Successful Coaching Of Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is known as a no-nonsense football coach that carry out his role based his vast experience, supreme knowledge, principal values, valuable opinions and strong beliefs. His coaching philosophy is not only based during field play but also during training. His coaching philosophy during field play is as such:

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Football possession is not important, (Knowing himself)

Winning a football match is more important than playing a nice and good football, (Knowing his strengths)

Defending is a team exercise instead of individuals. (Knowing his weakness)

He does not expect any egos from his players but only himself. (Knowing himself)

As for football training, his coaching philosophy is as following:

He emphasize that his players to put in a lot efforts during training, (Knowing his goals)

He has detailed a plan, in the beginning of the season, (Knowing his obstacles)

He concentrated his football training on tactical idea, this is the backbone of his whole training process. Those tactical ideas includes how to do pressing, when to do pressing, transition, ball possession, positional play, (Knowing athletes’ ability)

Only after tactical training is done, then he will do physical, psychological aspects for the players. (Knowing his athletes’ weakness)

In the nutshell, Jose Mourinho’s philosophy of football, he likes to put up a wining team, but not a playing nice football team.

Opinions about the use of coaching philosophy to the students

A coach is a role model and teacher for his students. He uses his set of principles as a reference to conduct his lesson for his students. With a good philosophy, the coach is able to know himself, know his opponents and know his players, and this helps him to create a realistic, satisfying coaching roadmap for his students. The students will be rewarded in the form of improved performance and even achieve their dreams. Now, Jose Mourinho is in Real Madrid, he using his philosophy to guide Real Madrid to win the next Champion League.

Is the coach’s philosophy that directs the coach’s everyday life thinking and actions?

No. As mentioned, many coaches will agree that they will put in more efforts like time and attention to those less skilled players, but in reality only the best players will be get the most playing time, most rewards and attention.

However, if there are extra resources, like more than 1 coaches in the team and more than 1 training courts. The team can be splits into small groups like what Jose Mourinho does. The head coach himself will coach the better ones, and the other coaches can train the not so good ones.

Coaching Styles

Jose Mourinho is more an autocratic, regimented style of coach. He likes the direct involvement with the players, deploying his football methodology, practicing the exercises, and the development of football ideas. He deploys has his own respect agenda, if any of the players don’t follow them, they will be asked to leave. Example, Adrian Mutu a Chelsea player, was sacked by him in 2004 when he was found taking cocaine. He likes his players to feel pressured, he made his players to be aware that there is competition in every position in the first eleven.

Jose Mourinho has recently became the head coach of Real Madrid, and immediately he has built sleeping quarters to put in at the club’s Valdabebas training facilities, he wants his players to stay at the facility instead of going home after morning and afternoon training sessions. He expects a 100% turn up for both morning and afternoon training including the star players. He had removed the areas designated for player-fan interaction. Players will be expected to train only while at the training facility. He also has insisted that Pedro Leon and Sergio Canales, players purchased from Getafe and Racing Santander respectively, not to be loaned back to their old clubs.

Does the coach possess more than a coaching style

No, Jose Mourinho is detrimentally rigid.

My opinions on his coaching styles.

Jose Mourinho is my idol. He is a ruthless, fear-inducing, respect-commanding coach. Even though, he did not become a top player, but he studies football, sports science and methodology, and on reaching a 34 age, he decided to be coach, and to be involved in football. He picked up his football techniques from a very good football instructor in Scotland, Andy Rocburgh, but more importantly he followed and understudied from the 2 legend football coaches, Bobby Robson and Louis van Gaal back in Sporting Libson. Both as manager of FC Porto and Chelsea, Jose Mourinho love to uses 4-5-1 in his football tactics. His tactics is relying on strong defensive line-ups and an good holding midfielder, while the attack, he relied on a hard-working front man and a goal-scorer in midfield.

As observed, he is definitely an autocratic coach. He does not like non senses from his players. He is very focus on his job, especially on wining, he works 12 hour a day and he expects his players also. He is self confidence that close to arrogance. He lack of respect to opponent also.

The Roles of a Coach

The primary role of Jose Mourinho just like any other football coach is to assist his football players in developing to their full potential. He is responsible for training players by analyzing their performance, provide correction in the relevant skills and by providing encouragement, if possible to guide players in their life also. Hence, the coach needs to wear many type of hats, he need to act as instructor, assessor, friend, mentor, facilitator, chauffeur, demonstrator, adviser, supporter, fact finder, motivator, counselor, organizer, planner and the Fountain of all Knowledge.

– Does the coach behaviour influence the students’ character?

– How can the coach help in students’ character development?

Communication Skills techniques in coaching

The reasons the coach needs to communicate to his player because he wants to give instruction, disseminate vital information, to tell his players not to make the same mistakes, to motivate the team spirit and to give feedback to his players. Generally, there are only 2 ways that a football coach can communicate to his players on the field, either using verbal or non verbal. In the case of Jose Mourinho, he is able to speak 17 languages and knows when to which language to tell his foreign players in his team what to do.

Positive feedback is also needed during coaching sessions, everyone wants to be praised and be recognized, Joes Mourinho always do it by hugging, touching his players heads if they wins the match. During training, Jose Mourinho always split his players into groups based on condition, amount of playing time, so that he can give all players in their training groups same attention.

Motivation Skills

Jose Mourinho is a good motivator in team-motivated environment. He always emphasize that there is only 1 common goal in the team, it is to win many tropes (extrinsic: material reforcers). All players in the team must support each other until success is achieved (intrinsic), everyone care (intrinsic) for each other until success is achieved. For example, when the team wins a match, he will walk towards the pitch to congratulate all his players, by the act of hugging, touching their heads (extrinsic: social reinforcers). Jose Mourinho said that he likes players who love to win and he wants them to win not in 90 minutes but every day, training session and moment in their lives.

Motivation strategies

Jose Mourinho, the “Special One” brought in the togetherness and team spirit for the team under his charge. Below are some the strategies used by him:

To develop a healthy environment by promoting humor and entertainment football sessions, e.g he used small-sided games to develop technical, tactical and fitness elements.

To share the cup of tea with all team members. Jose Mourinho always seems moving from club to club, and undertakes new teams. When he tells the new team about his past wining trophies experiences of how to beat all obstacles and tough times to reach the final. This will motivate the new team like Real Madrid, and help build an even stronger team.

To avoid any kind of disagreement and miscommunication as these can lead hamper the feeling of oneness. As reported, Jose Mourinho hates to speak about players individually, he only reports about team performance.