The effect of money in elections

Historically, we have had a two party system with minor parties. In todays society Americas two party systems affects the elections and decision of voters as an “American Political Landscape.” “Both parties’ progresses the ability to mark their political public services to individual voters based on computer models they established from historic patterns and large sample- sized polls that push approaches towards the issues and the candidates, called “data mining.” There’s either a view point with the Democratic Party on the Right of the table, and on the left of the table there is the Republican Party that has a totally different observation about the topic of discussion. These will be the only TWO options you can vote on or either vote for. “The Democratic and Republican national parties and most state parties are moderate in their policies and leadership.”

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“In recent years both parties have strengthen the role of the national committee and enhanced the inference of individual committee members.” Over time, although the citizens have the right to elect and vote, our Democracy party has combined between the direct democracy and representative democracy. Having a direct democracy is allowing the people to vote who should run as nominees in the office. In representative democracy this is allowing the people to elect those who govern to pass laws; also known as the, “Republic.” The rules to the political voting and elections game have changed and expanded to the citizens, these rules in America affects how it is to be played.

Two words, “Thriving Media,” according to the text also in, “Government by the People,” (p. 212) is the surrounding function of our elections and voters in today’s society. “The media, in particular the print media, have been called the “fourth estate” and the “fourth branch of government.” Seventy percent of the public think that the media and internet sources are “watch dogs,” here to inform us about any such moves during an election. Everyone wants a “say-so,” and to point fingers at who to vote for the “best candidate,” of the two. “Platforms are ambiguous by design, giving voters few obvious reasons to vote against the party.”

The American two part system has the effect of using both systems against one another, who knows if each nominee will “practice what they preach,” once being voted into the office. As read above yes we do have a two part system, but it seems like the two maybe combining together and causing our voters and elections to bring across confusion. There are many internet resources we could use (Watch- Dogs) but in what favor are those resources really? The political game is just that a game used to get that, “Winner-Takes-All” peaking point. The American two part system affects our elections and voter choices by perception. I even feel as if everyone is not getting to express themselves with exactly what they need from our government. Having a two part system does not let the United States explore enough or as many choices as having a muliti- system.

“Money,”- “Although the parties cannot exert tight control over candidates, their ability to raise and spend money has had a significant influence.” This time in life money plays a major role on anything, so with the elections and votes it has full control over America. Studies have shown on the “Google,” website, that the Republican Party spends six times as much money on their campaigns than the Democrat party. Thanks to, “Citizens vs. F.E.C.” getting the law passed that as much money can be given or “fundraised” to a campaign in any amount. This allows all sorts of sponsors, interest groups, corporate fronts, and lobbyist to step their foot into the campaign world.

“Defend Democracy,” this statement was used to fight the battle that Corporations should be given an equal opportunity as citizens of the United States of America. In other, words opening the door so that all candidates should be able to spend as much money as conceivable to their campaign.

As declared in 1976 and 1978, America has money defined as, “Soft Money- money raised in unlimited amounts by political parties for party-building purposes. Now largely illegal except for limited contributions to state or local parties for voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts.” also according to our text in “Government by the People,” (p. 197). America also has, “Hard- Money- Political contributions given to a party, candidate, or interest group that are limited in amount and fully disclosed. Raising such limited funds is harder than raising unlimited funds, hence the term “hard money.”

“All national party committees combined raised more than $509 MILLION of soft money in the 1999- 2000 election cycles, up from 110 MILLION adjusted for inflation in 1991- 1992. Banning soft money became the primary objective of reformers and was one of the more important provisions in the BRCA. Soft money enabled large donors to be major players in campaign finance.”

“In the 2008 election the Obama campaign used advertisements such as the Internet to coordinate, communicate, and recruit volunteers (interest groups).” I could say that it does give a freedom of speech, but to whom, the nominee or the voters? Advertisement is used worldwide to persuade the people into buying the product. Political advertisement is very manipulation able. In this situation the product that’s trying to be sold is the vote. “The United States uses political advertisement as an enhancement to vote for whoever the best candidate seems to favor at that time in the public eye.”

There may be some proof that the media may influence our culture in America by a great deal. America has the television, the newspapers, Internet, and the radio for advertisement sources. The television gives us an image that print media such as the newspaper cannot. We get to experience and create a picture of what things are going on in the political world. Newspapers are still being read, as I still do read them but not necessarily for politics, I usually do watch the television to keep up with elections for visuals.

Another stronger advertisement in politics and in anything today is the Internet. The drastic increase in usage of the web also can give visuals and a lot of information on the candidates up for running. “The news media have changed dramatically throughout the course of U.S. history.” “By calling the public’s attention to certain issues, the media help determine what topics will become subjects of public debate and legislation.”

In a way the advertisement of the elections is to throw out an attention grabber, then lower the audience in to pick them as a nominee. Advertisement is very persuasive in running elections. This subject can also put us back at the money being used for the elections. The more money a campaign has the more information and broadcasting they can attend to get to voters. Cool slogans catch the people’s interests, especially a younger crowd that rarely pays close thoughtfulness to anything in politics.

There are a lot of commercials and post boards blinding us about different candidate’s proposal. No one would ever get to see the competitors argument if they could not raise enough money to broadcast as much. According to different internet “anonymous” sources all over the internet, there’s an impression that corporation helping maintain certain nominees up for the office stand to be pretty scandalous. On that note I leave this paper with the finding of huge information and knowledge I didn’t know or had even considered with my own government. Happening in the United States of America, is the American two- party system, money issues, and advertisement usage and the effects on elections and the voter system today.