Become a diplomat

Why I want to become a diplomat? And what attracts me in this activity? A unique and prestigious profession a diplomat at all times, attracted by its mysteriousness and ample opportunities. Almost every ambitious person at least once in your life wants to try his hand at an officially authorized person intended to carry out negotiations and public relations with other countries in the world. I have always been interested in the history of diplomacy, and the identity of prominent diplomats. Nowadays it is very easy to get education in a field of diplomacy and possible in higher education institutions in foreign, political or specialties at the Faculty of International Relations.

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From a historical point of view, the diplomat profession was present even in the initial stages of the state system of different nations, and the development of oratory and rhetoric greatly improved the position of state representatives of the ancient states. All diplomatic peaceful activities taken oppose the term- military, although in practice they are closely intertwined. During the historical times of different governments, when the war was preceded by diplomatic preparation and there was a hard struggle to diplomats in the course of military action, all conflicts were judging peace negotiations to prevent and resolve conflicts, representation of one or another state, compromise and mutually acceptable solutions deepening international cooperation and agreements. Scope of diplomacy in each country the greater the more its inter-national weight; they make an impact on political and economic arenas exclusively due to the dynamism and professionalism, diplomacy. I believe that any diplomacy is subordinated to foreign policy, pro-dictated both by national interests and international situation and in general as well as foreign policy in some significant issues, includes a set of techniques and methods that a state can use to find a worthy place in the world to collaborate with other members of the international community. The essence of diplomacy in a democratic society is to ensure continuity in the protection of national interests first and foremost the welfare of the people regardless of party, in power. Naturally, characterizing diplomacy, we cannot ignore these factors that diplomatic skills, along with power factors and the background they played an important role in achieving foreign policy goals, formation of coalitions, a tactical or strategic alliances and partnerships.

The success of diplomacy depends on a number of different factors. Profession of diplomat is very responsible and exclusive and main aim of diplomat is officially represent a state, negotiate with foreign partners while abroad, defend the interests of foreign and domestic national policy and not to have a chance for any errors or delays since all this actions will be thoroughly studied and analyzed. That is why you need to have a sharp mind a high level of self-control, restraint and composure with charm, talent, skill to express their thoughts. It is very helpful if diplomat is very sociable person who is not only good at explaining his point of view, but that is perhaps equally important, to listen and understand his companion. which are basically the main requirements for personal characteristics and skill of a profession. Diplomat definitely must know the culture and traditions of foreign countries, as well as speak a foreign language, because without it is not possible to establish a simple understanding and communication. The outcomes of hard work can be gathered only over time. After graduation and a job in the civil service, the financial situation could significantly disrupt the Novice diplomat, whereas in the case for a foreign destination, a refund coming for the past three to five years.

The main disadvantage is the need for professional diplomat heavy daily work over yourself desire to improve. Diplomacy should be necessarily inherent in erudition and analytical approach to contemporary economic and political situation as at the present stage of development of society, and in retrospect. This is necessary not only to gain recognition of their competence, but also receiving a cherished place and hold it for many years.

In recent years much has been changed about diplomatic work taking place are working under the scientific-technical revolution. Diplomats now can use modern means of communication and access to broad sources of information, such as the Internet. Now a diplomat can get 90 percent of data which he is interested to – from the media and electronic information systems. It was here at the forefront personality diplomat, his ability to listen and recognize what the background of the adoption of a particular decision. I like to emphasize that the main feature of diplomat is to be honest. To interact with partners from other countries diplomat should get their trust and respect. A good diplomat should know what to and what not to talk. Although privacy is important, it depends on the skill of a diplomat to chose and use information.

The importance in the diplomatic profession is the need for compliance with the protocol. Protocol, which is not limited to diplomatic etiquette, means to facilitate relationships, particularly at the highest level. At the same time, the diplomat should be avoided and the other extreme. He should always remember that at any position, and regardless of his own views on the situation it represents the views of his Government or of the capital of their state and understand the views of the country in which he works, and begin to represent her at home, instead of doing the opposite.

I would like to conclude that a good diplomat – is the one who knows and protects the national interests of their country. Prominent diplomat – is the one who understands the role and place of his country in the world and promoting its interests, helping to strengthen peace and prosperity of mankind. And although the diplomat does not work by itself – its actions are defined and sent to those who are pursuing a foreign policy, but much depends on its own initiative, intuition and moral principles. And especially like to highlight – from a sense of proportion in dealing with any cases.