The Meaning Of Life Quotes

As you all know we all are here in this planet for a while only and our life or being born as a human is a gift irrespective of which race,creed and place you belong to.I believe that being born as a human one has to go through a mother of all possibilities of creation criterion,so I strongly believe that there is one unimaginable intelligent mind behind this creation.We are here to understand his purpose and his views.So lets make this world better like a heaven or at least we can put our best effort to do so in our small span of life,so as our future generation can see what we have once conceived and believed in.

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The Meaning Of Life

If you try to find the meaning of life into the process of evolution, you will see that everything is in fact the fruit of evolution-not necessarily Darwinian evolution process. Evolution can be in our thinking, in our social life, in our economical life, in religious life and many more. Though we do not have any hard evidence that if the physical evolution is going on slowly or it has just stopped forever, but one thing is sure that mentally we are evolving everyday when we experience new ideas in our daily life. Perhaps evolution is the only process that we depend on for our survival; we simply cannot survive without going through some kind of evolution.

We all love history. if you look back to our ancestor’s history you will easily notice that they used to be afraid of natural phenomena and calamities. The used to consider Mother Nature as our creator, and thought that god lives somewhere up on the sky. Many of us, still, when think about god, look at the sky, thinking that god is somewhere up in space. Perhaps, the majority of the people think God knows everything, believe that surely He can answer what is in his mind and what he only knows the true meaning of life. Actually, we need to find and make our own meaning of life, exactly the way we find peace living in a safe place, with trusted people. Life means go on, it never stops unless your life end. We humans are just walking the walk of life, where someone try to explore their life in their own way, while the others follow the path of great leaders or religious path to find meaning in life. Whatever is the meaning of life is, one thing is sure that we have human values and we all like to live peaceful life, regardless of our genetically identity.

Meaning of Life Quotes

* Life is such a kind of game where there is no wining or no losing, every one just play his part and the most important is how well a person can adapt his role in this game.

* We cannot blame the ONE for our fate , because in some way we are responsible for our own fate or maybe we just failed to adapt the way we have been gifted with life.

* Life cannot be better than the way it is , can you imagine a better way than this’

* If I had given the power then I would try to see if the ONE is planning for any other from of life which is better than this ‘.how better it can be.

* Try to be a true friend of your fiancee or wife If you get married to your loved one and desire a long term faithful relationship, then imagine your wife as your best friend and give enough space to her to develop trust and faith in you. Whenever you bring up the so spouse’s commitment things to your relationships it becomes fragile. Try to think how come people remain friends till the end of their life and why there is breakup even within a few weeks of marriage.

* Never think of marriage if your mind is unsure of a long term relationship with the one you are in love with. Try to find out if you are infatuated with some one or in real love with someone and the best way to find it by living together with her. When we grow up we find less time for parents and even someone do not want to meet time. But when you come to the end time of your life, you will ultimately feel the need and place of a child in your life. So, please keep a few minutes at least in a week for your parents and let them feel that you are their greatest pride and strength.

* Death is the mother of all pleasure, if there were no option of death life would be meaningless to us-CYRUS

* Mind is the workshop where you create thoughts which drive you to imagine or conceive a plan , and in real life we are just the reflection of our imaginations which we never can exceed, we are always remain equal to or less than our imagination.-CYRUS

* If you have a fragile relationship with your wife and really wanna fix it or wanna sustain you marriage, then just live a month both of you separate and keep cherishing the wonderful memories you both shared together and the moments when both used to admire each other. I am sure after a month you don’t have to worry about break-up.In fact it works all type of relationships.

* Have you ever thought how many times a day you really compliment to your wife, fiancee or family members or even to your colleagues? If you really wanna invest for your future then start complementing to your fellows, no matter it is for how small things. In time of need it will pay you back and strengthen you courage to confront any difficulties of life.

The Meaning of Life: Growth and Learning

Still, I am looking for a true convincing meaning of life, perhaps our effort of finding the real meaning is the key of our living, which truly has no limit, no ending, no horizon. Sometimes, I find trying to find the purpose of life is as just as meaningless of beating the bush-so, better keep learning and enjoy the the full with lots of confidence, honor and honesty as long as possible. In the journey of life we never forget the true virtue we inherit from our ancestors-those teachings are invaluable and help us always to take our step beyond our present status as human. We, all know death is running behind us and gradually we all are falling behind the trap of time.Let’s live a peaceful life from every aspect of our point of view. Thank you all:)