Defending Freedom Of Speech In Multi Cultural Society Philosophy Essay

Abstract: – Freedom is one of the greatest rights a human being has got. Though it is correct or not one has the right to give out his opinion by the speech. In this article, how freedom of speech can help in a multicultural society and the disadvantages to be faced with the freedom of speech are discussed. Speech is the only medium to educate a person or nation. This helps in delivering message in the right way. This is one of the most important human rights which have been even declared by the international rights law. By using the right to speech many other human laws are protected. Freedom of speech in a multicultural society helps in talking about ones religion openly without any discrimination. By having the freedom of speech in the multicultural society the political views can be exchanged between the political parties which may be useful to the public. There are disadvantages too with the freedom of speech like public nuisance etc but to know the truth about things this is the best right which would be useful for the nation.

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Keywords: Freedom of speech, Free speech, Multi cultural society, Communication.

Freedom of speech is freedom to speak anything without any censorship. The freedom of speech is not an absolute in any country and it is rightly common subject to limitations. Freedom of speech is recognized by human rights and it is recognized in international rights law. Freedom of speech is synonymous with liberty and is fundamental individual right in a free society. Freedom of speech is assumed as primary tenet and principle in which there would be no liberty. Speech important in democracies because debate and discussion are essential properties in democratic society. Speech is merely the articulation of thoughts if it is banned, then the thoughts are also banned because thought is denied expression. Freedom of speech, highly restrictive censorship laws remain in place. Freedom of information and speech are permitted on round state security and public morality. (Carens, J., 2006) Freedom of speech is guaranteed in virtually every international human rights instrument and in the constitution of every liberal democracy. Freedom is never in an absolute form and it is seen as a negative freedom and opposed to a positive right.

Freedom of speech is freedom of thoughts and debate and discussion are necessary to arrive at knowledge and to achieve any progress. Adaptability is the key in freedom of speech it requires a diversity of views and ideas. (Samuel Johnson, 1780)aˆ?Every human has a right to utter what he thinks truth, and every other man has a right to knock him down for itaˆ?. Freedom of speech has been restricted and even prohibited in the threats from domestic and foreign enemies. In some cases freedom of speech as been restricted and prohibited for free speech when there is a danger of perception to the security. During the periods of political turmoil and upheaval and during periods of war freedom of speech has been seen as a threat to national security and has been restricted. Example: – The NATO bombing meant to silence of speech to deny freedom of speech and to silence dissent of any kind.


Freedom of speech that enables other rights to be protected and exercised. The enjoyment of right to the freedom of expression is central to achieving individual freedom and developing democracy and plays a critical role in causes of poverty. Freedom of speech increases the knowledge of information and participation within a society and also secure external checks on state accountability. If there is no right of freedom of expression, then people are not to free to manifest their religion.


The freedom of speech is restricted in order to protect the rights of others and public order if it is in a democratic society and it is done by law.


Protecting the right to equality, the right to mental and physical integrity and right to be free from discrimination and ultimately the right to life as hate speech have to be often associated to ethnic cleansing, wars. Speech regulations may constitute a legitimate and potentially necessary restriction to freedom of expression.


Freedom of speech requires a social context in which individuals are permitted to voice their thoughts, almost all everyone will agree. In which dissidents are bounded or otherwise physically prevented from producing dissenting expression in which they do not have freedom of speech.

Example: – When the dictators allow the dissidents to speak, other expressive gestures. Speakers are now free to make whatever sound and gestures they like. But the obliteration prevents those sounds and gestures from ever reaching an audience. It is widely thought that censorship of this and more traditional sorts undermine from freedom of speech. In which poverty, illiteracy, lack of self confidence is fear of speaking and can prevent people from distributing words. The wide distribution of speech cannot take place in a society where there lacks of basic telecommunication were the distribution words take place.


Free speech focus on the distributive dimension, to the extent that there constraints and limits on the distribution of the words. Actions that prevent or limit the distribution of speech certainly make speech less free. Speakers have no access to the means of communication are less free to speak. When a speaker says anything can be widely distributed as you like but freedom of distribution such meaningless saying does not count as freedom to speak.


All ideas are freely expressed considered and debated by rational individuals. Free distribution and discussion rational agents will choose to agree with the true ideas in the market place. The free market place an idea of defence of free speech is not only justification offered for free speech. The argument from democracy, the argument from toleration and the argument from equal concern and respect, amongst other. To concentrate on the market place of ideas justification is here because of its centrality in the debate also because we think at least some of the other justifications are connected to it interesting ways.


Free speech is that it is an arguable instrumental in securing good in overall citizens. Good consequences of free speech must be defended by showing their free speech in the realisation of overall good in society. Free speech will be the hostage of empirical facts to everyone in the society to know about it. (Mill, 1859)If a citizen can spread any information and advance criticisms of the prevailing view is something like free marketplace of ideas. The true beliefs are in turns of the best instruments for securing the overall human welfare. Other things being equal at least we ought to maximise welfare and we allow to everyone to speak freely in the welfare.

It is true that free speech generates a lot of noise and gives much airtime to false views or irrelevant truths. (Amartya Sen 1994, 1999) This function of free speech is a kind of safety valve. The important facts and problems will run long at least by getting public attention for the negative effects due to noise. Free speech is a perfect for getting the truth.


Freedom of speech is the right given to an individual to talk or give out his opinion in the public. In the multicultural society it is important to have freedom of speech because every individual has the right to speak about his own religion and culture. By having the freedom of speech one can educate people by telling the good and bad happening in the society. In most of the democratic countries freedom of speech is considered as a right because everyone in the country can give his or her own opinion. This right even helps in getting the nations together by having peace talks between the nations. Thus by having freedom of speech in a multicultural society helps the people of society to understand each and will have the freedom to talk about their religious and political views discussed publicly which will help to preserve the diversity of the nation.