Role of National Security in Pakistan


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Pakistan had its first ever created national security policy from the day of its independence. At this stage it is important that Pakistan formed a comprehensive plan for the government for next five years to over come the difficulties of terrorism and low economic condition. Also the increasing terrorism in Pakistan has some severe issues on its national security. Much of the loss Pakistan faced in the previous some decades was due to the terrorism which is increasing day by day. This security policy is very significant in formulation because it shows a great effort to over come the situation of terrorism and we need a strategy plan to eliminate the security issues existing in our country. That internal policy made into soft component and hard component are comprehensive responsive plan (CRP) and composite deterrence plan(CDP) , respectively. These are set to combat against the threats to internal security. It is also criticize on some occasions but as a whole it is significant that the NSP is essential for this situation in Pakistan.

What Is National Security?

After the world war 2 , the different countries wants to be stable condidition in their countries. While their internal and external relations are not well.they are not advocated properly and need some kind of security measures to improve the condition of their relations with others. So in view of these instability America made its first policy which ensures their security measures at best level. Thus they made a council to take some serious steps in terms of their security making institutions.[1]

In this way it is become the important factor to formulize the internal as well as external security policy for a better long term relations with others.

What’s Included In National Security Policy?

The national security policy (NSP) is not limited to the extent of security measures of a state. Thus it is now a wider term comprises of: economic , social , political and military strategy was well as the foreign policy. The secret agencies work under the government to uphold the situation of peace in the country and save it from the internal and external threats. As for a progress of a country it is essential for it that it hold a strong command over its economy and also its political structure be in democratic way transerfer from one to other in a fair manner.

As terrorism is a fact who mostly mostly affected many of the countries and especially of the countries in which we live. The danger to our country lies in the policy making of our country and also the alliencies to which we are sided and on what basis we support them. Thus the national security policy determine our future and had a significant role in a countrys progress.

Why Is There Any Need Of National Security Policy?

One may asked that what so important in national security policy that’s it is essential for our country. The answer is very simple that from the day of independence Pakistan face issue of its existence. As in those days india is not ready to accept independence of Pakistan that’s why Pakistan has always a threat form india over its existence. Also india behavour over the neccession of states and war of 1948 , Pakistan has always a defensive position and had serious threats from some aliens force that’s why its impact on pakistans policy always remains. The Kashmir issue and Afghanistan role in 50s over independence of pakhtonistan become the hurdles in pakistans security threats and for that reason Pakistan has always remain in a defensive position.

Also the increasing terrorism in Pakistan has some severe issues on its national security. Much of the loss Pakistan faced in the previous some decades was due to the terrorism which is increasing day by day.

Due to instability of politics of Pakistan the democracy didn’t perform well and thus major decision were made by the dictators in Pakistan,for which Pakistan still faces crisis in every field due to improper planning. [2]

The military intervention in Pakistans politics proves so fatal that its consequences are still observed in multiple forms. Thus due to these factors the national security didn’t operate well or didn’t made it to the required level. And Pakistan always faced crisis over Kashmir issue and in afghanistans issue.

Emergence Of National Security Policy In Pakistan

The concept of NSP arose in the regime of general yahaya khan who recommendation of the admiral ahsan formed a national security council (NSC). A NSC is formed to update the president and prime minister directly. Its main function os to provide the basic information on internal security.

This NSC is dissolved by zulfiqar ali Bhutto and defense committee of cabinet (DCC) was created in its place. Then it is reconstructed by general zia ul haq. After this is remain in active for a long time as it is dissolved by DCC again by Benazir Bhutto.

After that it is made active by general pervaiz musharraf in 2004 in which he made tariq aziz a civil bureucreat the secretary of NSC council. It worked for a long time unless in 2008 when ppp convert it into DCC agsin.

The reason for not working properly this NSC was that it is always involved in the politics and help military to take over the civilian governments due to the members of its which are mostly from the retired military officers and bureucreats. That’s the reason it is become unfavourite for The civilian government and they always against this because they take care of the politics and not concern in making national security policy.

Re-Construction Of NSC In Nawaz Regime 2013

As the nawaz sharif won the election of 2013 by majority seats of national assembly and formed a government in the center he thus made the sartaj aziz secretetary of national security council on june 2013. They greatly emphazised by the interior minister to formulat the national security policy in order to come over the terrorism situation in Pakistan. The interior minister ch. Nisar greatly contribute in the formulation of national security policy whose efforts are came up with the NISP of Pakistan and then presented to the NA of Pakistan to passed it but was delayed due to some improvements in it. This security policy is very significant in formulation because it shows a great effort to over come the situation of terrorism and we need a stretagy plan to eliminate the security issues existing in our country.

Draft of national security policy for 2013-14 in Pakistan:

The policy introduced by government of Pakistan comprises over three parts i,e


There is some problem with this type of division because it is difficult to understand as it is comprises over some secret information which is not shareable with the public but it is appreciated that it is on such issues which are key factor for this policy.[3]

It includes sovereignty of Pakistan and according to it the peace talk to stakeholder can be only one condition that the isolation of extremist from alien agencies funding.
The NISP is formed due to the global terrorism in the whole of world and also the issue of Afghanistan and its effects to the pakistans security.
Also focuses on the elimination of extremism, sectarianism , terrorism and militancy from our country and an adequate planning on it.
The NISP also includes the internal security especially , but also focus on external security and strategy to come over such threats. This will remain included in the ministry of defense jurisdiction.
The focus on other issues such as social , economic , environmental and political issues also included in the draft.
Civil liberty emphasis in National security policy and ensure their safety.
The threat perception as Pakistan face some serious extremism on its social and economic level. Also to break the shadow linkage of these organizations.
Also to maintain writ of state.
Ensures fundamental rights of people.

As said earlier that internal policy made into soft component and hard component are comprehensive responsive plan (CRP) and composite deterrence plan(CDP) , respectively.these are set to combat against the threats to internal security.

The first component of CRP comprise on peace talks and also the rehabilitation of the victims of terrorism.
The programme of reconstruction of those institutions affected by the terrorism are monitor by NACTA.
NACTA will develop de-radicalisation with help of NISP.
NACTA will also started a reconciliation with consultation of various groups for peace building process in Pakistan.
The re-integration process provides people to improve their economic condition by applying Youth Engagement Strategy (YES).
It also improves the educational madrassas system by supporting them in their finance and administration system.
The NISP will also focus to come up with certain legal reforms in our legal system to improve the judicial system as well as ensures fundamental rights of people by courts.
NACTA represents the reports on how to improve the prosecution , judiciary and police etc.
Composite deterrene plan (CDP) will allow many national internal security apparatus to work properly and provides them full technique help on all issues.
The NISP also improves the national internal security institutions.
An awareness to people is given to stop the extremism , sectarianism and terrorism through media , civil society.
The implementation on the de-radicalization also included so that the rehabilitation may acquire upto a desire level.
A proper gateway to monitor madrassas and religious institutions at federal and provincial level.
Improve the situation of socially and economic of terrorism affected areas at federal and provincial level.
The rehabilitation of children , women and minorities must be ensured.
The places of national heritage must be preserved under a specific policy.
Steps should be taken to de-ammunize the cities.
Steps should be taken to evoke the misuse of media , social media and reforms on issuance of new mobile sim. The cybercrimes prohibited and take measures against it.[4]
Improve national database system so that the identification of people and evaluaton on their assets be ensured.
The measurement on the problem of afghan refugees and control their movement under the law.
Steps taken to stop the smuggling in country and improvement in border line security.
An agency of directorate of internal security (DIS) is made which will work under NACTA. This agency had 33 members which are from civilians as well as from military men who works together to conduct intelligence on internal security. This will eliminate terrorism from country and also ensures public safety.
There should be a federal rapid response force (FRRF) with counter terrorism department (CTD) which works in Capital Terroritery , FATA , Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan with their unique coordination and command.
Beside this there should be a provincial rapid response force (PRRF) with CTD also exist at provincial level.
Also taken measure for the destruction of biological weapons and its use is prohibited.
The international cooperation is required to control global terrorism and also their coordination.
All agencies report issues to NACTA within 30 days limit. The information is also provided to ministry of defense under which they work and provide them with full information where required .

Also the information from public required and suggestions are invited through intelligence and media. These suggestion are improved NISP by NACTA.

Implementation Of The National Security Policy

The implementation of the NSP is ensured by the counter terrorism department CTD with the help of police and other institutions of the type because the coordination and proper cooperation it is not implement. The police will help the DIS to gather information and present it to the national internal security operation center (NISOC) for further improvement in NSP.

The police shall establish a specialized counter terrorism department for their help and maintenance and establishment of weapons and machinery exist according to NSP.[5]

The facility of air flight emergency shall provided to these institutions.

Good Intentions In National Security Policy

The NACTA is an important step by the government as this NACTA (National Counter Terrorism Authority) is linkage between federal and provincial level and also between the security agencies because the lack of coordination can result in very drastic condition of security issues and face crises after this lack of coordination.
Reforms in madrassas also appreciable.
Cooperation between civil and military institutions
Issue of afghan refugees
Cooperation between federal and provincial level
Action against cybercrimes
Formulation of RRF(rapid responsive force )
Fundamental Rights of people
Process of rehabilitation , reconciliation and reconstruction of terrorism affected areas
Isolation of terrorist

Criticism On National Security Policy

Some of the issues are criticize in the national security policy of Pakistan and also some suggestions are given to government on this draft which are as follows:

As the policy divides into three parts that is strategic , operational and secret so the classification or justification of issues become so confused that one may not defined them in proper category.

The draft as said the extremism , sectarianism , terrorism and militancy division but the document need some explanation on their difference so that people should aware properly in this respect.

As civil liberties are ensured but there is not a comprehensive legal regime in this respect and need a committee of jurist to overview the legal system.

Also the disputes are peacefully solve under the rule of law but the extremist didn’t admit rule of law of state so what will the basis for the talks with the stakeholders are need to be improve.

There are also some protection on comprehensive response plan CRP and combined deterrence plan CDP and need some justification on such issues.

The cooperation between the federal responsive force RRF and provincial responsive force exist but what if they are not agreed on the cooperation.

Instead of making the counter terrorism department the reforms shall be introduced in the police and made CTD under the police so that the security issues can be made better.[6]

Also the security institutions need some men with brains not with guns and officials should be involved in the field of communication , forensic , lawyers , and financial experts etc.

In short there may be some flaws in the national security but its significance can not be denied at all and it’s a good step taken by government. Nowadays as there are concept of global terrorism and without a strict cooperation between institutions the peace situation can never be achieved. So for a peaceful environment these steps should be taken at all cost. This NSP hope best prove for our country and we achieved a situation of law and order in our Pakistan. It is also criticize on some occasions but as a whole it is significant that the NSP is essential for this situation in Pakistan.

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