Personal Philosophies In Regards To Elements Of Healthcare Nursing Essay

Philosophy is understanding and beliefs of an individual towards life. I believe that philosophy is based on knowledge. Nursing philosophy integrates with the elements of nursing practice, health, person, environment and nursing. According to me Health is a state of physical, mental and social well being which allows the individual to work towards self-actualization. Any internal condition that interferes with the individual’s ability to be secure, belong, or maintain self respect prevents attainment of self actualization and causes a state of illness. Health care promotes, maintains, and restores the person to an optimal level of wellness on the health continuum. Health care is delivered in a various settings by an interdisciplinary team. Holistic care is the perspective which views each person as an organized whole and delivers care based on the integrated needs of the individual person. Each person has a claim to quality health care, delivered with respect for the individual and respect for differences among individuals. Health education and health promotion are instruments that I need to utilize to improve or modify the health behaviours of my patients. The modification of one individual or patient then in turn modifies the health of the community and/ or populations.

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People are unique individuals, who are deserving of respect, dignity, compassion, care, and excellent service. A person has the potential attribute of self-care, this allows the person to deliberately learn and perform actions for survival, health and well-being. The nursing care is not just limited to the patient. It also includes family, friends, and other members of the health care team in the care given by the nurse. I allow the client to participate and input ideas into their care. While practicing as a nurse, I encourage the patient to incorporate some of their personal life experiences, and alter my care based on those experiences and needs .I am able to help the client fill some of their basic needs, such as physiologic needs, safety and security, belonging, and self esteem.. As a nurse I approach the patient on a one to one aspect, and help them to obtain optimum health. Nursing is a great career that gives me the greatest opportunity to save people lives, comfort, and care for them. I would love to provide strength, understanding, and love to patient, their family members, and close friends. While caring for the client I treat them holistically as a whole.


My personal philosophy in nursing describes the environment as the dwelling place of a society. Environment is composed of internal and external factors and is characterized by the physical, spiritual, political, cultural, social, mental awareness, ethical, and intellectual dimensions. The patient is influenced by and responsive to the environment and can alter internal and external environments to impact their health and quality of life. Like example the internal factor like pain may alter patient’s behavior, and external factor like bright light, noise, patient’s roommate may alter patients comfort. Individuals do not exist in isolation, they are in continuous socialization and interact with and relate to other individuals, families, and communities within a constantly changing society. Environment can affect individual in positive and negative way as such, they influence and are influenced by their environment. Analysis of the impact of these socio-political, economic, legal, and ethical dimensions on individuals, families, and communities is an important activity of the professional nurse. As a nurse my interactions should always bring positive impact on my patient and environment by understanding the stressors influencing their health.


Nursing is the caring and nurturing of healthy and ill clients. My philosophy of nursing is, Nursing is Art, Science and profession, to be a successful nurse I must be able to provide the art of caring, and have the drive to continue to attain and apply the knowledge science throughout my career. Nursing as a profession is committed to the promotion of wellness of individuals, families and communities, through application of nursing process such as assessment, diagnosis, planning, critical thinking, evidence-based practice, cultural competence to plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care for individual or groups. The professional nurse in the role of practitioner uses concepts and theories of sciences, humanities and nursing to provide nursing care to clients and groups. Commitment to wellness extends beyond direct care to include research, planning and implementation of comprehensive health care services, and collaboration with other health professionals within a framework that respects the rights and dignities of all persons. The nurse acts as an advocate for individuals, families and communities. Nursing activities are used in my everyday practice and allow for me to support and promote adequate holistic patient care.