Examining Factors Affecting Our Perception Philosophy Essay

A process by which individual organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment [P.Robbins organization behavior, pg, 136].Individuals, but in fact gave way to the external environment on the basis of their behavior rather way, but what they see or believe it to be. An organization their employees can spend millions of dollars to create a pleasant working environment. However, despite these expenses if an employee believes his or her job is substandard, the employee will behave accordingly. This behavior makes him or her based on that employee perception of a situation. Employees who believe in his will separate “him / her supervisor as a constraint reducer which helps her to her / work near a good big brother,” and the employee who sees him as a supervisor monitors every motion working to ensure that their supervisor’s behavior I think that their responses. Difference is the supervisor’s actions nothing to do with reality, differences in employee behavior is due to different approaches.

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Evidence that the person’s status will position your own work experience, their impact will be greater productivity. Whether or not a job is irrelevant really interesting or challenging. Whether or not a manager successfully plans and organizes the work of his or her staff and really helps them structure their work efficiently and more effectively is far less than how the efforts of staff experienced manager. Likewise, issues such as appropriate for payment of work performed, the validity of performance evaluation, and general feeling of justice in a way that assures employees working conditions are not adequate, nor can be We are assured that the person in a favorable light conditions will explain about their jobs. Therefore, be able to affect productivity, it is necessary to work experience evaluated their workers.

Absenteeism, turnover, and job satisfaction is the perception to respond individually. Organization dissatisfaction with working conditions or lack of promotion opportunities in the belief that there is work out a meaning-based decision making to try something. Staff concludes that a work is good or bad is an explanation. Managers should spend time understanding the pathologies and explain how each individual reality where there is a significant difference exists between what is seen, tried to eliminate. Work deals with failure to reduce job satisfaction of individuals differences and experience will result when business and increase in the absence of negative words.

[Laurie j. mullins, 2005]

Factor affecting perception

When a person looks at a target and interprets what he sees, that interpretation is heavily influenced by personal characteristics of the individual perceiver.

Relevant personal characteristics affecting perception are of perceiver attitudes, motives, interests, past experiences, and expectations.

The goal of the symptoms can also affect what is believed to be. The charm, gregariousness, and other group similarity together tend to be involved.

In context the objects or events we see in our mind are influenced by time, heat, light, and many other conditions or factors.

Person Perception: making judgments about others

Attribution Theory

1. Our perception of people about inanimate objects are different from our perception.

aˆ? We are not about inanimate objects that we make about the actions of inferences.

aˆ? Nonliving objects are subject to the laws of nature.

aˆ? People’s beliefs, intentions, or is not intended.

2. Our perceptions and actions of a person’s decisions are influenced by these beliefs.

3. Attribution theory suggests that when we observe an individual’s behavior, we to determine whether it was due to internal or external efforts. Determination that depends largely on three factors:



3. Consistency

Explanation of differences between Internal and external causation

Internal behavior because those that individuals are believed to be in control of the individual. Behavior due to external factors outside is seen as arising, that the person is seen as the event has been forced to practice.

4. Distinctiveness refers to a person displays the different situations differently. We want to know that abnormal behavior is observed.

aˆ? If so, an external observer behavior is likely to give attribution.

aˆ? If this action is not unusual, it probably would be judged as internally.

5. If consensus is everyone who is faced with a similar situation responds in the same way. If consensus is high, you sag employee will be expected to give an external attribution while the other employees who have made the same route to work on time, my conclusion would be internal as causation.

6.Consistency in the actions of an individual. Person reacts the same way at times? Behavior is more consistent, more observers are inclined to attribute it to internal causes.

Fundamental attribution error

aˆ? There is ample evidence that we reduce the impact of external factors and internal factors, or personal tendency to overestimate the impact.

aˆ? There is also a tendency for people to try or internal factors such as the ability to attribute his successes while blaming failure on external factors like fate. The “self service” is called bias and provided feedback suggests that employees will be distorted by the recipients.

9. These attribution errors or biases in the different cultures are universally perverted? Although no definitive answer there is some preliminary evidence indicates that cultural differences:

aˆ? Korean managers found that, unlike the self-serving bias, they tended to accept responsibility for failure in the group.

aˆ? Attribution theory largely based on use with the U.S. and Western Europe was developed

(Robert Kreitner and Angelo Kinicki – Oct 9, 2007)

Public perception

Inanimate objects of our perceptions of people different from our perception of inanimate objects because we do not make inferences about making us that action. We behave in certain ways when we follow to try to explain why they develop. Our perceptions and actions of an individual decision, so the person would be to make assumptions about impressed by us. Perceiving and interpreting what others are heavier and therefore we use shortcuts to make it a more manageable number. An understanding of these shortcuts can result in significant distortions when they might be helpful to identify.

Selective perception

Any feature that makes a person stand out will be considered to increase the probability. We do not see when we can see, we talk about everything going on we are very interested in. For example if you see the Volvo just bought a new car, a red, and suddenly you on the streets of red Volvos Very.

Since we do all we can observe not assimilate, we take the bits and pieces, chosen according to experience, our interests, backgrounds, and perspectives of the situation. We see what we want to see the ambiguous and sometimes unfair to draw a conclusion.

Halo effect

when we draw a halo effect based on a single characteristic about a person operating a common misconception. Halo effect is likely to trend is being seen as the most extreme symptoms when the cause is morally ambiguous words in practice, when the symptoms, and had limited experience when the perceiver is recognizing the symptoms with which he or she has.

Adverse effect

we have an evaluation of individual isolation. Our people have suffered a reaction to recent times affect us by others. If you, for example, to interview a candidate and a job doing, it is likely that you obtain a more favorable assessment of applicants by ordinary if earlier, and a less favorable if the applicants already strong.


It is easy for others to judge us if we assume they are similar to the task. If you want challenge and responsibility, as you want others to assume. Other features we’re featuring our own people actually see the people and as more and more homogeneous.


We judge based on our perception of the group that he or she belongs to someone. Organizations, we often heard the comment weight and ethnicity, the stereotypes represented by gender, age. One of the problems that the stereotypes are so broad they may be irrelevant, can be contained despite the fact that they may not shred or truth

Perception Affects Behavior

Successful, this is our last raised thousands of simple things, we never know fully.

[ Rainer Maria Rilke]

Achievement is easy, it’s too complicated. This simple, is that success to accomplish their goals are. It is complicated, there are things that you should do with the way to goal accomplishment are thousands of. Simple as you see success, you survive by faith. Complicated as you see success, you hesitate alarming. , The former leads to the accomplishment of the delay. Move so easy to get to anything rather than hard as it is visible. View; tax affects perception affects behavior.

Environment affects behavior

Basically this means that Deeds are good things, good things will come to you and in bad things, and bad things will come to you. Action generally applies to all human behavior. Environmental action is a result of their behavior. (Motivational-articles-the-3-levels-of-reality-perception-or-thought-behavior-environment, 2007)

Changed, although a property is not part of human nature. People naturally they have to anger at injustice. Serious criminal acts, the justice system to punish criminals by matching punishment to crime attempts. For example, get a bloody death (execution) or your time (death to life in prison). Moreover, a court ordered fine or jails a thief takes your property takes time.

Gratitude is part of human nature. People naturally feel grateful for the favors bestowed upon them, and want to repay the favor. For example, you food and shelter to more than one neighbor, if you neighbors and given shelter in the past would be appropriate food. Also, a coworker more appropriate, To give you a loan if you will be given a loan in the past coworker.

For example, a dishonest bank robber in less than an honest banker is rich. But in the long run, honest bankers richer than imprisoned bank robber. Indeed, positive environment ultimately leads to positive behavior, negative behavior is ultimately negative environment.

(Michael A. Hitt, Nov 4, 2005)

Thought affects behavior, environmental influence

Nature men two ends – one to sit and think together. Ever since then man’s success or failure depends on one that is most used.

( George R. Kirkpatrick)

Action equals success; inaction equals failure. Action or inaction in the thought starts working his way to practice environmental ends in success or failure. Actively thinking about accomplishing your goal generates the idea. On the road to your goal, make sure several wrong turns, but maybe if you keep driving, you will get there. Once again, trial and error to teach the best, especially if someone guide you on the road map. In contrast, passive thinking produces nothing. You are standing, is not going anywhere. Trial and error no role, because you never start driving.

Sitting on his back near the failure occurs, your brain thinking with success brings benefits.

Behavior and the environment influenced thought

According to physics, public relations and create velocity kinetic energy. Change the mass or velocity kinetic energy changes. Mass change: a car you / more than one physical housefly at the same speed you will do damage at 50 miles an hour to kill, because the former over the latter’s kinetic energy. Velocity change: a car you / than the same car / hour 5 miles will be more physical harm to you at 50 miles an hour to kill, the latter because the former is more kinetic energy.

Similarly, exposure to environmental thought and practice produces energy. Energy changes your environment or behavior changes his views. Changing environment living in a slum thoughtfully will depress you more than staying in luxury. Behavior change: away aimlessly relaxing than a conscious effort toward a goal you have to stifle.

( John R. Schermerhorn,2008)


There are a number of factors to influence our perception

So according to the different habits die hard habit to your individual circumstances and understand the situation. Be used to bow and greet a Hindu temple when he sees while walking on the road well, because their set. These individual settings where life indicate several instances of incorrect to correct response with the response. Thus, a retired soldier can throw the car tires ground when suddenly he hears himself torn.

Motivation and interest: hunger and thirst are two examples of motivational factors. Stimulating factors enhance her past experiences with your personal sensitivity to the needs of your satisfaction in seeing that those who consider them as relevant stimuli. A thirsty man in the perceptual or set a time to seek a water fountain to quench an instant hotel’s own thirst for that which considers the possibility that growth reduces the possibility of visualizing other objects and signs Restaurant. A worker who needs a strong affiliation to run in the lunchroom, the tables, where many colleagues are not sitting meditation is supposed to empty table or tables and will draw where only one person is sitting.

Learning curve effect and learning process plays an important role perception. However, this perception must be recognized the role that learning on campus and more explicit form, where the process creeps symbolic content. Although interrelated with personality and motivation, developing a set of perceptual learning to play the biggest role may be.

Per their people as regards academic standards. It is therefore essential for the organization to make informed and educated its employees for their effective performance and behavior. Twins need to learn management and workers.

Role and organizational expertise: modern organization specializing value. Result in that person’s organizational feature that casts a particular role or predisposes him to select certain stimuli and ignore others report long. Thus will a departmental major department information related to your first text.

Economic and Social Background: Employee perceptions are based on social and economic backgrounds. Socially and economically developed employee staff development more positive attitude towards development rather then less.

Intensity. Stimulus intensity implies that more intense audio or visual stimulus, the more likely it will be considered. A loud noise, strong smells or bright lights will be dim or bright colures care experience more comfortable than the soft sound or smell, poor lights to attract customers. The intensity of it is that the employee benefit advertisers.

Inspiration object shape or size have an impact on the process because a large size effect concept effectively in more attention and recognition. Dog who digs a great attention is long. While the size of a pocket dog also attracts attention because of it. However, usually the larger purpose will be deemed more likely. The amount of attention with increasing individual newspaper ads to highlight the size of the increase in attention cannot be directly proportional to increase in size.

Contrast the behavior is more heterogeneous objects. In contrast, the principal that the external stimuli, stand out against the background who or what will receive attention are the ones people expect. Plant safety signs, which in the background a red background Black lettering on a yellow or white lettering, are noticed.

Addicted highlight any changes in environment attracts. Half of one or more machines if he should come suddenly, the observer immediately notices the noise level difference. Also a person who is the engine, fell asleep on the bus stops embezzlement engine up immediately.

Repetition: the speed factor means than that of stationary objects in the field of vision to change your personal items to attend. The advantage is that because the advertisers involved campaigns signs, which include moving their goods. Level to create a faint forest animals use this principle. Waiting in a lion lying beside him in his prayers until the appropriate moment jumps in a stable.

Novelty and familiarity with: Novel state object in a novel or a familiar object is to get acquainted with the situation attracts attention. Sri lanaka black or a white person, like a rapidly catches attention. A recent example is the principal job rotation. Research indicates that job rotation increases the attention, but also employees acquire new skills.

Things conditions affect people on the lines are great. A conducive work environment and work culture has developed a positive attitude and easy to process because the concept was channelized right direction.

(Joyce S Osland,2006)


First of all we feel like members of each unique character as every normal human being for other people ideas on perception get a perception of training needs and to listen and to deal with it seriously and that perception often Mistuning risk that non-verbal signals as seen through the contradictions they are trying l no concept and the best way to show someone is interested already be genuine, sincere concern and perhaps someone to listen to Slot-conscious and unconscious learning and appears in some non-verbal signals can nominate another person signal that you appreciate and value individual.

Orientation with their bodies to other examples, the eyes and listen carefully consider the silence, heads nodding while speaking and what he says betrays you follow all these references to help you develop a sense of belief and if You can express yourself with people reasonably could be no difficulty in these signals, it comes in general but if you shy, reserved type sliding back to use gestures to enhance communication with people and to their Add life.

Despite the lack of compatibility of perception hearing very effective non-verbal images, which the body and you feel the same pattern of these signals to the outside as you can find another person with the development of consensus-oriented public and physical gestures Other sympathy does not mean you have to turn or not. And you probably have noticed that when the iPod to discuss two position, sat down and his voice and his facial expressions and tone of the respiratory compromise and harmony do. If all these factors, non-verbal it most likely that this lack of familiarity some sort, or the parties to disagreements and conflict between respect and affection established authentically should start with the early signs are there between Feel reconcile non – verbal or other person clearly the type of manipulation and deception, but naturally. The natural signal that compassion and links that you may be implemented through non-verbal signals you are interested in accessing the party against the other does not sound and feel it. Compatibility not build strength in the group would add which in turn helps to build empathy words and expressions commonly used similes and repeat the other person by another person uses particular metaphor. Fine structure of the dialogue between human beings are complex and varied, we can only mention here that perception to be normal if you notice any other person already damaging some help to learn ways to strengthen links would not choose.

(Michael A. Hitt, C. Chet Miller, and Adrienne Colella,(Nov 4, 2005)