and there shouldn’t be any concern at all. Braces during pregnancy are certainly no hassle at all. You might feel a bit sore and pain but that you would have even felt if you weren’t pregnant. Go on and make the most of the time that you have before the baby is born.


Braces On Bottom Jaw Only

If you are one of those many people who have crooked teeth only on the lower jaw then you might need braces only for the lower one. However, most orthodontists will advise you to go ahead with the complete treatment which includes the lower and the upper jaw. This will ensure that all the teeth are brought into alignment and there are no gaps left in between. Also, this will correct the concern of over bite or under bite completely once and for all.

The good news is that if your upper jaw teeth are all in a row then it won’t take you a really long time to complete the treatment. But, it is certainly a good thing to have the braces placed on both the upper as well as the lower jaw.

You could use different kinds of braces though on both the jaws. Go ahead and use metallic braces on the lower jaw as this will help them to straighten out faster and invisible invisalign or ceramic braces.

The best thing to do is to consult an orthodontist. You might want to go to another orthodontist for a second opinion. They are the ones with the specialized knowledge and expertise in the domain of teeth straightening. This will ensure that you are certain that you will be able to get the best possible treatment for your teeth. There are several times that a gap in the lower front teeth might warrant braces. This can be set right within no time with the use of the right braces. A lot of people don’t have perfect teeth and using braces is one of the best of ways to set it right. You will love the way your lower and upper jaw teeth will look after the treatment.

There are several different braces that you could opt for. These braces and the right kind will be recommended by your dentist based on the condition of your teeth and what kind of treatment they warrant.

Most people prefer to use lingual braces on the lower jaw and the upper jaw. This is because they are at the back of the teeth and hardly noticeable. These are the perfect kind for adult patients.

The right kind of lower jaw braces will allow you to be able to go ahead and correct your overbite or under bite. You will find that your lower jaw teeth are no longer crooked and have fallen into a straight line. This will go on to make a whole lot of difference to your facial features as well as the way you bite and chew your food. Lower jaw crooked teeth can also affect the way you speak. All of this will be a thing of the past and you will be able to bare your teeth and smile all that you want.

So, do not hesitate to go on and get braces for your lower jaw.