The California Water Crisis Philosophy Essay

Water is an essential ingredient to life. It is used everyday throughout our daily lives, and it is no where short of irrelevant. It is also important to us Californians, and we must treat it this way. The California community however, is facing a water crisis, one that will affect our community negatively if we don’t put this problem into realization and act to prevent it. “All the water that will ever be is, right now” (National Geographic Spokesman). That means that what we have now is all we have. Not only that, but just about everything on Earth uses water is someway or another. Clearly, it is important to man, so it deservers to be treated as such.

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This however is sadly not the case. The respect it deserves doesn’t seem to be the respect that is given to it. “Filthy water cannot be washed” (West African Proverb). That means if we don’t respect it now and allow it to become worthless, it will stay worthless. Many of us around the world know, but do we as Californians know?

For many of us, we are unaware of the growing danger. It spreads quicker and faster, yet we do nothing to stop it. The California water crisis is one that our community must take head on to change the path of our future.

Common Social Injustices Communities Face

No community is considered perfect. They may come close, but will not be one-hundred percent. In order for a community to function however, it takes people. People are basically the community itself, and without people it is nothing. “A man not only needs to know how to fish, he needs to have the freedom to do it. That’s where community comes in. We have to help each other, and we feel government has a very important role there in.” (Bill Ayres). Problems can occur however. A community can be full of hard working people, but viewed in a different perspective by others. This is how communities can face social injustices, and be seen as gang ridden, filled with violence, or discriminators against people. Problems like this can really break a community’s image down. The California community itself faces these similar issues.

Problems in My Community

The Californian community is leaning towards disaster. Our community is already harmed by budget problems and gang violence. Our image is bad enough, and it will become worse if we let severe issues like this slip through are hands.

The water crisis is a problem in which our water is quickly being depleted, as well as water improperly stored. Not only is there a as well as our money drained from our pockets. Not only is our water being affected, but everything that has to do with water is in danger. This includes crops as well as materials made from water. This creates an unwelcoming future for California and is something as a community that we can’t let happen.

Our water supply is quickly depleting more then expected. This is due to poor water storage techniques. The amount of water wasted because of faulty storage techniques is more than ridiculous. Not only are we losing water, but we are losing money. Money that could have gone towards schools and healthcare becomes money that is spent on spilled water, just because we can’t keep it in its container.

Another major issue of our water crisis is our Californian government. They are seen as weak decision makers, as well as weights that drag us down from our goals. The disappointing part is how it’s true. Because of how they make decisions, our water has to suffer. Budget cuts caused by our government dims the light of healing our water crisis. Education that is needed may not be given, provoking kids not to aim high or even make them join gangs. This appears to be a cycle that we are not breaking, and is in well need of repairs.

Poor water storage leads to less water. Less water means less water for our farms. Agriculture is a big part of California, producing many types of fruits and vegetables. Though the climate is perfect the water is not. When we damage one of California’s biggest industries, it has to come with consequences. Farmers could be put out of jobs and produce prices could increase. Also, the money we make from selling these crops will not be as much. This shows just how far this problem can spread.

Action is another problem. When we don’t enforce our actions, no change will come. We must enforce the change. It is important, since the only way to solve this crisis is action.

There simply not enough water to go around. Cities too need it, and we can only divide water so much. Communities in California must see that we may come to a situation where the government issues a water mandate. There is no doubt that this situation must be avoided.

Solutions to the Problem

Though we are headed in such a dark direction, it is not too late for change. Minor alterations are all it takes to lead our community to a brighter future. Simple changes are all it takes.

One of them includes watching our government. Though there job is to help us, they aren’t doing a very good job of it, and we simply stand idle as they do nothing. Better monitoring of the people we put in charge can go a long way.

Another solution includes limiting our supply of water. Many Californians are wasteful when it comes to water. When our water is at stake, we must watch how we use our water.

My Recommended Solution

In My Opinion, the best possible solution for this problem is action. When we act, we get closer to the solution. Not many people in our community realize that this is becoming a bigger and bigger problem everyday. When nothing is done, nothing is accomplished. Simple fixes to this problem will carry Californian communities a long way if we simply do it.

Not only must we take action, but we need to watch the people in charge. That means our government. What they do is entirely our business. When they make changes to things important to us such as water, we must look twice and make sure there making the right decisions. When they were creating certain water protection policies, we knew that it didn’t seem right. It was heavily flawed and filled with loopholes. Not only did we know what was going on, but they managed to get away with it. It goes to show that you are only as strong as your actions, not just thoughts alone.


Though we are facing quite a problem, we must again to continue to act to fight against it. Our community has faced many challenges in the past, and we must continue to succeed in solving these issues. If we learn what the problem is and act accordingly to it, much can be accomplished.

The California water crisis is a threat to us and everything that has to do with water. The threat is real, and we are the only ones capable of fixing this. Though it seems that there is no light at the end of this tunnel, we must keep digging towards it.


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