The Issue Of Donating Your Body For Scientific Research Philosophy Essay

Should someone donate his or her body to science? That’s a hard question for many people to decide. In my opinion I don’t think that I personally could donate my body to science. I have many different reasons why I don’t think I could donate my body to science. The main reason is I would have no clue who would have my body and what they might do with it. I say that because I have seen in the pasted where people have donate their body to science and the person responsive for the donate body has done things that shouldn’t be done like selling body parts to profit the money. I’ve also heard stories about the people that have to take the donated bodies to their dictation would more or less say they would rape the dead bodies which is the nastiest thing I’ve ever heard but that’s how some people in this world are and I have to deal with them alive so I’m not going to put myself in the position to be treated like that when I die. Another reason I don’t want to donate my body is because I want to have an open casket ceremony so that my family and loved ones can say there final goodbyes to me and remember how I was when I was in there lives. I always want to be buried with my family and or loved ones that’s just the way all my family is. The reason for that is I want all of us to be together. I say if we were together our entire lives we should be together after words to so no matter what were always be there for each other well kind in a way. If you donate your body depending on your cemetery’s policy you can still be buried but sense your body has been though who know what they chose to do with you, you have to be cremated because your body has been ripped apart and shipped to many different places to be played with. When you’re cremated first you get put into a refrigerator the reason for that is most states require a waiting period before they can actual do what needs to be done. Then you hit the time of the process where you get buried then they put your ashes in the urn then that’s what gets buried. Most of the time they don’t bury the urn they put it in a thing called a vault or as some people refer to them as an urn garden which is made up of little specifically for the burial of the urns. The urn gardens are really nice there very neat and put together well they usually have little spots where you can up the name of the loved one on it. When you get cremated your body is exposed to direct heat and flame. I don’t like the thought of been put into an oven that is a range of 1600 degrees to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours and been burred even though I would be died. I would like to donate my body because I know that it could save peoples lives but I just don’t feel comfortable with donating my whole body but on another trim I want to be an organ and tissue donator. I guess you can call me selfish because I won’t donate my whole body but I try to some good by been an organ donator. The reason that I want to be an organ donator is because there are 3,000 people in Ohio that are wait to get an organ transplant. Another reason I want to be an organ donator is because what if there was a little three year old boy that need a heart or he was going to die what if that was your little boy you would want someone to have the heart to say yes I’m an organ donator. What if you were the one person in the world that could save that little boy with no pain on your end. The happiness you would bring to a family them know you where so caring. I also believe that it help the family come at peace with you death knowing you saved someone else’s life. Been and organ donator means a lot to me just for that reason alone. Your family would be so proud to say that you saved his life. It only takes one person to save up to nine lives with an organ donation. But on the same hand I just am not to sure about how my body getting cut up after I die but I still want to help out people and save lives. Back on the topic of donating the your whole body to sciences. I think donate your body to sciences is a great thing. If you are the type of person that doesn’t really care about what happens to you after you die. When I say that you’re the type of person that doesn’t care about what happens after you die I mean it doesn’t matter if you get buried or cremated. You could the type that wants to make a change even when you’re died. There are many good things to say about someone who would donate their body. If you donate your body to science that gives many of people a chance to find new things out about the body. It gives students that want to go into a medical field the opportunity to study the body and the tissues and learn how thing work within the body. An example of that would be someone who was going to do surgery on in their future any kind of surgery from brain to plastic they can do them all with the body they get. The same goes for doctors they can try new thing with the dead body so they get it right with the one that are alive. They could find new ways to do thing like a new way to do brain surgery or find a cure for cancer. There are a lot of good things they could do with the body. All I know is that donating your body to science is a question you really have to think about. It’s a great thing to do but sometimes it’s a hard thing to face. Thinking about you dying and what’s going to happen to your body after you time on earth is done and gone.

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Stiff is a good book I enjoyed reading it some parts were hard for me to follow. It was very interesting. There were a lot of details with what was going on in the book. They made you kind feel like you were there because they made me think of what the room they were in at times or the people’s dead body just laying in pieces. I like how they said how they felt about the whole situation that was going on at the time. My favorite part of the whole book was the pictures and the titles I don’t think they could had got any better they made me laugh. The one thing that I didn’t like about it was they liked to use big words I hate big words it just makes things hard.

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