My First Political Impression Politics Essay

In our country all citizens from children to seniors in some way are involved in the political events. Every day we watch the news about political developments, we learn about them from television, radio, at work and schools. But every person is involved in political life in different ways. First of all, it dependents on the specific political situation, the spiritual climate in society, as well as on the state of political system, and the person himself.

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Interest in politics among youth is different in different countries, but it is understandable that in general most citizens have neither the means nor the opportunity for serious involvement in politics.

What affects our participation in the political life of the country? First of all the Political Socialization agents who are those that influence us throughout our lifetime,: family, school, media, religious and community organizations. lets take a closer look at how Political Socialization agents influence political activity.

Family. Politically active parents have more interested in politics and children who are also showing more confidence in political institutions. Political socialization by parents is the most effective in relation to political attitudes and ideological orientation of young people.

Influence of school. The more active young people at school, the more active they are outside school, and after graduation. Structures of possible political participation in schools reinforce youth interest in politics, and also peers most strongly influence the political behavior of young people.

The influence of mass media. There is a link between the choice of certain media and political activity of youth. Those young people who read newspapers or use the Internet, are engaged in a wide range of political activities and are more active. Passive media perception, like television and radio, leads to a lower level of political participation. The older people are, the more closely they follow the policy through the mass media.

Some people are actively involved in the activities of political parties, political movements, interest groups and so on. Others are characterized by alienation and indifference to the public sphere.

The primary and, as experience shows, the best form of political participation for the majority of the population are elections to representative bodies.

So my most bright political impression was presidential election process in the year 2008, though it was the most significant political event of the last years.

Americans are more likely to vote of any other nation in the world. Since the age of 18 they are entitled to elect a president, senators, congressmen, members of state legislatures, governors, mayors, judges, sheriffs, and so on.

So the president election in the year 2008 was the main event in the life of the country,that nobody was indifferent to.

The year 2008 was special in n the electoral history of the United States. For the first time in state history a president could become a man or a woman, for the first time in 80 years candidates for this position were neither an incumbent president nor vice president. And the November 2008 election was both parliamentary and presidential.

The main candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2008 from the Democratic Party was the senator from Illinois, an African-American Barack Obama, and from the Republican Party was the senator from Arizona John McCain. These candidates caused a lot of discussions, arguing and “political battles”.

As for me, of course I wasn’t indifferent to the political situation in the country. I think that president election is an event that is important for every citizen of the USA, because people choose not only the president, but they choose the future of their country.

I watched the political process in the country. I watched the meetings of voters with the candidates, debates and battles on TV and in the press. I studied the electoral programs of candidates, in order to know what future they promised to the United States. People voted by assessing the future changes in their lives and in the development of country.

And what was happening caused the frustration and insecurity among people, as people felt the beginning of the political crisis in the country, and some even had lost confidence in government.

One of the fundamental aspects of all social life in the USA is the confrontation and cooperation of the two leading parties of the country: the Democratic and the Republican. Much of the policy is determined by how the people, the voters consider each of them and what place people take themselves in this two-party system.

It was also interesting to know the sociological study of the opinions of voters. Among the factors constraining the decision to vote in 2008, were the age of McCain and Obama’s race. I was surprised by that facts, as many voters were against the President being black. According to statistics, 8% of voters believed that Obama’s affiliation to African Americans, reduce the effectiveness of his work as head of state. Although the sociological study of the opinions of voters showed that the country was ready for a black president. Those Americans, for whom religion – an important part of their lives, were more likely to vote for McCain than for Obama (50% vs. 40%). Among the less religious people, for a Democratic candidate were willing to vote 55%, for the Republican – 36% of Americans.

So, president election is a very important political event in the country, as and also it is important for all people, being involved in the process. When person vote for a certain candidate, he chooses the future of the country, so in some way he influences his life too. So nobody should stay indifferent, and should take active position in this political event in the life of the country. Fair and free elections is the guarantee of the democracy. While voting for their representatives, people elect the leaders, from which depends the future of the country.

That is why elections confer greater powers of ordinary citizens: the vote makes it possible to have an impact on future government policy, and thus on their future.