Dancing And Keeping A Healthy Lifestyle Physical Education Essay

Dance is another form of exercising which require you to use most of your body muscle. Dancing has come around for along time. Dancing is a part of ancient ritual and is pair with music. People dancing with music, without music dancing is not complete. In Egypt, dancing before god is a vital elements in the temple ritual. Beside for ritual, dance is another form of entertainments for this people even in other countries.

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Dancing is a type of exercise and therefore dancing has huge benefits to the person who practice it regularly. Certain people think that exercise look boring, but not dancing. Because dancing is play with music, therefore people who dancing will having fun and at the same time can perform an exercise. When we perform dance, we doest not require any equipments as there is no suitable exercise machine for dancing. All you need is music to play along. With dancing, you can perfume it anywhere you want especially at home. By dance, you can stretch your body part and with dance, you can get the body shape that you always wanted and dancing also can reduce stress. With dancing, you can built up you stamina and also endurance, because dancing consists of many style of movements that for sure will build up your stamina. Dancing require balance, by dancing you can gain a better balance. Dancing is about having fun and at the same time staying active.

By practicing dancing, you can look younger then your age by slowing down the aging process. It a fact that by practicing dance, the muscle exertion and breathing rates in just one dance is similar to those who practice cycling, swimming and Olympic 800 meter runner. People who practice dancing seldom having problems with joints and bones because dancing helps strengthen bones and dance also helps in treatments of osteoporosis, which is a major concern for female. Arthritis can be preventing by dancing, by make the joints lubricated. People who having problems with their weight can practice dancing as dancing can burn more calories and increase the circulation of blood. Dancing can burn 5 to 10 calories per minutes as estimated. Ballroom, Latin, Mambo and Salsa dancer can burn 264 calories per hour base on 100 lb. Fast, Ballet, and Twist dancer could burn 288 calories per hour base on 100 lb. Slow, Waltz, Foxtrot dancer could burn up to 144 calories per hour base on 100 lb. people with diabetics can lower the sugar lever by practicing dance and dance is also good for lipid control which raises the HDL (good cholesterol) and lower the LDL (bad cholesterol). Dancing can help improve memory by memories each and every steps that has in each dances. People that practice dance will feel happy and less stress. Dancing can enhance heart and lungs condition, increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness. People with weigh problem will see the different in their weight after awhile of practicing dancing, agility and flexibility will be increased. By dance, a person can improve their social skills by dance in a group of people with different ages, genders and status.

Dancing for female can increase her muscle tone and coordination and itaa‚¬a„?s perfect for toning without building up muscle tone. Beside benefits the body, dancing also built up the person confidence and the self-esteem and by dancing, the person could boost up their confidences. Dancing also improve a person mood by produce more endorphins or also known as feel good chemicals.

Dancing has many types and style, dancing is different in style for different culture, society and music. Some of the famous dance is Hip Hop, Belly dance, Salsa dance, Ballroom dance, Tap dance, Bhangra dance, Break dance, Line dance, Jazz dance, Ballet dance, Modern dance, Swing dance, Contra dance, Country and Western Dance.

Bhangra dance originate from India. This Bhangra dance is actually a euphoric harvest dance from Punjab. Bhangra dance will be practice with energetic singing and drum beating. Stomping feet, shoulder-shrugging, hand-clapping, swinging arms are the traditional Bhangra dance that now has been modernized. The modern Bhangra dance has been included with aerobic moves, hip hop and salsa. Bhangra aerobic dance is another form of exercise that can help in maintaining our body. Bhangra dance involve continuous and rhythmic body movements that can raise the heart rate and also strengthen the lungs. Major muscle in the body will be work out when perform Bhangra dance. Bhangra dance is good in circulating blood full of oxygen to other part of the body and remove carbon dioxide, as well as other wastes. When perform Bhangra dance, the person will be dancing with the music and the person require more oxygen in the body, this is where the heart rate increase to keep up with the tempo. When done Bhangra dance regularly, the heart will grow stronger and can keep up with muscles demand with only a little effort. Diseases such as hypertension, stroke, and heart disease can be avoided, plus Bhangra dance can lower the blood pressure and helps maintain weights by burn 500 calories in 45 minutes.

Hip hop dance is one of the modern dance that can express the dancer creativeness; people who perform Hip hop will build self impressions. Hip hop music will be play to match with the body movements of the dancer. Hip hop consist of breaking, popping, and also rotations in the movements which is combined into one unique, creative dance style. Hip hop dance improve the person flexibility, develop body balance and also to coordinate the muscles to improve their style and maintain their body shape. Hip hop is different with Jazz, Ballet, or any other traditional dance which is technical and has a term for each movement. Hip hop has more freedom in dancing.

Dance aerobic is an exercise that combines the elegant dance movements with aerobic rhythmic steps. Dance aerobic can be divided into four types which are high-impact exercises, low-impact exercises, step aerobic and lastly are water aerobics. High impact exercises involve powerful jumping actions that are matched with the rhythmic beats of the music being played. Low impact exercise involves more footwork and less jumping action. Step aerobic is perform in a raised platform and water aerobic is done in waist-deep water. Dance aerobic help in weight managements as well as builds your body, and help in cardiovascular muscle. Dance aerobic is a good medicine for depression, anxiety and also tension, while reducing the stress. Dance aerobics is a good exercise to boost up your immune system.

Salsa dance can burn more calories per hour than riding a bike or swimming. Salsa dance is a very unique form of exercise. Salsa dance give a healthy heart by relieves stress, remove toxins via sweating and can lower the blood pressure and improve cholesterol level.

Belly dancing, also known as Raks Sharki or Middle Eastern dance. The attractive hip drops, rolls, and pivots of Belly dance make use of muscle group in the abdomen, pelvis, trunk, spine, and also neck to operate with the body instead of against it. When a Belly dancer perform the dance, she will use her quadriceps, hamstrings and also glute just to hold her steady while she perform hip movements. The impact on her knees and ankles are at a minimal even when she gets a lower-body workout because the impact is on how much stress is placed on our joint and not how hard the feet strike the ground. Torso will be use more often in Belly dance compare toward Ballet, Modern, or Tap dance. This movement working together with shoulder movement will exercise the back muscle evenly. A strong back muscles can prevents back injuries and also promote good posture. Belly dance can ease the stress to the back; neutralize almost constant compression of the disks that occurs from sitting and an inactive lifestyle. Belly dance is an excellent prenatal exercise that strengthens the muscles used during childbirth process.

Ballroom dance improve cardiovascular system, increase in muscle tone. Ballroom dance also increases flexibility, strength, and balance. Ballroom dance also make the dancer more self-confidence and can express them self in dancing.

Ballet dance is one of the hardest dance and wonderful form of art. Ballet involve a lot of various stretching and with regular stretching, the neck, back, arms, and legs will be very flexible and you can do things you never know you can do. Ballet also strengthens up your muscle. Ballet teaches the dancer how to balance him or herself. Ballet dance can restore the balance and body awareness that lost due to stress by doing lifting, twirling, leaping, and spinning style. Ballet dance also release endorphins into the brain and this is the time where dancer empty their mind and just relax and enjoy the music and movements. When you learn Ballet dance, he or her confidence level will increase by learn and master various Ballet dance moves. Ballet dance also improve memory by remembering each and every steps in Ballet dance.

Dancing can burn calories but how much it burns depend on what kind of dance. Base on 150 pound person per hour calories burn: Swing dance burn 235 calories per hour, Ballroom dance burn 265 per hour, Square dance burn 280 calories per hour, Ballet dance burn 300 calories per hour, Belly dance burn 380 calories per hour, Salsa dance burn 420+ calories per hour, Aerobic dance burn 540+ calories per hour. Dance is a unique way of exercise because it provides the heart- healthy benefits of an exercise while engage in a social activity. A 21-year study published in New England Journal of Medicine even found that by dance, the risk of getting Alzheimeraa‚¬a„?s disease and other forms of disease. Dancing was the only physical activity that was associated with lower risk of dementia. Dancing may be a triple benefit for the brain, not only dancing increase the flow of the blood to the brain but also social aspect that leads to less stress, depression and loneliness. In additional, dancing required memorizing steps and working with a partner, in a way that both provide mental challenges that are crucial to the brain health.

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