Happiness And Thought Disorder Philosophy Essay

Everyone in life should be happy and the thought of happiness being a disorder should not be a thought someone have in there mind. In “A proposal to classify happiness as a psychiatric disorder”, Richard Bental argues that happiness is a major affective disorder. Although Richard Bental includes many arguments, I will focus on his argument that happy people have been shown to exhibit biases judgments that prevent them from being realistic and unrealistic opinions, and that happy people are not psychiatrically disordered. I will explain my opinion on happiness give reason in why happiness should not be called a disorder. I will argue that Richard P. Bental makes an argument that he believe must be true, but doesn’t seem to be and the argument seems to be unsound. Realistically, people in life will not think of there state of happiness being a disorder that need attention, Therefore Happiness should not be considered a major disorder with bad side affects.

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First I argue that happiness is not a cause for therapeutics concern. Statistically not many people have made a doctor visit for being happy all the time. I make more sense for people to go to therapy for stress and miserable about things. Without signs of happiness and smile you can not attract many relationships and friends in life. Good Form Test: The argument seems to be deductive. Without a doubt the author sticks to his thought of happiness being a disorder. I argue that it is not likely for to attend therapy concerning problems with being happy. Although the author seems to have researched the topic, it is not proven that the disorder and side affects of happiness are anyway a bad side affect that affects that person life. In life when people seem to be happy and live a great life, it has almost always given them better chances of living than unhappy people. True premises test: I believe the Author thought of happy people needing therapy if controversial and false. The author goes on and explains research and why people should go to therapy but statistically I do not believe many happy people will seek therapy. Many people seek therapy when there seems to be greater problems that a doctor will have concern about. I believe the author would accept my argument after looking over statistic and talking to a therapist to view that average of how many people visit for problems on happiness.

S2: Happiness is known for having low stress and good work performance, therefore it does not seem to be the type of stress the Bental explains.

I will argue that a better term called Generalized Happiness Disorder is a better explanation than Bental view on disorder.(Sabah,Karima)GHD is now as a large part of the population and the effects are low stress, productive work, and positive social relationships. I believe more people can relate to this view point of happiness being a disorder versus Bental’s. Bental believes that happiness is a disturbance of the nervous system and is very rare in some parts of the world. I believe that everyone finds ways to be happy in there own way, and at some point of time everyone will find ways in life to be happy. Good Form Test: The argument seems to be deductive. There is an article that explain happiness and a disorder with nothing but positive outcome which is opposite as the authors explanation. The author gives examples of what other people thinks of happiness which is more of a positive case. Bental still believes that happiness can cause abnormalities and bad nervous system. I this is invalid. True Premises Test: Again I believe the author is controversial and his premises for the argument seem false. Based on the Generalized Happiness Disorder happiness is a good state on being and the effect are not related to Bental’s

S3: People being happy in life does not require them having to take medication therefore, happiness should not be considered a disease that disturbs the body. When people smile it is a sign of happiness and smiling takes less muscles in your body than frowning. It is statistically proven the depression will be the second largest killer after heart disease by 2010. After reading over percentages like this it is not likely that a person wants to compare there happiness to a disorder or disease. Good Form Test: This argument seems to be deductive. The author seems to make and invalid point but believe you cannot deny his conclusion. When happiness enters the body it is a healthy change for the body and it’s not harmful. Unless a person is abnormal he/she does not need medication for a happy condition. True Premises Test: I believe the author’s argument is controversial and false. Based on the facts about depression more people are known to take medication and have complication in life from sadness and depression.

I believe my arguments are also Deductive and pass the true Premises test. Many people in life would disagree in going to therapy for reason of happiness and, many people would agree with the Generalized Happiness Disorders rather that Bental’s viewpoint

Overall the state of being happy is more acceptable to people as a Generalized Happiness Disorder rather that psychiatric disease that needs therapeutic attention. Happiness may cause changes to you body but will always make better changes that sadness. Happiness is not a disorder that need attention, but it’s a disorder that people should look at in a good way. The GHD is the best was to explain happiness as a disorder. You should ignore that concept feeling the need for therapy and help in a happy state of being.