Body Building And Training

Like any other sport, body building requires one to go through a lot of body building training in order to perfect ones skill as well as build up the desired mass of body muscle. This entails the body builder enrolling in weight lifting sessions where you are assigned to a coach. Through hard work and training routines the coach helps you to achieve the desired mass of body muscle. When it comes to weight training routines there are generally two types of routines that come to mind: body sculpting and bodybuilding routines. Your trainer will help you through the routines as well as ensure that you are following the right routine.

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Body building training is mainly meant for bodybuilders whose main goal is to add pounds after pounds of muscle mass while taking their body fat levels to a neighborhood of 8-10% and in some instances, like a bodybuilding contest, even less, going as far as 3-4% body fat. A good body building training routine should have characteristics like;

A good body building training routine should be short in terms of time. The general timing for a single session is between forty five minutes and seventy five to the maximum. Testosterone hormones which are responsible for muscle building and fat burning start to drop after 75 minutes. What this means is that training more than seventy five minutes will prevent you from gaining muscle and losing fat fast! It will also prevent you from fast recovery. As crazy as it sounds, more is not necessarily better for huge bodybuilding gains.

In body building training, the rest in between sets should be kept minimal. Keeping your rest in between sets and exercises down not only helps you to perform a lot of work and still finish within the seventy five minutes, but it also helps you to improve your cardiovascular system. In addition, it has also been shown that this kind of training stimulates growth hormones output the most. It is most advisable to keep it less than ninety seconds.

Keeping around eight to fifteen repetitions of sets for body building training routines improves blood flow into your muscles. This is important since along with the blood come nutrients that nourish the muscle cells and help them recover and rebuild bigger faster. In addition since you are doing so many repetitions, there is less probability of injury since you’ll be using a weight that you can control. It is also good for muscle building and fat burning occur more efficiently at these repetition ranges.

Body building training must be varied and cycled. Do not get stuck with the same routine day in and day out. If you are a bodybuilder, and you do this, this guarantees zero muscle growth. This is without even mentioning boredom and lack of enthusiasm. Bodybuilding training cycles can go for a period of three to four weeks of high volume eight to fifteen repetitions per set or with periods of higher intensity of five to eight repetitions per set. Higher density periods are


Bodybuilding Rx techniques are those methods that enable one to build muscle without the use of artificial-and often illegal-injected or ingested substances. In the sport of bodybuilding rx, the classification of “natural” is based on the division in which the bodybuilders compete. While natural bodybuilders do not use drugs or illegal substances, they do use nutritional supplements and other legal products. Rx therefore is the prescription or method either supplements or workouts that a body builder follows to acquire the desired mass of body muscle

In contrast to steroids, bodybuilding rx techniques offer a number of benefits to bodybuilders like, an absence of unhealthy side effects, long-lasting results with respect to enhanced musculature, which do not dissipate as is the case with steroid use. Besides workouts are positive rein forcers, as compared to excessive testosterone use which interferes with the release of endorphins

Experts consider proper nutrition to be one of the most significant factors in body building rx. Although opinions regarding what constitutes proper nutrition for bodybuilders varies, many experts recommend that, of all of the calories a bodybuilder consumes each day, thirty percent should be a form of protein, fifty percent should be derived from carbohydrates and twenty percent should be from healthy fats. In addition, one should minimize, to the greatest extent possible, the consumption of sugar and of processed foods. Of course, this is true for all individuals. If your nutrition is poor then you’ll never get the muscle growth or muscularity that you are looking for. Work hard, get green and eat well.

According to Iron Magazine, the trick with weight training is that you need to actually rest more than you need to train. When you train with weights, you are breaking down the fibers in the muscles of your body. In order to successfully build muscle, it is necessary to rest those same muscles the day after training. Thus, if you work the muscles of the upper body one day, do not work those same muscles the next day. A good training technique, therefore, is to work different muscle groups on alternate days. In addition, Iron Magazine suggests a number of body building rx techniques that have been proven to increase muscle mass relatively quickly. These varied techniques prevent the body from becoming too comfortable with a particular training routine and will enable the muscles to be more responsive to training.

Bodybuilding Rx techniques are becoming increasingly popular with bodybuilders who desire a increased muscle mass without the side effects of muscle enhancing drugs. By choosing body building rx methods, including those rare supplements that have been proven through clinical studies to assist performance enhancement without unhealthy side effects, you can take pride in the fact that any muscle you build is derived from hard work, discipline and healthy habits as opposed to use of dangerous drugs. As always, consult a doctor before starting this, or any, exercise routine. Bodybuilding is particularly strenuous so this caution is particularly advisable before embarking on this path.

Bodybuilding work outs

People engage themselves in exercises for reasons like, loosing weight and body toning. How ever there are those who embark on working out otherwise known as body exercising to build their muscles. Others do not know the best workouts for building their body muscles so as a result, they drop pounds but those pounds come from losing muscle mass, which weighs more than fat. The good news is there are ways to maintain your current muscle mass while still losing weight.

You must perform the proper body building muscles in order to burn fat and not muscle. To focus on cardiovascular workouts, is what most fitness instructors and health advocates advise. It will help your heart and lungs get stronger so you can do more exercise without getting worn out, so it’s a good way to start. However, you need to add some weight training to that recipe at least 2 to 3 times a week. That way you’ll be replenishing lost muscle and adding new muscle mass. This is good because muscle requires more calories than fat. If you have a lot of lean muscle mass in your body, your metabolism is going to increase which means you’ll burn off more calories and lose weight. When you stop taking in calories your body would automatically start using up these stockpiles.

First, your body is going to convert your muscle mass into energy and that’s going to slow your metabolism so you don’t need as many calories in the first place which makes it harder for you to lose weight. A better plan is to gradually reduce your calorie intake and let your body adjust to the changes. For example, you might reduce your calories by 10% the first week, another 10% the second week, and so on. This prevents your body from going into starvation mode.

When you begin with your body building workouts, it would be prudent to begin with bigger lifting. Starting out this way will help the human body to produce what is known as the Human Growth Hormone. Not only is this good for the rest of your body, but it will also help your muscles to grow. It would be wise to stay away from the machines and just go for the free weights as they call for a greater amount of control than a machine would. As long as you do compound body biulding workouts, your arms will get the workout that they need.

As you are performing a sort of pulling action, which is to say rows or even pull ups, you’re performing some great biceps workouts in the process. If you do arm body building workouts alone at first, then your compound workouts will not turn out very well. Make sure you do the standard arm workouts at the end.

If you are finished with the big compound body building work outs, then it’s time to move on to the arm exercises to get big biceps. Hit your arms from as many angles as you can, but don’t over do it. You can do a standing curl to hit the middle portion of the biceps; a decline curl your biceps to get it in the stretched position; and a concentration or spider curl to really hit the peak contraction point. By the way these are all supplicated, or palms up. One thing that you can do is superset the biceps. There are three triceps exercises that you can take advantage of in order do to this. One of these is an overhead triceps extension which is a standing triceps pushdown and kick-back. Remember to choose a position for the day and don’t just go at it haphazardly. A few examples of good positions are middle, stretched, peak, and many others. Though you’ll want to do three or maybe even four supersets in a day, it isn’t a good idea to exceed that. Above all, do warm-up exercises before you begin so you don’t end up pulling something!

Then there’s the brachial is muscle. This is a muscle that is beneath the biceps and you will need to maintain a decent balance within your arms. To do this, you will need to turn your palms down during the exercise. Note that the brachial is the main muscle involved in flexing your elbow. If you turn your palms down, the biceps will be out of the picture and you will be able to focus on the brachial. By making the muscle bigger, the biceps will be pushed up, and they will be more prevalent.


Base ball Steroids are man-made substances related to male hormones which are injected a player’s blood system to enhance muscle building and masculine characteristics. Though base ball steroids are illegal, they are still used by many athletes, baseball players, body builders and even coaches of high schools enforce use of athletic teens. Over time, these drugs cause serious health problems and many are irreversible. These drugs are taken a period of time, called cycling. This process involves taking multiple doses over a specific period of time, stopping for a period and starting up again.

Anabolic baseball steroids are artificially produced testosterone, a male hormone. Because it is a male hormone, this drug increases strength, energy, and muscle mass. Baseball players are attracted to baseball steroids use because of its purported-and often very apparent-energy enhancement effects in a very short period of time and for a relatively small amount of effort.

However, the health risks related to steroid abuse cannot be overstated. Base ball steroids have at least three different effects on the heart; they could lower the good type of cholesterol and raise the bad type of cholesterol in the blood or raise your blood pressure. They can also damage the heart by enlarging the left ventricle. Base ball steroids also have physical side effects like, enlarged breast in men. Women using them may develop a deep voice, facial hair and men’s baldness.

Base ball steroids also cause liver damage, stroke, prostrate cancer, sexual impotence and even infertility. These emotional-psychological effects like aggression, uncontrollable mood-swings, and psychiatric side effects are the most common side effects of base ball steroids. As a player, you may feel good when using base ball steroids but if you use them continuously you may start experiencing violence and manic-like symptoms. Depression is seen when use of the base ball steroids is stopped, which is why most users become dependant on steroids. Base ball steroid users suffer from irritability, delusions, jealously, paranoia, and impaired judgment on others. Some base ball steroid users begin turning to other dangerous drugs, such as heroin and opiates, to deal with the pain of steroid use.

Despite their much highly acknowledged ability to “pump up” a player quickly, base ball steroids have another reputation that is not as well recognized. They are a temporary fix; indeed, the energy that base ball steroids build so quickly will just as quickly diminish once you stop taking them. This is why many players suffer from long-term base ball steroid abuse-to maintain their energy enhancing effects, they must continue taking this synthetic hormone. Continued baseball steroid abuse then leads to higher risks the user’s health. It would appear that the only benefit of base ball steroid use is their temporary advantage, but this advantage is accompanied by serious and often irreversible effects upon the user’s physical and sometimes emotional and psychological health. Besides use of base ball steroids is like digging ones own grave.


“What a man can do a woman can do it better” This is a common saying in today’s world where women have taken up the challenge of going an extra mile in trying out tasks and jobs earlier reserved for men. This includes sporting activities like body building whereby women strive to get the strong and tough bodies that some men have. Unfortunately, many women avoid bodybuilding because they’re afraid that they’ll start looking manlier. These women are victims of the loads of stereotypes out there on the bodies of women in body building. Below are some of the most common stereotypes that are discouraging women from getting kind the bodies that they really want.

For instance, the assumption that bodybuilding will make you develop muscle, but will not add the masculinity factor. Most definitely women in body building will definitely not look like male bodybuilders. Men produce lots more testosterone than women do, which is the main difference in anatomy of men and women. This chemical is that same component that lets men bulk up a lot. You can only get muscle to this magnitude if you intentionally take testosterone supplements, so if you don’t take them, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Doing weight training doesn’t, in any way, turn women into men; it simply tones and sculpts the female body to the best possible shape.

Another stereotype that women tend to wish it were a reality is the assumption that women in body building have bigger and fuller breasts. Just like for men, bodybuilding helps take off the fat from the body while putting muscle in the place. This means that it might actually make the breast size smaller. If you want to avoid this, it’s important that a specific bodybuilding regimen is made specifically for females, as it will take into account all female characteristics. Women that train properly do not have to worry about losing mass in their breasts in the least.

Through the ages, many women have had the fear like how men in body building have stiff bodies, then it is the same for women in body building. They tend to believe that weight training causes their body to stiffen and become muscle-bound knuckle draggers. This is an outrageous stereotype because female bodybuilding will actually do the opposite: it will give you so much more flexibility and grace; it’s impossible to realize without witnessing.

Every society has its own stereotypes that its people specially the ladies harbor about women in bodybuilding. Most of them are carried on by people who don’t have the will to keep their body in healthy condition and are not even conversant with the field of body building thus probably they don’t know what they’re saying. If you want to develop your body to lead a healthier life while looking amazing, the best advice would be to consult professionals who know what they’re talking about. Do not ever give up a chance to appear and feel better just because of a dumb myth or two.


If you wish to achieve success from body building, it is important to look for a body building encyclopedia. The encyclopedia offers near help when you have unanswered questions on body building. It also acts as a reference, somewhere where you can refer to for direction on your way to achieving your desired mass of body muscle.

Sometimes, when you start out your body building program a lot of obstacles suddenly come out of nowhere. A body building encyclopedia should contain all information such that with a copy of it on your hands problem solving is easy. Firstly the encyclopedia should define exhaustively what body building is, elaborate the sport of body building and offer a differentiation of body building and related sports like weight lifting and body sculpting. It should also touch on the benefits of body building as an introduction.

The body building encyclopedia should contain information on the right diet recommended for body builders. It should take into account the various proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, fats vitamins and minerals that a body builder requires in a day. In addition the body building encyclopedia will guide the reader into identifying foods that are locally available which contain the required diet. None the least it should warn the reader on those foods which are bound to slow down the achievement of body building goals

In the bodybuilding encyclopedia, the reader will find information on artificial and natural bodybuilding supplements together with the pros and cons of using both the natural and artificial food supplements in body building. encyclopedia may indicate some of the stores where you can get these supplements together with the advised and rightful doses for taking the supplements.

Covered in the body building encyclopedia is the routines and bodybuilding cycles of workouts that help bodybuilders achieve their goals. The encyclopedia explains the importance and benefit of each set of bodybuilding cycles and its applicability with the aide of structured illustrations and pictures. There may also be examples of renown body builders and their testimonies of what they have done to achieve the great bodies they have.

It is crucial that the body building encyclopedia has information about body building and women. Perhaps it could discuss some of the existing myths about body building and women’s health in a bid to shed light on what is fact and what is fiction. It should also tackle issue like women’s reproduction health and its relationship with body building.

Lastly the body building encyclopedia should offer a training guide to body building trainers as well as show the procedures followed in judging a body building competition. All this information should have references with the author quoting the source of the information. The body building encyclopedia can go ahead to recommend further reading from helpful books that have focused on the specific information. For instance the reader will be recommended to read on from diet books.

At the end of the day getting your endeavored body muscle is your ultimate goal so if the body building encyclopedia can offer you all the support you need, then go ahead and get yourself a copy.


Body building supplements come as additions to an already existing good nutrition and training program. Body building mostly entails proper nutrition and training. Body building supplements however do not make up for improper training, or a low quality diet but only work when your diet and your training program are optimal.

Body building supplements are good because they prevent us from getting any nutritional deficiencies. The increased activity levels from your body building exercise program will make your body have greater demands for vitamins and minerals, which will increase the probability of you suffering a deficiency without supplementation. Every slight nutrient deficiency can sabotage muscle growth thus your body cannot solely rely on food nowadays to provide you with all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs because the processing of foods before they get to the supermarket, cooking, air, and even light have already robbed your foods of most of the vitamins that they have to offer. If you are deficient in one or more nutrients your body may not be able to build muscle and burn fat properly. Not all bodybuilding supplements are created equal though. Your will body always need some while others are more dependent upon what your goals are and what your budget looks like.

There are different categories of body building supplements varying from those your body needs to use at all times and the ones you will take only when there is a need to. Your body requires basic body building supplements every day to help you gain muscle. You may as well leave on basic body building supplements alone depending on your finances. You may need to add multiple vitamin and vitamin formula to ensure that your body operates at maximum efficiency. These also help to convert the food you eat into hormones, tissues and energy.

Your body as well requires vitamin body building supplements which are produced by both animals and vegetables. These function as enhancers of the actions of proteins that cause chemical reactions such as muscle building, fat burning and energy production. There are two major types of vitamins, the fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins.

Never the less the body also needs mineral body building supplements whose main function is to ensure that your brain receives the correct signals from the body. Mineral body building supplements are also responsible for balancing of fluids, muscular contractions and energy production not forgetting the building of muscles and bones. Minerals, just like vitamins are divided into two categories. Bulk minerals are needed by the body in large quantities and contain chemicals like calcium magnesium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus. The body turns these minerals into energy. Trace minerals on the other hand are required in minimal amounts and are usually in the order of micro organisms like chromium, copper, cobalt, silicon, selenium, iron and zinc.

You should however be very careful when buying body building supplements as some of the packs do not always contain what is written on the labels. Others come from very poor sources and are not absorbed in the body well.


Just like a coin, anabolic steroids have two sides. They may be helpful to athletes, players and body builders in assisting them achieve the longed for winning performances but they have negative effects too. Before you embark on the use of anabolic steroids you may have to consider the following effects which apparently make the negative side of anabolic steroid use heavier than the positive one.

Anabolic steroids inhibit natural hormones. Since the endocrine system of your body is responsible for balancing of hormones in the body, introduction of a new hormone makes it to stop the production of the natural hormone in order to maintain the balance. For instance injecting synthetic testosterone makes a man’s endocrine system to stop producing the natural testosterone. These could make the man to have sexual dysfunctions.

Almost every body who abuses anabolic steroids suffers liver damage. Most anabolic steroids which are ingested orally pass through the liver, which functions as the body’s filtration system. When something goes through the liver, it is broken down by various enzymes, and passed along into the bloodstream. Orally administered anabolic steroids elevate the liver enzymes following ingestion. The liver starts to wear out due to the anabolic steroids toxic productions. Eventually you may suffer liver cirrhosis

The effects anabolic steroids have on men include the development of gynecomastia which is also known as feminization of the breast tissue in males. Anabolic steroids contain androgens which convert testosterone into estrogen. The excess estrogen then finds its way to the receptors in breast tissue and binds to them. This results in the possibility of female-like breast tissue. Male breast development occurs in basically the same way as female breast development, and the use of anabolic steroids can result in this happening at a later stage in life for males. At puberty a surplus of hormones all combine to stimulate the growth and development of breast tissue.

Anabolic steroids can also cause the development of acne and the extent to which it is experienced can be due to a number of varying factors, with the particular steroids and exact dosages used being the two primary factors. The skin’s sebaceous glands have a particularly high affinity to testosterone, which is an androgen the body naturally produces. Increased sebaceous gland activity can make the skin oily. The oil in the skin combine with bacteria and dead skin caused by normal wear and tear, eventually causing pores to become clogged more quickly than the body can remove them.

Among the effects of anabolic steroids in women is masculinization, or the development of male sexual characteristics. This side effect on women is often reversible after the cycle has ended. Some of the typical signs of masculinization are the development of a deeper voice, growth of facial hair, enlargement of external genitalia and possible male pattern baldness, or acne on the face or body.

High blood pressure is possibly the most easily remedied of all anabolic steroid side effects. This commonly affects anabolic steroid using athletes attempting to gain maximum bulk to abstain from all aerobic activity which causes the body to work much harder to circulate blood. Also, the typical water and sodium retention induced by certain steroids can contribute to high blood pressure.

Steroids Online

Just like any other products and materials commonly used by man, steroids have found their way in to the internet. Marketers and drug store owners use this viable way to find market for steroids. This works as an advantage to any one out in the world that is in search for steroids. All you need is to have access to internet facilities and you can find steroids online. The internet can be offer a wide range of information varying from existing facts about steroids to new and viable markets where one can get cheap and legal steroids.

Before you buy steroids online you must make sure that their source is legal. By obtaining steroids online from an illegal source you expose yourself to the risk of losing your job, acquiring health complications, a jail term sentence, or even something more dangerous like fakes that are ineffective and unsafe to take. To avoid facing any of these consequences it’s important to take note of the following pointers which are a guide to purchasing steroids online.

The most common steroids online are the anabolic steroids. These are synthetically produced varieties of the male hormone called testosterone. Some of the most common steroids you can buy on the internet are anabolic steroids and they are synthetically produced varieties of the hormone called testosterone. You can use them for building tissues and muscles as well as to increase the prominence of masculine characteristics. Some online marketers may refer to them as androgenic-anabolic steroids while others may use names like gym candies, weight trainers, roids, Arnolds, stackers, juice or pumpers. All these names do refer to the same item. In countries where like the United States you may be required to have a doctor’s prescription to be able to acquire steroids online and use them legally. Buying prescribed steroids online is legal. You may however need to check with the authorities for existing drug laws in some countries to avoid getting into trouble.

You should visit your physician for a thorough health check-up and evaluation before shopping for steroids online. This will help you determine if your body is allergic to any kind of steroids .The doctor can also advise you on which steroids are most compatible with your blood type. It is mandatory for patients of diabetes, HIV/AIDS and high blood pressure to have these check-ups and health evaluation since anabolic steroids could pose them the risk of worsening their conditions. No doctor will advise you to take anabolic steroids if you are below twenty one years of age since your body is not full developed just as you can not be allowed to buy steroids online.

Remember to do a wide research on the internet and compare different markets before buying steroids online. You can also update your self on the latest developments on steroids and use them to improve your strength, stamina, agility and endurance. However as a consumer it’s important that to be very careful and be ware of internet fraudsters. Some pseudo companies advertising steroids online are just after stealing from gullible consumers.


If you are interested in the sport of body building, all you need to do is register or sign up in a gym. From there you will be allocated a trainer who takes you through the basic elements of body building. You also get to be introduced to other brave women in body building with whom you can look up to for encouragement.

The first type of work outs you are likely to be introduced to are the cardio-vascular work outs. Women in body building go through cardio- vascular workouts to build energy on the lungs. Strong lungs will be necessary in the muscle gaining workouts that come later in training. They also prepare you for resistance workouts. Resistance workouts involve circuit training in which you’ll move from one exercise to another with little or no rest for one complete circuit, repeating the circuit up to four times. This type of workout is efficient and very effective. It takes little time, yet it works all of your major muscle groups so you’ll burn mega-calories. Each circuit contains 8 exercises which will become more difficult as you progress through the different fitness levels. You’ll know you’re ready to move to the next level when you can complete four full circuits of your current routine.

It is important for women in body building to observe good nutrition and dietary habits as this is very much crucial in the sport. Besides work outs body building requires a strict adherence to the recommended diet. Your trainer may also advise you to buy food, vitamin and mineral supplements to enhance your exhausting body building activities. Eating the right quantities of carbohydrates, fats and proteins will help you to gain muscles faster than a body builder taking low or poor diets.

Women in body building should however avoid the use of illegal anabolic steroids. Even though the promise of gaining a great mass of body muscle is very tempting, these anabolic substances come with their own consequences. Some are even very embarrassing for the users since they can not be covered, for instance if a woman in body building is using anabolic steroids, she is likely to develop a deep voice like that of men, facial hair and male partnered baldness. These are very embarrassing and incriminating evidence that the builder is using illegal anabolic steroids.

Women in body building are a