Concepts Of Idealism And Realism Philosophy Essay

Idealist, idealized, ideal (adjective), and the ideal (noun), all of are derived from the Greek idea which means new thought flashed across the mind. This signifies “image”, “figure, “form”: it can be used in the sense of “likeness”, or “copy” as well as in that of “type”, “model”, or “pattern”: it is this latter sense that finds expression in “ideal”, and “the ideal” and the derivatives are mentioned above. When we talk about the ideal or idealism, it is not the copy of a out of the world image or object, but it is only a type which can be a thought. It cannot beyond reality but it can only be a fairer, nobler and the most perfect which exists in reality.

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It is the characteristics of those people who respect the ideas and who pays respect the truth According to Plato, visible world is simply a copy of a super sensible, intelligible, ideal world and consequently ‘things’ are but the impress stamped on reality by that which is of a higher, spiritual nature. It is just a technical term which was made by Plato and it has a vital and important affect on the task to be attained and it has significance influence on the people. It has a impressive affect on reality which help in obtaining the higher level or we can say spiritual nature.

There are two theories which are interrelated to each other, Idealism and other is Realism. Plato is in favour of Idealism and hence known as Platonism while Aristotle is in favour of reality and so called as Realism. Platonism is one of the oldest form idealism and is in favour of the idealist to long extent. Normally, it is the contrast comparison of the both the philosophies of Idealism and Realism. Realism does not support the new concepts and thoughts but it is in favour of the real world and supports the things as they happen which is just the copies of every day life. Plato is in favour of the idealism and therefore it is considered to be more accurate and correct as idealism is more important in teaching and it helps in putting new ideas into art. Both, Aristotle and Plato have a vital influence on the Greek life, their life style, their style of thinking and their actions which carries the deep moral and ethical influence on their life. On the basis of these theories and their deep influence, convicted the first and highest principle of all things is the one perfect spiritual which is the transcendental idealism of Plato and with which they call God and by which means of intermediate principles, essence and form, purpose and law, and some of the working individual which obey these principles are the visible world. So, idealism is the doctrine philosophy which leads towards the high spiritual principles and which lowers downs the materialism. On the base of these characteristics, idealism is being called as the dual characteristic philosophy and it is against the single characteristic philosophy which describes as the higher and the lower are same. The principle philosophy of higher is against the philosophy of the lower material and again this philosophy is against the single characteristic philosophy or doctrine. When we talk about the older version of the idealism, it clearly indicates that there is no one which is ‘One- All’, but there are different individuals who have some different roles and they have some specific features and there is certainly some alpha and omega i.e. a supermundane cause and end of the world.

I affirm without hesitation that the assertion, ‘the existence of the world consists merely in our thinking’, is for me the result of a hypertrophy of the passion for knowledge. To this conclusion I have been lead chiefly by the torture I endure in getting over ‘idealism’. Whosoever attempts to take this theory in downright earnest, to force his way clean through it and identify himself with it, will certainly feel that something is about to snap in his brain.

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It should kept in mind that the term, idea has a lot of contents and should be so far degraded as to signify such aberrations of thought. “Geschichte des Idealismus” (2nd ed., Brunswick, 1907) has taken the ground that the original meaning of these terms should be restored to them.


Realism is the philosophy which can be described as the independent of conceptual schemes, having linguistics practices, beliefs, etc. According to the international business point of view, it is the dominant thinking within the international relations which is interlink with the ideology, security, morality, reconstructions, socialism and political realm. Most of the philosophers who are in favour of the realism, they believe in reality having strict point of view against idealism and they are the speaking to the other minds, their past, present and future as well. Realism deals with the universalism, morality, materialism, thinking, and natural numbers as well.

The people who believe in realism, they consider the reality and how approximate is the reality, they also believe that whenever there will be any new observation, it helps the individuals to come closer to each other and they are against idealism and anti realism. The philosopher has been discussing on the realism. While discussing, they have been looking for the true meanings of the realism and the origin of realism. They have been discussing this issue from so long and the history of philosophy is full of this discussion.

If we talk about the medieval interpretation and adaptation of Greek philosophy, it clearly signifies that the origin of this term ‘Real’ is from the medieval period and according to this philosophy, the meaning of this word is ‘some thing different’ and in present it means ‘opposite’. It should also be kept in mind that realism is the contrasting philosophy of ‘conceptualism, nominalism and idealism’. The philosophers who have been discussing realism have found out the problems which a universe has been facing and these problems are being called as the problems of universals which is a term that does not describes a single individual but it is being applied on many things and hence it is believed that realism is the thing which really exist and it is associated with other things and also to the world. When we consider it to be associated with the world, we can definitely say that it is linked with Plato. It should also be considered that conceptualism exists in this world but this is the only thing which exists in mind and moderate realism say that it exists in some specific things where as philosophers when they start discussion about the nominalism, they say that universals do not exist at all and this is to be believed that realism exists in the world from the centuriesand.

In its Kantian sense, realism is contrasted with idealism. In a contemporary sense, realism is contrasted with anti-realism, primarily in the philosophy of science. Conversational is simplicity and oneness with nature.

Idealism vs. Realism

To make the clear differences, it is necessary to understand the clearly idealism and realism. Idealism is to see things in a way as we want where as realism is to see the things as they happen in a current situation and what they are and how they are.

Idealism is the philosophy that describes that the current situation is being shaped into by our thoughts while realism is independent of our thoughts but it’s the existence.

A person, who believes in idealism, always looks for the good and he can be less affective while a person who believes in realism can be more affective.

Idealists are more positive where as realists are less positive.

Idealists are more goal ambitious as compared to realists.