Analyzing The Financial Statements Personal Development Essay

My Goals: I want to excel in my MBA in financial services by getting A grade.

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What do I want/need to learn?
What will I do to achieve this?
What resources or support will I need?
What will my success criteria be?
Target dates for review and completion.
How have I chosen these dates?
Communication skills:

Become a good listener.

Understanding verbal and non-verbal ( body language, eye contact, gestures etc)

Listing is one of the most important tools in communication. I scored 39 in a quiz which was by Dr Guffey which so good but I can still improve my listing skills.

By listening other people, documentary, news etc I can improve my listing skills.

Books on how to become a good listener by authors like Kratz (1995), Pramila Ahuja GC Ahuja (2007) and Lisa J Downs (2008).

By understanding the body language, eye contact etc I can improve my skills.

I can take feedbacks from the people to whom I talk and ask them about my weather am I a good listener or not.

Giving attention on my body language while communicating with others with this I can know that I have become a good listener or not.

Communication is most important tool even in personal or professional life. Without effective listening it is difficult to collect all information. Hence it is very important so to improve this is set a target date of 28th march 2011 the end of my second semester.

Quantitative Analysis skills:

For understanding financial data both graphs and numeric terms.

Analysis and application of accounting principles

For making, analyzing the financial statements.

Analysis and concentration on financial figures of these selected companies: Reliance Industries ltd., Maruti Suzuki, B.M.W., and Sony.

By observing and critical analyzing and comparing the past financial performances of different selected companies.

Follow the stock exchange for getting knowledge about the share value and position of these companies.

Using online recourses: FAME, GMID, Mintel, Financial Times etc.

Reading of business newspapers and magazines.

Using media like news channels and documentary of different scholars.

I also refer many financial accounting books like Clyde P Stickney (2009).

For getting and understanding full knowledge about financial terms, and getting good scores in my finance module.

Understanding the financial structure of the economy.

Understanding different financial ratios and balance sheets, cash flow statement, spread sheets etc.

Long target date: 15th September 2010.

As I am doing Global Finance for my M.B.A. I have to keep my eye on analyzing these key terms which help me in making my finance assignments.

Time management skills:

Differentiating the priorities of my tasks.


Manage interruptions.

Listing tasks as par their priorities like urgent, important, deadline etc.

Using time table for the work which is to be done.

I can start doing meditation so that I have better Concentration to do the work so that I can avoid distractions.

Using technology like using reminders on mobile phones.

By making time table and charts for the plans.

Maintain daily dairy and planners for keeping eye on the progress of task.

Punctual and on time completion of task easily.

Finishing the work or assignments easily and before time as I can review it.

Not getting panic till the deadline of submissions of assignments.

Time management is a very important and tool for an individual to complete the task without distracted by unnecessary activities so I decided my target date is 28th of march when my second quadmester finishes.

Presentation skills:

Writing the report

Delivery of speech

Body language

Organizing the data

Doing rehearsals for the presentation.

Presenting and collecting feedback from friends and colleagues.

Use of technology for understanding my weak points and body language by making video.

Watching the speech of scholars for understanding body language.

Using internet for making my presentation more impressive.

By using and making myself comfortable with the technology like using of internet and computers effectively.

Reading different books and articles by the business tycoons.

By studying the mandatory course books for my module ‘ESSENTIAL GUIDE’.

Convey the accurate and desired message effectively.

Keeping the audience attentive when I present my topic.

Making myself efficient in communicating with others.

Target date: 30th June,2010

In the end of my 3rd quadmester I want to make myself confident and efficient in delivering presentations.

I will analyze my different videos of presentations and learn through my past experiences and doing discussion with group and friends on my skills.

Learning Styles:

Visual learning


I go through a VARK quiz which tells about which learning style a person has where I scored less in visual learning and listening.

It is quite difficult as I learn always from reading and writing from my childhood but they need to be improved.

Reading books of different authors like Chetan Bhagat, and newspapers and novels during travelling also helps me in improving my skill.

To develop my visual learning skill I will use internet and different documentaries videos.

Reading books and magazines which are matches to my interest can be helpful to me in my improvement.

To improve my writing skills I can take suggestions and guidance from my tutor who helps me in writing my essay or reports.

Going easy and getting good grades in Essay or report writing which I have to do in my course.

Learning with concentration to listen to my tutor during my lecture with the presentation that helps me in growth of both listing and visual learning styles.

In my MBA course to write the assignments we need to read a lot. So it might take time to improve this skill but it is quite important to develop as to get good grades in course. My target date will be 30th of June when my third quadmester finishes.


Every individual has a unique learning style. Understanding of learning style helps an individual in improvement in his achievements in every aspect like academic, career, creativity. Learning style is a composition of different characteristics which includes cognitive, physiological and affective factors that acts as an indicator of how a learner perceives, interacts with others and responds to the learning environment (Messick, 1976). It also indicates the method which shows how a person deals with the information given to him. An individual has their own ability which mainly consist of their own styles and performance but learning style helps in understand that how a person remember things, his thinking ability or even his way of solving problem.


In this essay I will discuss about the different learning styles and also the factors that influences learning styles and the areas I need to develop as a learner which helps me in my academics. I will discuss my current academic skills and the skills I need to develop to do well in my MBA and to achieve my goal of getting good grades in my all assignments. Finally I will discuss about the growth of mindset which I need as a learner.

As solving the questionnaire of VARK learning style I came to know that I can learn best by hearing or by read/write. This learning style is good for me in my course as in my lectures I need hear and understands what my tutor says and so learning while hearing is very important for me. Even reading and writing are very important learning styles for me in my course as I have to write a lot of reports and essays which requires a lot of research and for that read different sources. As from my tutor feedbacks from my leadership essay assignment I need to read and understand the aspects in broader way and with the help of those feedbacks I discovered few ways which helps me in developing this particular skill which are:

Use of dictionary to improve my vocabulary.

Reading text books and making notes.

Reading newspapers or novels while travelling.

Listing documentaries.

Writing daily dairy.

According to me with these steps I can more improve my learning style on reading and writing more. However, according to Kolb learning cycle; learning is continuous in nature it doesn’t have any end. Learners need to learn different aspects from their experiences and the environment. According to Kolb’s cycle reflection and internalising are the two main stages of learning and according to Honey and Mumford learning style activist, reflectors, theorist and pragmatist are the four types of learner and I think I am a pragmatist which means I learn by linking the subject matter with the problems. Pragmatist acts quickly and confidently on ideas and get straight to the point and like to get feedback and guidance and I believe feedback helps me a lot in improving my skills.

Skills to be developed and improved:

Apart from the learning styles there are some skills which are needed to improve academically. After understanding my course I have discovered some academic skills appropriate for the programme of the study. The following narration explains the analysis of how I found out my strengths and weakness and the resources which are required to improve and develop them within a chosen period of time

Communication Skill:

It is needed by any person to do well academically and it is also one of my strengths. I believe as per ‘Birvenu’ (1987) communication is a process of transmitting ideas, feelings, attitudes and belief between living beings and that’s why for a n effective team work communication skill is very important. According to the statement from ‘Walter and Scott’ (1979) describes that “I can listen well what I want to”. From the feedback from my tutor my communication skills are good enough she scored me 2 out of 3 but also said me to improve my listening skills which is an important part of communication. After solving the quiz on communication of Dr. Guffey in got a feedback of good communication skills but an improvement in listening skills. It is important also as I need to work with teams in my course and if I do not listen to them properly I may not able to understand their point of view which leads to hamper on my assignments. To improve my this skill I started reading books by authors like Pramila Ahuja GC Ahuja (2007) which have a practical approach to listen effectively especially and from the book of Lisa J Downs (2008) where she discussed about the importance of self awareness in being a good listener.

Time Management Skills:

Art of time management is important to do the work effectively and efficiently. By a quiz on this I come to know that I am good in time management but there are some interruptions which I should manage and even I think it is my one of the biggest weaknesses. Time management plays a very important role in my academics because if I miss my classes then I may lose many of the information given by my tutor and the discussions between my group members. By doing my SWOT analysis I felt that time management can be one of my strength if I grip my interruptions well. An example from book Managing Time (2007) which is when a salesman gets interruption by his phone call during his work which leads in discontinuation of work, it happens same with me like phone ring, message beep etc interrupts my mind during my work. To manage this I need to improve my concentration level by doing some meditation and yoga exercises.

Team Work:

In this era to do your work you need to work in teams. As with me in my first assignment of the course I need to do a presentation with my team which consist of people of different cultures. To do well in academics I have to develop my skills of working as a team member and I do not do well than it will effect on my academics. To improve this I start getting feedbacks from my team members where I found that sometimes I am not able to understand their point of view and I do not want that my this weakness hamper my studies so I start reading books on how to work effectively in team by David Clutter buck (2007) and Michel A West (1997). In performing leadership roles an individual must be an effective team player. By doing a questionnaire of Kurt Lewin I found myself as a participative and delegative leader which is very important to lead a team, even I lead a team in my first assignment of sustainable strategy.

Quantitative Analysis skills:

It is deals with estimating results and computational operations. It reflects the ability of analytic skills. I consider as accountancy is one of my weaknesses and I want develop this skill quickly before it effects my studies negatively. As my course is financial services I need is to have a vast and deep knowledge about the finance. I should understand the charts and numbers which are there in the module. To enhance my skills I think I should watch business channels or news channels like BBC and reading magazines like business today, and newspaper like financial times etc. with this help I can update myself with the financial market and able to understand the quantitative terms. Books like L.S. Porwal (2001) Clyde P Stickney, Kathrin Schipper; Roman L Wei (2009) also helped me a lot in improving my knowledge about balance sheet and cash flows. During the assignments of finance I analyse the financial data of Tesco PLC and Lloyds TSB Bank. This also helps in improving my finance skills.

Presentation skills:

Presentation skills are required for effective communication in both speech and written format. For this skill I need to improve my delivery of speech, body language and organising and writing of data. I planned to do rehearsals and collecting feedbacks from my mentors and group members. Even watching different speeches and documentaries of scholars on internet website like YouTube etc also helped me effectively to improve my skills. A good presenter must keep the attention of the audience towards himself and to gain this ability I think I should do time to time rehearsals before my final presentation. Using of technology by watching my video of giving presentation also helps me in identifying my weak points.


After evaluating my core skills and by doing questionnaires and getting feedback from both the tutors and team members I can conclude that my strength lays in motivation powers either self or others. I manage my time effectively and I am a kinaesthetic leader and to do well in my studies I should attend classes and discussions. I should take advantage of my skill of participative and delegative leader in leading a team by delegate appropriate work to each member and by taking participate in their work. However, I also need to learn accounting principles and rules and ways of effective presentation and listing others and others point of view with managing interruptions and taking feedbacks which helps me in achieving my goal of becoming an MBA in global financial services with A grade.

What I did
Why I did it
What I learned
How or where I could apply it
Any improvement or development required


I had an introduction with my group and learn the habits of learning.

Assess my core skills like cognitive, communication, problem solving, learning etc.

I did it for further interaction with group members.

To learn what skills I have and what I have to improve. I did SWOT Analysis on myself.

I learn how to represent ourselves in the group and also learned about my best learning way.

I come to know about my core skills which I had. I learned about my own weak points and plus points.

I can polish my learning habits by reading in the best way in which I understand more.

I can apply these skills in every part of my life.

I need to improve my different core skills like communication, lake of confidence, critical thinking etc.

I need to involve more with individuals in both formal and informal way.


I come to learn about the learning styles and took a self test on my skills.

I access my academic skills and analyse the ways to develop it.

As a part of my module I analyse my style of learning, which can help in my studies and discover the areas which I need to improve.

By self-evaluation on my skills I come to know about my weakness and strengths.

I come to know that my best leasing style is reflector by HONEY AND MUMFORD’S LEARNING STYLE.

I learn best when I listen or watch. I reflect or review the situation and carefully analyse them.

In my lifelong learning and in my other modules I can apply it.

For some detail research and in exchanging of ideas with others.

I am very slow in decision making and very cautious about the things.

I am lacking in small talks with other.

I have to improve my lateral thinking for my decisions and planning.


I learn to manage my studies based on FAYOL’S 5 FORCES.

Took a self active listening test with group mates.

I identify my study goal and discover my own management style with an organised time management and learning technologies and colleagues.

For active listening I had a group discussion on my own experience and asking questions about the previous experiences.

I learned how to plan my resources and time

Carefully and flexibly.

To create balance between the demands of family and friends.

Use of relaxed body language and efficient communication skills.

It will help me best in corporate sector as there I have to prove my management skills.

For a communication with others active listening skills are very useful.

I have to improve my listening skills and actively participate in group activity.

To manage time and group in my family business with my management skills.


Critical reading analysis and deep learning with the help of note taking.

I had an activity on time management.

I know about my critical reading skills and how they have an effect on my studies in a good manner.

I learned how time management helps in my studies and regular routine.

I come to know that my reading skills are not that much good, I am a deep learner but some boring readings made me surface learner.

I did evaluation of different models and learned how they make my decision effective.

I learn how I do my studies and what the barriers are which affect my studies other things.

I can apply this in my studies and reading of different articles and executive brief and books.

After this activity I can apply this in my work and regular routine

I need to clear the concept and the assumption which the author is making and need to learn more deeply. I have to focus mainly on the purpose and context of the book.

I have to improve my time management skills by making my schedule and some key techniques for it.


I did a presentation on Google in China.

It was an assignment for my strategy module.

I was the leader of my group and assign the work to my group members.

I learn more about my presentation skills and still need to improve my time management skills.

I learn how to delegate work to others and how to lead a group.

I can use these skills in other presentation and communicate the others more effectively.

I can apply this in my job as this helps me in prove myself at my work place.

I have to improve my critical thinking and time management.

I can improve my skills by doing planning and rehearsals.


I wrote an essay on my leadership skills.

It was my module assignment for leading in changing world.

I give feedback to my group members.

I learn what the leadership skills required and different models of leadership.

I learn that how to give feedback and motivate the group members on their leadership skills.

I can use these skills in leading a group in other modules and corporate sector.

I can use my leadership skills in giving feedback to others who are working with me.

I found that my communication skill is quite weak and I have to work on my long visionary thinking also.

I have to improve my motivation skill also to impress others.


I analysis on my motivation point.

I discover my own self management model by studying different theories of motivation like GOAL THEORY.

I learn about the how to put objective SMART and how I inspire myself to achieve my goals.

I can apply this in motivating myself and in achieving my goal of both in professional and personal.

I am very bounded with my esteem needs and for that I have to face many different situations.


I learnt how emotionally intelligence affects work and social formats.

I did it to understand the emotions and employ them in thinking and creating work.

I learned that how emotions differentiate the individuals objective and how to use the emotions in communicating feeling.

I can use this skill in understanding individuals.

I can manage the team of different culture people by using this unique skill.

I am not so good in communicating feelings with others. I can’t critically analysis their different approach or thinking towards the work which is to be done.


I discuss with factor influencing successful studies and academic skills and need of ‘Growth’ mindset as a learner.

As an activity taken by the tutor and to know in what why I can enhance my academic skills.

I learned about the team core skills and how to manage and recognise emotions.

I can apply this in my group work. As different culture people work together it becomes easy for me to understand them.

I need to improve my skills in understanding the relations and emotions of different culture.


I did an exercise of BRAIN STROM which was on the benefits of completing internships and dissertation.

I want to know that which option will give benefit to me and in which area I need more improvement.

I share my ideas and points on this and able to know what I have to do in my internship programme.

I learnt the different required standards and students activity which are mandatory for the programme.

I learn about the employability skills that current UK employers need.

I can apply this learning in my future plans regarding this programme of internship or dissertation.

I can apply my learning in workplace or in corporate world.

I think I need to improve my employability skills like team work, application of information, self management etc.

Core Skills Self Assessment and SWOT
Core Skill
Skill Rating (1-10)

Low =1 – High = 10


Insert an example to support your rating

Cognitive skills: critical thinking, analysis and synthesis


In group discussion and in using different models I realized that I am not a good critical thinker. I feel difficulties in the application of models and different concepts.

Problem solving and decision making: using quantitative and qualitative data


As I am a leader of my group I realized that I can solve the problems related to assignments and work easily but some time I feel panic in taking quick decisions which I have to improve more.

Research and investigative skills: as part of individual and team assignments


In my assignments I feel difficulty in doing research and collecting data I take more time in application and analyzing the data. Even I take long time in getting up with new idea.

Information and communications technology skills: using a range of business applications


I have efficient ability in using the technology in business. I am good in using internet and having a good body language for my communication skills.

Numeracy and quantitative skills: data analysis, interpretation and extrapolation


I feel difficulty in data analysis, I understanding graphs and numeric terms and accounting principles. Using online resource for data on FAME, GMID etc makes me confused and puzzled. I have to improve skills.

Communication skills: oral and written English, using a range of media


As I consider my communication skills I think I am good in convey my message and expressing my feelings. My written English also good as I have a lot of practice in writing reports and articles in my previous studies.

Interpersonal skills: talking, listening and negotiation


This is my strength I am very good in interacting with others. Even my friends and group member also appreciate for my listening skills and I am always ready to cooperate my group members.

Team-working skills: leadership, team-building, influencing others


I worked as a leader for my group and I think I am good in motivating others and even for my group reports my teammates we all work together on different presentations.

Through my skills I influence others as they listen to my views and gave their acceptance on my views.

Personal management skills: time management and planning, motivating yourself, using initiative


My time management skills is poor I work till the end of time, that makes me panic and confused. I make planes for my work but I am not able to track them always. I also feel a bit difficult in taking initiative and but I am good in motivating myself and others.

Learning skills: reflective, adaptive and collaborative


My learning skills are also good but I need a lot of improvement in it. As my previous studies pattern is totally different but I adapt this new one easily, I like to learn different ways of learning things which makes me efficient in grasping new things.

Self-awareness: sensitivity and openness to others who are different to you, emotional intelligence


I am very reserve kind of nature. But I like to interact others but after getting global exposure I got confidence and able to learn the emotions of different cultures.

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) for my current study and future career plans


PROBLEM SOLVING AND DICISION MAKING: using quantitative and qualitative data.

INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: taking and interacting with others and active listing.

TEAM-WORKING SKILS: leadership skills, team-building ability and motivation and influence others.

SELF AWARENESS: Understanding emotions and openness to others who are different in culture and having different thinking.


COGNITIVE SKILLS: critical analysis, decision making ability, mapping of ideas.

QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS SKILLS: understanding financial data both graphs and numbers, analysis on accounting principles.

TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS: dividing the task as par priorities, planning for achieving goals, tracking the progress of my tasks.

PRESENTATION SKILLS: writing the report, speech delivery, body language, organizing the data


Cognitive skills: critical thinking and analysis and application in real things.

Learning skills: reflective and active learning in which I can learn more.

RESARCH AND INVESTIGATIVE SKILLS: research for the assignments for individuals and group assignments.


Numeracy and quantitative skills: data analysis, financial analysis, understanding balance sheets and strategy of the industry.

Expressing my emotions and understanding different cultured people.