Multidisciplinary Care Worker


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In Mrs C’s case a she has to be provided a key worker who would be working with her by ensuring that all her need is met and also involve other multidisciplinary team and inter-agency team within the health and social care setting to take part in conducting a care plan for Mrs C during the her care planning process. The care worker would get other discipline and agency involve in Mrs C’s case because she was bought from the hospital into the care home so therefore they know much about her medical condition and the type of care she require; it also ensure that beneficial approaches are devised in order to meet her specific needs, and also improve her state of well-being.

The following groups of multidisciplinary team and inter-agency would be involve in Mrs C’s case;

Multidisciplinary team include


This team are very important member involve in the care planning process Mrs C, this team provide certain level of care for Mrs C’s case because they only provide limited care as they use X-ray to diagnose the type of arthritis together with the signs and symptoms of her condition. After Mrs C has been diagnosed to have Rheumatoid arthritis different member of the multidisciplinary team were working hand in hand with one and other to find the suitable medical service and treatment that would help improve Mrs C’s condition without any complications.


In most cases skeletal disorder like Mrs C’s Arthritis, exercise and physiotherapy is very important in order to prevent her joint from becoming so stiff, ease off pain and keep her muscles active. Furthermore her key worker in the care home where she has been taken into can also organise other form of treatment apart from visit from her physiotherapist could be a session of massage, infra-red heat treatment and hydrotherapy (exercising in water) this cold be on once a month basis.


The GP and the Doctors is important member because they provide medical history for other teams involved in Mrs C’s situation. Furthermore they also carry out countless consultation session with Mrs C in order to control and monitor her blood pressure and prescribe necessary medication and treatment that would be best suit her condition. After the GP has pass the information to the necessary team involve in Mrs C’s case during her time in the hospital the practitioners would use this information to plan how they would meet her specific need and include the necessary agency that help in planning her care needs.


The nurses is also involve in medication process because they are in involve in giving medication and provide medical support that Mrs C require in order to improve her health statues this is done effectively by making sure that they work hand in hand with practitioner involve and making sure that they have effective communication skill and good team work within themselves as it help with the type of care service that thy would be proving for Mrs C.

Interagency team

Family and friends

Come visit her from time to time, this would help reassure her and help keep her confidence as seeing her family and friends around her regularly would her improve in health wise.

Interpreters and translators

Would help her communicate with the care provider, the translators and the interpreters would help express and rephrase what she’s saying in her language since she doesn’t understand English. This service would help the care provider know what she needs as an individual and they would know what to do in order to meet and specific need.

Activity officer

They organise different activities of which Mrs C can get involve in. this could include a day out to the park or take her to day care centre for people who has the same disease has she does. Doing this would help her improve the way she view and value herself within the care home, more so seeing other people with the same condition or worse would help regain her self-esteem and self-image.

Social worker

The welfare of Mrs C is very important so therefore by ensuring that she gets the sufficient help from other disciplines and agencies. The social worker visit Mrs C from time to time in order to check on her and see how her health is improving and also they would review her condition to see if the care home is staying is suitable for her and if it’s any beneficial for her staying there or not.

Multidisciplinary and inter-agency teams contribute to the care planning process carried out for Mrs C, all these member of team are including in the assessing and implementing the specific medical treatments that would best suit Mrs C’s situation. The multidisciplinary and interagency team come together in order to provide a best form of care for Mrs C they do this by communicating using the holistic approach on whatever step they are going to take concerning Mrs C. The two team identify the specific needs of Mrs C and then compromise and set satisfying goals that they all feels would best meet her needs with high standard and considering her rights, choice, values and belief.


Evaluate the role of multi-disciplinary and inter-agency working in social care

Multi-disciplinary and inter-agency team provide and contribute optimistically in improving service users’ health and well being, using the care plan would make it conducive for them to collaborate amongst themselves. Both sets team come together at the start of every care planning process for all individual receiving care within the health and social care setting and the three to six months care assessment intervals and the evaluation process for each service users based on the particular changes made. According to Nolan et al (2005) “ the changes do not have to be major, but they can have a significant impact on the person’s life”.

However, multi-disciplinary and inter-agency team working help with the improvement of the care planning process, on the other hand it has both positive and negative impact on the way care is provided for people receiving care service.

The positive impact multi-disciplinary and inter-agency working together help create interdependence; this means that everyone in the team all depend on one another. Multi-disciplinary and inter-agency working within the health and social care setting is that each member of the team has a key role to play in improving the health well- being of an individual within receiving health care service. Forth most no one role is more important than another as they all work hand in hand with one an other to provide a competence and effective team working by making sure that they provide a high standard of care to the service users’ at all time.

The main important factor of the role of multi-disciplinary and inter-agency working enables everyone involve in providing care to bring and combine their skills and expertise within the multicultural society of which increases the opportunities to learning and new experience, all of which would contribute to an improvement in health and social care experiences, system and structures because they all implement their different skills to create a better way of providing good standard of care for the public. According to Mason et al (2007) there are wide range of medical advancements that have originated aboard and are now being used to improve medication and treatment services in this country”. With so many different medical team working together from different country it has help with the improvement and advancements of care provision for people undertaking care service in the UK, so therefore multi-disciplinary and inter-agency team has really improve with the service provide and more so it has crate a better team work and communication skill amongst the health care service provider.

The negative impact of the role of multi-disciplinary and inter-agency working in social care is that the whole process of them working together doesn’t always work because not every member of the team talk to one and other so therefore there would be some few communication breakdown due to lack of information. Further more, when there are too many teams working together the patient they are working would be affected because different member of the team sees them. For example; for someone who is suffering for a chronic condition having to see different consultant would be really difficult situation for them because they would have to adapt to different doctors each time they have appointment and sometimes the consultant they have to see might not have went through their document to know their medical statues so therefore he or she might ask the patient to tell him or her about the main reason why they are there. This could be as a result of lack of information or because the entire consultant are from different department or organisation the information isn’t fully pass across to necessary people that are meant to know. Furthermore due to several agency working with the service user the appointment system is bad because the time set isn’t conducive for the patient so therefore they find it difficult to cancel or made known that an appointment has been cancelled.


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