What Is Necessary To Be A Hero?

How would the world be, without those people who are always doing something to help others. They are called heroes. Heroes are individuals who demonstrate bravery and altruism for superior and virtuous good of humans when they are in danger. A hero is also someone who can provide his or her existence to people. Although the concept is related with ferocity, a hero is defined as someone with moral brilliance. It is easy to mention several examples of heroes since the beginning of history, but the important thing is that they share some features, which make them different from the rest of people. However, there are some people who think that heroes are just in movies or myths and that they look like athletes or actors (http://www.studymode.com/essays/Characteristics-Hero-58475.html), but the fame or the aptitude are not the characteristics that make a person be a hero. There are three basic characteristics of a hero: the value and dignity of human life, the faith in self and his or her actions, and courage which can confront whatever comes.

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There are some heroes that are known as noble and that have a wonderful effect on people, such as Mahata Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Most heroes are just normal people that come from family, neighbors, and the community, but something important about heroes is that they respect human life. Heroes respect human life because they take care of people’s lives, and are always fighting for people’s rights to give them the life that they deserve.

Heroes expose their life for people and they like to take care of people. They also dedicate their life to make others’ lives better, since they think that people’s lives are important. They risk their life for others. All these things make their passion for people obvious. Heroes always want to get people’s rights. This kind of problem always happens if they are between people and a high position or organization such as a government or people who work with the government. There is an example of that kind of heroes: Martin Luther King. He made the Africa Americans get their rights. He made them get their freedom. Finally, he achieved his goal.

In all, heroes are the hardest times and difficult situations. They respect human life because they know that it deserves it, and that human life is a value or an important gift. They care about people and they also help people get their rights. Everything in human life has advantages and disadvantages. Also, people determine which they choose. Sometimes heroes help people be in good shape or get new knowledge.

Nowadays, people pay more attention to heroes because heroes are always doing adventures to draw people’s attention. It can be easy to see that heroes are not regular individuals, since they are not able to do what heroes can do. There are a lot of heroes that are really famous in this time, for example: Iron Man and Spider Man. People believe that they are different and that anyone can be like them because they are not real individuals.

People know a lot of things about heroes, but some people think that they are able to be like them and this is impossible because what heroes do is out of imagination and nobody can do it. For example, Spider man is called a hero because he can go up the high buildings and fly in the air without injuries. However, people have to know and believe they cannot do what they watch on the T.V. In contrast, a person can be a hero to someone, or society. People will like the person if he or she is a hero to the whole society.

There are some different kinds of heroes that common people look up to, but in a friendly sort of way, like firefighters and police. In some circumstances, they need to risk their lives to save someone else. The important thing to remember is that being a hero is something that starts from the heart. Moreover, everyone dreams of being a superhero. However, as they get older, people will realize that they do not possess the supernatural powers of Spiderman or Batman’s primo cache of gadgets. And also they notice the absence of the kind of otherworldly arch nemeses that plague a comic book heroes in the real world.

The idea of being a hero is gradually as kids’ stuff, but while evildoers may not appear in the real world painted up as sadistic clowns, the world has never ceased its need for heroic men willing to come to help those in danger and stand up for what is right. To sum up, people have to read more about heroes to know what happened around them and to know what has to believe. Heroes always do something different from others in order to become more and more famous.

Heroism means a person who is always acting to protect other individuals or society in a special way, even though this kind of behavior will risk a person’s life. Depending on its nature, heroism requires physical courage, both physical and mental.

A traditional hero often risks death or injury. The defiance of death becomes one of the accepted signs of heroism as a way to get people’s attention. A hero may lose his or her life when enhancing others’ welfare. Actually, the hero considers that the purpose is more important than the risk of death or injury (162). Even though in this century, when saving others, a hero sometimes should face the injury and death. Thus, it is necessary to say heroism needs courage. The physical courage enables the hero to face the difficulties and to do the preparation of surrendering their own comfort in order to achieve their goals.

The mental courage of a hero wants him or her to know the accepted “truths” and yet not be limited by them. In a fairy tale, a child says loudly that the emperor wears no clothes just because of innocence, not courage. However, heroic men are aware of the danger and still want to make people recognize the truth. For them, it is not enough for people to think traditionally and they choose to let the public understand clearly (163).

The heroic act may be against the habits and customs of the society. Disagreement is inevitable although supporters do not happily welcome opposition. A hero needs mental strength to keep energy and talent when facing personal loss, difficulties or disapproval. Ostracism or expulsion will take place. Obviously, a hero may be lonely and sometimes cannot get the recognition or encouragement (163). Courage helps a hero overcome the loneliness, regard the disagreement and persist in pursuing his or her goals. Thus, it is almost unnecessary to say that heroism requires courage, both physical and mental.

After see these characteristics that are typical or the expected about heroes, there are several characteristics that the real heroes have. As is it mentioned before heroes are not just those ones that we can see in movies, myths, and other fabulous stories. The concept of a hero is more than that, since a hero can be anyone. There are various characteristics that real heroes have, within these are: that heroes are surprising, unfamiliar, normal and conventional, they become heroes by confronting difficulties, they fight for others, and they have no fear.

Almost in all the heroic acts people is amazed and surprised by the shocking and unexpected brave action of someone that seemed normal. This is another characteristic of a hero, anyone expect her or his actions, and anyone expect the problem neither. For instance, there is a group of students taking their daily classes, when they are surprised by a huge earthquake, and there is one student who takes the decision to help and save to her or his peers. This is an unexpected action, made it by a normal person, who became a hero in a surprising way.

Sometimes people expected good actions or get to know to those famous heroes or super heroes, but heroes can be unfamiliar or unknown persons. Not all the heroes are in the movies, magazines or something more credible like newspaper. The majority of heroes are lack of fame, because not all of them tell to everyone the good actions that they did before.

Heroes are normal and common people. How many times did someone see to Spider man or Batman doing something for a child in trouble, or helping to a senior to cross the street? A hero is someone who is doing something good for others, so all the good actions that most of people can see every day are made by heroes. These heroes can be found day to day, no matter if the actions are very little or big and famous, but the real heroes are normal people.

If there is no danger or something wrong is not necessary to do something good or to turn a normal person into a hero. Heroes convert into a hero during a situation that demands it. For instance: there are a lot of people sleeping at 1:00am in one of the dormitories, and there is a fire, someone’s roommate is not able to go out of the dorm so her or his peer decide to help her or him to go out before something bad happened. Another example can be when sometimes there is a kid into the pool playing without parents attention and the lifeguard is distracted by other things, while the kid is drowning in the pool, but there is a normal guy who is near and when he see this, he decide to save the kid immediately. Without these terrible situations either the good roommate or the guy cannot turn into a hero. Even though these heroic actions are not on the newspaper or on the television, there are two persons benefited by them.

Also heroes have an original perspective that make them different from others

As mentioned before, there are several examples of different kinds of heroes and also different concepts of them. However, there is a convergence between them, and it is that all of them share the same values and attitudes included in their features. All heroes start to do their good actions because they are generally encouraged by the value and dignity of human life, since they know that human life is worthy and they completely understand that because it is always oriented to do something to value human life. Another characteristic of heroes is the faith in themselves and their actions; otherwise, they cannot have the courage to do those unbelievable and brave actions. Thus, with confidence any person can do something for their lives or others’ lives. Although the heroes that we know have done some incredible actions, every person has inside a hero who has the ability to confront the difficult situations that he or she has to go through every day with courage, respecting others and doing all the actions with faith (http://www.personalitytutor.com/qualities-of-a-hero.html).