Effects Of The French Revolution

French revolution is a bourgeois revolution that happened on 14th. July 1794. It is the bourgeois revolution of the largest, most complete revolution. The revolution began with the storming of the Bastille was besieged by Pairs. The revolution gone through hardships and passed a tortuous progress. In this revolution, representatives of bourgeois democratic and republican overturned the absolute monarchic together. French revolution is a symbolic time in French history. The revolution happened by many reasons. It came not only because France was backward, but also because of economic and intellectual. Under absolute monarchy, the country’s economic and intellectual was not matched by social and political change. People live in Pair increasingly difficult life. The economic pressure became heavier. Most people had a fat lot rights. What is more, the asset class and the feudal class have the implacable contradiction. So, with a lot causes came together that make a revolution happened. The revolution had a profound influence in history and it also had an extraordinary influence on the making of the modern world.

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In the period of Louis xv regime, since the people responded angrily to under King’s rule. People suffered by various attacked. And this formed of enlightenment. Under enlightenment, the thinking of “national rights”, “constitution monarchy”, “separation of the three powers” had been around. What is more, the development of capitalism has a contradiction with the feudal autocratic rule. Half of the 18th century, capitalist economic had a great development in France. Textile, metallurgy and mining industry’s most rapidly. Its level of development ranked first in Europe. Foreign trade had developed quickly. But the feudal autocratic rule has become an obstacle to economic development of capitalism in France. The feudal government continued to raise taxes; checkpoints were set up everywhere around the country; feudal ownership of land still exist. All this made the bourgeoisie very unpleased. They asked for abolition of feudal land ownership, abolition of feudal privileges and against authoritarian rule. Their requirements and ideas, is reflected in the political ideology of bourgeois Enlightenment. The appearance and the spread of enlightenment had prepare for French revolution and the bourgeoisie’s showing on the political stage, in the aspects of ideologie and public opinion.

The sharp classes contradiction is also a propellant that caused the revolution. The French revolution started about 150 years later than the Britain revolution, the French was still in the feudal autocratic reign of the Bourbons when the British had completed bourgeois revolution and had begin the industrial revolution, the class relations was set into opposition sharply. It is as follows: French society was divided into three grades, first grade is priest, and second level is the nobility. They account for less than 1% of the total population in France, but the amount of land they occupied reach 2/3. And they did not bear any tax obligations. Opposed, the majority of third grade has to bear the country’s taxes and other feudal obligations. In particular, workers, urban poor and farmers, living a life in squalor, they demand to change living conditions strongly. Because of sharply antagonistic class relations, the French community as firewood piled everywhere, a revolution would outbreak possibility at anytime.

Intensification of the financial crisis is a reason that caused the revolution too. The French authoritarian rulers have been very corrupt. Repeated defeat of foreign wars and rulers extravagant that made France’s budget deficit increased, heavily in debt. The French government fiscal position was on the brink of bankruptcy.

All the reasons came together, a long awaited revolution happened. And the French revolution made a far-reaching impact, both of the people’s power and political legacy. Even effected the developed of capitalism.

As the French revolution was the greatest bourgeois revolution in 18th century. People have shown great strength in the three uprisings. When get the turning point in the revolution, people were always pushing forward the development of revolution.

French revolution also had a deep effect on French political. “The French revolution left a compelling and many-sided political legacy. This legacy included, most notably, liberalism, assertive nationalism, radical democratic republicanism, embryonic socialism, and self-conscious conservatism. It also left a rich and turbulent history of electoral competition, legislative assemblies, and even mass politic. Thus the French revolution and conflicting interpretations of its significance presented a whole range of political options and alternative visions of the future.” (McKay, J. P., Hill, B. D., and Buckler, J.).

Furthermore, the French Revolution was a profound social revolution, which ended a thousand years of feudal rule in France. Trough the revolution, a bourgeois republic has set up in France. As Engels said, “It is really fighting for in the end, until the part of noble were eliminated, while the other is the first victory of the capitalist class uprising.”

In general, the revolution against the French feudal forces and cleared the road of capitalist development in France. What is more, the revolution to the French social ideology, culture and education has far-reaching influence. Even more, the thoroughness of this revolution had set an example to other nation revolution. It has shaken the foundation for the rest of Europe the feudal system. It pushed the development of capitalism in Europe and America. As Lenin said: “The revolution of the class that it serves to give the bourgeoisie a lot of things, and the entire 19th century, that is, civilization and culture for all humanity to a century are under the sign of French revolution.”.

Above all, in the late 18th century, feudal dynasty in the political, economic and social awareness, has emerged all-round crisis, authoritarian rule has become an obstacle to the development of French society. The French revolution was not an accidental event. It is the inevitable outcome of the development of history. The French revolution has promoted the development of capitalism, and pushed people thinking and culture in Europe, even the world.