Types of Exercise in Sports

Sport was known as part of exercise where most people used to stay in healthy lifestyle. Exercise is the body’s physical exertion. The main function of exercise is to achieve a higher level of fitness and health, for both physically and mentally. Sport is an competitive,organized, skillful, and entertaining physical activity. To be the winner, the player requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play that can be defined by objective means. Sport was divided into few categories where it divided into different categories age and gender. This arrangement usually helps them in order to give a comfortable exercise to certain people. There will be not a old man are doing heavy exercise like going gym. Of course only to those who young want who they are full energetic. Human being will destroys the good condition for lack of activity, to save it and preserve it do some movement and methodical physical exercise. Sport exercise gives so many health advantages to people who take advantage from it. Participating one on physical activities can add further years into yourself, and the more you will exercise, the more benefits that you get. You will also get to avoid health diseases and also delay our death when you regularly engage yourself upon physical activities as well as sport exercise.

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Light sport also known as simple exercise, were usually use by most people when they are having little time to exercise and have a problem of doing heavy exercise. It commonly practices by elder people, pregnant woman, patience and young children. This is the opposite of when a person is having an active lifestyle and exercising. This study focused on the important of doing somethings to breaks throughout the day to stand up and move around. Step out from the environment you are, take quick walk outside, and walk up and down the stairs few times around the building. A light exercise involves small movement, time and energy to perform. Light exercise is a kind of exercise that usually causes less energy and stamina. It is also make the person less sweat and dehydrate too. Although to some people who is in this range feel that it make cause less tiredness, but it work within long term effect rather than do nothing. This exercise actually creates a light movement between the ankle, muscle joined and heartbeat. The moment when they do a walk, it takes a 3 combination and less energy to perform. The longer the person walks, the more tired they will be. This is because the effect of doing light type exercise in a long term. It also giving another long term effect is they will slowly overcome the matter of leg pain for long walk exercise. This exercise usually did not require any special attention and can be perform at any time as they wish. From home to office, from young to old doesn’t give any problem. But it recommended for the person who listed earlier to perform for their capability over to stay in health. Here is some few example of light exercise which is categories of light exercise. They are walking, stretching body, Chinese Tai-chi, gardening, cycling, dumb bell and much more.

The second type of exercise is so called medium exercise are usually perform for moderate person at different age. It doesn’t care any of the gender arrangement or requirement. This medium exercise usually performs in small amount in time and to those loves to save time. This medium exercise requires an amount of concentration, energy or stamina, time and place. It also can be perform by a group of people and solo. It train a lot of body part and cause performer to sweat a lot dehydrate even much more compare to the light exercise. It might be also need some specified skill to perform on the right way because once they perform it on the wrong way, it may cause muscle cramp. For the short term effect, it may reduce smoker to smoke. This is because they might exhaust but only exercise reduces the chances of taking any nicotine and tar in their body. This will make the smoker not to take any cigarette as their throat is drying and if let say they smoke, this person might be in very high chance for getting throat cancer. In the long term effect of this medium exercise, it may bring a healthy lifestyle and physical attitude as well. The long term effect usually takes time to as to the person especially in their daily mood. The person who less exercise, their face is pale or looks tired but if compare with the person who do exercise, they have more energetic and confident looks. This effect also will bring close relationship and build up strong neighborhood if they done it together. But to some people who are disable, they also can perform sport as the part of their exercise. They perform in sport like track sport, field sport like futsal and more according to their convenience. It is proven where the is special sports day were introduce just for them. There are few example of medium type of exercise that practice by most people. They are cycling, walking uphill, jogging, Tae Kwan Do, swimming, running, and much more. This some part is actually providing sufficient lifestyle to avoid any of negative impact or disease.

Hard or professional type exercise is another kind of exercise where this involves to active people and to people loves diet. This type usually takes a lot of concentrations as to prevent any side causes or muscle injured too. Plus this exercise requires all of energy and full stamina. It also have to be assisted by professional incase of not clear or not sure about it. This exercise performs by athlete and to all active people. It takes all the energy and power to perform while it also takes a full concentration to play the sport. If suddenly the player lost concentration, it may cause a major injury and might be cause paralyze too. The physical activity involves the movement of people, animals and/or a variety of objects such as balls and machines or equipment. This professional exercise, usually require a place that suit to the sport like stadium, or gym center. It also can be perform on the game court too as to a game like basketball or tennis. This game gives everyone a chance to practice on how to work with team and think a strategy to win the game. Like basketball, from what we see is a 3 versus 3 games. But in the three people they need teamwork so that they can pass the ball and score. Besides that, they also need to think a strategy on breaking through opponent defenses and score without playing fault. In gym, they will train in specified machine to help them in body building. This training in gym is especially in abdomen and shoulder where they are 85% chances in use of the body part. They also have a chance on meeting new people to train human skill and share their experience together. Whenever you indulge yourself into sports, you were even meeting new people. Apart from being an exciting and joyful activity, sports give a lot of various advantages to our character. It can serve as a good source of pleasure. Sport is a fantastic physical activity, and this may also develop a better physical image than these persons who do not do it. Training is also give a chance to provide them more time to be control the stage of games too. With a fully all strategy, teamwork, training, concentration and full energy, there is no way for other to any change to stop them from growing. Plus physical activities can significantly help from the decline of one’s depressive symptoms.

Persistent health problems are usually preventable with routine exercise. When you make this a habit to workout daily, you will be able to avoid unsafe health problems from any kind of cause. Exercise forms is resistance for the body, also it functions on strengthening your muscles. Sports, one of the most active activities compare to other where it cause the heartbeat and sweat part of the entire body toxin out. Plus it reduces chances of getting sick or even flu. In every minute the heartbeat, the body pulse is double than usual where it give chance to human to breath twice as fast to capture the oxygen the blood cell. Every human pulse requires a full concentration where it helps to keep on line of the body blood cycle. If let say they over the limit of one minute heartbeat, they might get faint as also heart shock and body cramp. This are often happen to some of the athlete where they push up the maximum limited of their body level. There are also can possibility cause of easily broken bones if they did not train. This effect actually related to calcium consumption and exercise training. In research of health central, there will be long and short term effect. In the short term effect, it increases the flexibility of the bones and strengthens the bones and joint especially when playing an outdoor sport. But in long term of sport, this will reduce the chances of broken bones, delaying muscle loss, and reduce risk of loosen the bones and joint. Therefore, sport does play an important role in human’s life as they bring a healthy life to even live longer.