Abortion Is Murder: Debate

With so many different complications and views, abortion is more complex than people may think. However, the decision of a persons position on abortion is based on that persons basic beliefs and principles. Everyone has different beliefs, but my belief is that abortion should be illegal. Going out in the world and killing an innocent person is illegal. A baby is innocent; it has not been able to face the world to have done something wrong. Killing your baby just because parents are not ready for it should be illegal. No matter what, there will always be some people that disagree with the statement of abortion being murder.

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I have heard that it has actually been proven that during an abortion the baby can feel the pain. Parents are just being selfish by choosing to have fun, and live care free lives over the life with a new child. How can someone not see how wrong that is? Abortion should be illegal, a baby should not have to die when they haven’t done anything wrong. I believe that this is the same thing. This I can understand, but why not have the baby and give it up for adoption rather than kill it? In any situation this would be better than death. Abortion is unfair to the baby so much that it can be sickening. I think that the parents should have a harsh punishment. In giving a child up for adoption, there would be three people benefiting from it. We can fight for the lives of those tiny, little ones who can’t fight for themselves. The only difference would be that the parents know why they are being punished, but that little tiny baby had no idea. That way they know what they put their baby through. Choices such as, how we want to be remembered, what kind of person we want to be known as, the person who saved a baby’s life by giving it up for adoption or the terrible person that killed a baby before it was born because the parents wasn’t ready to try to raise it? The decision is yours to make. I know that the parents of the child are the one who choose to live their lives in guilt and agony over doing this to their own child, but I don’t believe guilt is enough. The birth mother, as she now can solve the problem she had in caring for the child, the baby can live a wonderful life instead of having to die at such a young age and the new proud parents who could not have their own child to love, can have someone else’s that they can think of as their own and love and take care of it just the same.

Abortion should be discontinued because of the enormous amount of blood-shed involved! Furthermore, the abortions themselves cause risks outweighing the benefits as well as being extremely unprincipled. There have been many indications that suggest fetuses experience excruciating pain. Also, one is playing God by killing an unborn child because that child is God’s too! Why would someone want to have an abortion it can be fraught with needless peril? Please do everything that is possible to discourage or even stop abortion. When someone is considering an abortion, dissuade that person from doing so and try to do other such deeds that dampen the idea of abortion. Without abortion, a vast number of children will not be killed.

One cannot just wash one’s hands of the whole ordeal; these post-abortion dangers can haunt the woman in a variety of ways. The mental health of a woman who has had an abortion has the possibility to dramatically suffer afterwards. However, the woman who does not have an abortion is usually happier and less depressed than the other woman. In addition to mental suffering, women are also vulnerable to many other hazards. During the first three months of a subsequent pregnancy, there is twice the chance of a miscarriage. During the second trimester, there is ten times the chance of a miscarriage, three times the chance of premature delivery, and two times the chance of infant death after birth. All these risks are present because an abortionist stretches the womb opening in thirty to sixty seconds when a mother’s womb usually stretches over twelve or more hours of natural labor. By stretching it so quickly, the muscles tear, thus weakening the vaginal muscles for later pregnancies. In addition to the women’s vulnerability to many pregnancy related dangers, abortion is a highly immoral practice.

I personally think that abortions should be illegal, because why would you want to kill another human being. The baby did not do anything to deserve to be killed; the baby did not ask to come into this world nor your life. I think that you should take the chance in being a parent, or give the baby up for adoption if you think that you are not able to be a good parent. Give the baby to someone who will love and cherish that baby, it does not have to be killed. There are many other solutions than abortion. Besides, getting an abortion can cause so many health problems. Why would you want to harm yourself because you do not want a baby or you do not think that this is the right time to be having a child? I think the best thing to do is give the baby up for adoption, and then go on with your life. But then again if you are out there doing things to get a baby, then you should woman up and keep your baby instead of taking the easy way out.