Contribute To The Development Of Sociology Philosophy Essay

There are so many events that already happened in past time in human life that gave a lot of contributions in development of sociology. According to, sociology means is the study of human social behavior, especially the study of the origins, organization, institutions, and development of human society. It also the analysis of a social institution or societal segment as a self-contained entity or in relation to society as a whole. Example of events that gave contribution in development of sociology, the invention of antibiotic in medicine field, invention of computer, invention of lamp, and some related. (Sociology, 2013)

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Invention of antibiotic are given great contribution in medicine field. Antibiotic is any of a variety of substances, usually obtained from microorganisms that inhibit the growth of or destroy certain other microorganisms. Name of “antibiotic” come from the word of antibiosis a term coined in years 1889 by Louis Pasteur’s pupil Paul Vuillemin. It means life used to destroy another life. (Pearson Education, 2013)

How it has help development in the human life? It has help who are get injured and infection of bacterial in the body of human. It is because of it function of broad antibacterial spectrum. It can killed majority of bacteria that has been founded by scientist. Another benefit of antibiotic will be have convenient dosing regimens. It means will not conflicts with other medicine that doctors will give together to patients for treat the patient’s sickness which caused by bacteria. It has make doctors more easy to open any medicine that can treat the sickness of the patients easily and accurate without hazardless. Besides that, antibiotic has low incidence of gastrointestinal side effects. It has help patients to reduce pains of gastrointestinal side effects whose are must have it. It also help lot of injured people that will not suffer from infection of bacteria. In current, many doctors are rely on antibiotic to treat any bacterial infection case on their patients. (Benefit of antibiotic, 2011)

Invention of computer also bring a great contribution to development of sociology in this world. In year of 1983, the first programmable computer was invented by Konrad Zuse. The Z3. Few years later, microcomputers was invented which are more smaller in size and with 256 byte memory on it. Until today, computer has be revolution in so many times and size it become even more smaller than past time. It has consisted some many function and bigger memory which can storages many data and can be perform many functions compare to past time which only limited function that can be operated by the microcomputer. In today, most of us are rely on computer to do things. Such as remote control. It is part of the computer function. We just press whatever function that we desired on the remote control without go to the panel of the machines to press the function that we desired for. It has make human life more easier. Computer also help the human calculate the complex formulation of scientific calculation in short period of times. In past time, human used to be calculate using their psychical mind. It using quick long time to finish a complex calculation, not only that it might contain some error mistakes which can led the result become different compare with initially answer. With Invention of the computer, it might reduce the mistakes to the lowest level and it produce the accurate answers within the short period. Hence, human got a lot of benefits from invention of computers, it has change the human behavior that traditionally rely on their psychical ability to perform something compare now they are mostly rely on computer to perform anything that them desired. (Computer – History, 2013)

Invention of automobile are change lot of human in the life. As we know the first car that has been invented is using steam technology to put the car to move. Second improvement was using electrical method. Later, it change to use gasoline method to led the vehicle for moving around. (Automobile History, 2013)

Even in current world, we still use gasoline method in the most of the vehicles in the world. How car has change the society? Firstly it has help people able to travel from one distance to another distance in short of period time. It compare to past time, the vehicles was using horse or cow to move around from one place to another place. It will cost more time to travel on the past time. Now, gasoline vehicles are more convenience and faster. It also become a bad behavior that human going to nearest market to purchase something, they more prefer to drive but nor walk by, although the distance are very short. Besides that, car has change human life become more easier by when you walk in a cold and freeze weather condition, car has heater to keep human body warm. In another word, in cold or freeze weather human still able to travel from one place to destination that them desired. Another benefits is the automobile has function to carry the goods, such as lorry. Last time, we use horse to transport the sand from one place to one place. But, now we use lorry to carry it. It became more faster. More weigh sand than lorry can travel compare to the horse. Horse need time and more foods to spend on. It also long period of time need to be use for horse transport the sand from one place to another place. If without automobile, your family will preferable not travel together will you. Basically, human are lazy to walked. Now, if you have car, and you want to travel somewhere, your family members will prefer to follow you if you invited them. In today, all human are prefer go anywhere by vehicles. It has be part of human behavior that go anywhere must drive together with vehicles. (How has cars change or improve people’s lives?, 2013)

Invention of pen drive also has contribute to the development of human (sociology). The first pen drive has been invented by Pua Khein Seng, a Malaysian in nearly year 2000. (INDRAMALAR, 2009) Last time human used to be stored data in paper form. This method are not too environmental friendly. It is because human need to chop off so many trees just to produce one pieces of paper. If termites come and eat the paper which are store the important information, there gone of the important information. Another reason is data stored in paper form will occupied a bigger place to store it. Just imagine that a company store the accounting data into paper form, how big the place they need to be, if the data needed to store at least seven years and above for audition purpose. Few years later, the invented of floppy disc have improved those problems. But, it still has limitation. Floppy disc are big in size, not handy that can be bring to anywhere and the size of storage are lesser. Some more, data stored in floppy disc are not reliable. It only allow stored in certain limit time only. With invented of pen drive, the all problems that has mentioned in above has been fixed. How? Pen drive size are small and portable, hence it was easy to been carry to anyway that the user want to. Secondly, usage of pen drive are given human more convenience instead of storage data. A small handy pen drive can store many data as many compare to Floppy disc and also traditional way data printed in paper and filling according rack. Thirdly, it compared with floppy disc, data storage in pen drive will not easily missing compare to floppy disc which would have. It has make human can recheck the data record back into many years in easily in anywhere because the data can store in many years period. Compatibility of pen drive to any pc is the key that change human more prefer to pen drive usage than other method of store their data.

Invention of light bulb by Thomas Edison, it has gave great contribution to the human society. In year 1879, he was using lower current electricity, a small carbonized filament, and an improved vacuum inside the globe to invent the light bulb. With those materials, he was able to produce a reliable, long-lasting source of light. Of course, he not try once then able to invent the light bulb. He has try so many time of experiments that he able success to invent the light bulb which we need in today life. (The Inventions of Thomas Edison, 2013) In this aspect, we can see the “never give up” attitude by Thomas Edison had become a lesson to the scientists that invent more things in our current daily life. The attitude had been influenced our that encourage us never been given up even you has failed so many times for perform something. In another aspect, the light bulb that been invented has become our need in our life. Almost all of us will feel suffer if there is not any light bulb work in our life, especially in night. Last time, we use candle light to light up for our daily usage especially in night. It was quite dangerous if we did not take any safety precaution. It will cause fire and burn out the whole houses. With light bulb, human are more easier that not need to take care so much it, just switch on and off whenever we want or do not want it. Without the light bulb, we cannot drive and even walk on the road. It is because all the street light are made from light bulk. Even the traffic light, we use light bulb to light up red, yellow and green light to indicate the car when to move and when to stop.

In the future event, I believe that teleport will gave to great contribution to development of sociology. It will be great if human have it as a technology to transfer the humans from one point of the world into another point of the world. Example, human can use teleport as transportation purpose, from United States to Russia. Of course, there will be security issue on it. Well, I believe security issue can be settled by built customs within the teleports to control the flow of transportation. National Defense might can use teleport to transfer their soldiers to the place they need to go with. Such as, there is any terrorism attack in south of United States. Teleport can help to transfer the backup soldiers immediately to south of United States to defense and protect the terrorism expanding and controlling the situation which their objective are ultimate evil. Teleport also can transfer some important goods for the nation or the country itself. With invention of teleport, human life will change, they not more rely on helicopter to transport the things. They not more rely on airplane to travel from one place to another place. They not more rely on ship to ship something was important for them in cheaper cost.

Another future event will bring great contribution to human society development

is the space city. As we know, the land on earth are limited. If space city are able to be created, there will be paradise for human to be live there. The reason that paradise means human can be live there without any limitation of the lands. In earth, you have more money do not mean you can own the land, especially in Singapore which has limited resources in land. Secondly, human can learn how to live in space compare to the earth. There are several advantages for human to live in space compared to live in earth. Besides that, human live in space city that can explore more about the secret of the universal. They can go to another planet do some researches which maybe can discover the unlimited resources that can sustain our life. In earth, we have everything is sacred resources, such petroleum, coal, diamond and others related. Maybe in this exploration, we also can discover something is new and important which can gave lot of benefit in our life. Such as, we might discover some new form of energy that can be our electricity supply for unlimited usage and also not pollute the environment too. In space city, human has to live tend to be different compare in earth due to certain psychic reasons. It will change the human behavior, how their behave in normal daily life in space city. Food to be taken in space city will be different also, they might only need to eat a bean in a day which can gave enough energy and nutrition to they in daily life.

In conclusion, we can see there are so many events that actually influence human or sociology. It also bring great contribution to sociology, just like today we have light bulb to light up our life in night. Of course, we do not denied there are bad side of the events too.