Love Is Inclusive Of Everything Philosophy Essay

Love is a kind of thing that can inclusive everything. When we born in this world, love are already belongs with us. Eros, Philia, Storge, Agape which are the four types of love that we can experience in different stages in our life. Love needs two parties to proceed to bring out the valuable and we can learn things in love which is invisibility. Of course, love is wonderful things when it happens, that because it can be inclusive all the bad things even can retrieve or help people. Therefore, I will use the movie “The Miracle Box” to be the case study to explore those questions. Actually, the movie is reorganizing by a real story which is happen in SARS period. It is a story about Doctor Tse and her husband that how their love affecting people. The four types of love are shown in the movie and it also bring up the other questions are- Is it ring equal to commitment? How important of commitment is? How does agape include Eros, Storge and Philia? Then, I will discuss those things in the following essay.

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Eros is the relationship of lovers. They can find the different values on each others. They must be contains the unique characteristics or get something similar that to attract the others. It must be contain one of the features of love that may be uniqueness and irreplaceability. In the movie of “The miracle Box”, except for their religion background, actually it is a kind of factors that can let two persons get together easily. But except for this, the uniqueness is the important elements that for all people. Because every person has their own values, they all have the different intension, self-cultivation; every one got the different background of growth too. Every experience can be changed the mind of a person to be optimistic or pessimistic. That can be affected to the result that people had the good feeling in the first sight. Just like the movie, Doctor Tse and Albert which is her husband, they both had the uniqueness to attract others. As the movie said, Albert thinks that Doctor Tse had a beautiful smile that to let him feels nice and warm. Although physical elements are the first impression for the people to attract in the first sight, however, the spiritual element is the most important that for people to communicate. That may be easy to have similar values, behavior, and thought that have the similar topics to let their distance become closer.

In a love relationship, believe is an important elements too. If two persons do not trust each others, this relationship will become no meanings. Trust is a connective thing in hearts with the lovers; it brings the lovely feelings in the relationship. As the movie, Doctor Tse needs to have an internship and leave Hong Kong for few months, because of the distance, they can not see each others for a long time, and this is a challenge for the lovers. Distance, would be one of the fatal of love, because Love cannot get rid of touch. In psychological view, “Physical Touch is a love language that parent will touch us as a love expression when we are child.” As we had the long period of educated that physical touch is important for people that can be a kind of connective activities for lovers. Because it can be increase the feelings to both persons, if lovers really far away from the others, physical touch cannot bring the function into full play, the optimistic of love will be weaken. Therefore, it will be a big challenge to the lovers which have a long distance relationship. Love really can inclusive everything? Not many people can do that, maybe Doctor Tse and her husband only is the small number. Many people cannot stride this step to give up the relationship. Actually, love can be a kind of power that to defeat everything, just like Doctor Tse and her husband, although they had lots of difficulties that are hard to overcome, but they thrust that we can tide over, then it’s become true. It does bring the other topic which is persisting.

On the other hands, in the movie mention that rings cannot easy to buy it, because rings have a valuable meaning which is commitment. Is that love equal to commitment? “True Love includes the sense of responsibilities, and it is a long term commitment.” As rings are the symbol of marriage, it also means the long term responsibilities. That is a heavy meanings with someone that you want to stay with her or him forever. However, in nowadays, rings become simple things in the teenage. They might not think that it is a valuable item with heavy meanings. As we can see on the street or just friends which we know, they actually got a couple rings for each other, they might think that rings are the symbol of couples, but they forgot that is the commitment as the meanings of rings. Therefore, when the scenes of movie remain us the meanings of rings, love needs promises, but at the same time, how many people know that or understand that? Because of the culture of the world become more open, commitment is not a serious thing already. Just like Doctor Tse and her husband Albert got the original love which is touching enough and let us thinks of this question which is the meanings of rings and commitment. Love can be simple, with no spectacular scale but can feel warm with it. The real love story between Doctor Tse and her husband Albert let me rethink that how many people can experience the original love in nowadays because love also become simple in nowadays society, people might not be jealous of the relationships. Therefore, the movie was very touching that still have someone willing to wait for each other although someone is illness. It’s back to the original topic that love can contain everything.

Except for the Eros love, Storge which mean parent or family love also can shown in the movie and it brings a lot of discussion in this topic. Storge also is a kind of love which we have when we born in the world, maybe it is the first things we experienced how to love. “Storge is the sort of love that you feel for someone who has been a part of your life for a long time, and if they go away, you miss them far more than you ever thought you would.” Only parent can let you got that feelings that cannot be replace. However, I think some of the points of Eros can be similar with Storge. When lovers get married to become couples, some of the elements of Eros will transfer to Storge that it cannot be replaced. Because the partners become parents already, he or she will stay with you until death. Marriage is an amazing thing to let couples have the feelings of lovers and being parents. We can also experience it through the movie, or they can observe from family, it may also have this situation. Or maybe marriage is just a process of Eros became Storge. I think it is a circulation of love which we experience in our life.

The third love which we also include in our life is Agape which means god love. It is a wonderful love that people can get much power from this. This kind of love, really can inclusive everything? God Love is not easy to feel it, but when we face the danger, we can felt that this love is all around us, people are easy to show this love to help people who have danger. As we can see in the movie, actually it is mainly focus on the Agape, because the story of the miracle box, except for the love story between Doctor Tse and her husband, it is talking about how greatness of Doctor Tse is in the SARS period. Doctor Tse sacrifices herself to cure many people and lose her life. Except for this situation, Agape also develop in the relationship of Doctor Tse and Albert. It might be one of the reasons that they both have the religion background to let god love become more reasonable in the relationship. However, I think Doctor Tse willing to stay besides with her husband that he got cancer; its show love can be inclusive the bad things. Just love the Bible in chapter 13 “Love is patient, love is kind” In the view of god, love must include everything like Eros and Storge; in the movie also shown this messages to us. “Eros and Agape can ‘find a proper unity in the one reality of love.’” As the case of Doctor Tse, it can really prove that Agape can contain Eros, just because “Agape is a universal Eros” .

SARS period let people rethink of love, this action also affected how the people think. Perhaps SARS in related to the people in Hong Kong, all people would like to concern the incident of this. The action of Doctor Tse influenced many people that let the love separate to many people, let Agape developed its functions, let more people can feel it and step through from the difficulties. And love can influenced people easily, since they both facing the big difficulties. Agape is inherent that we can through many ways to support it. Actually, in this few years was occurring lots of things, and in those incidents, we can experienced the power of Agape. For example 823 Philippine killed Hong Kong tourists, Szechwan earthquake, because of those incidents people show their concern and support to the victims. In the cases of 823 incidents, one of the victim Tsang facing the danger, but she make the right decision that bring the other boy to leave the bus, it is because of love, she thinks that if she has the ability to rescue one more people, then she did it. In this case, it shows that then we facing the danger, we can develop the power that is come from instinct. Love really is the power that can change many things. On the other hands, the other case of Szechwan earthquake, in this incident it also brings much messages for the people that concern or love can be the motive power besides to those victims. Although, those victims experienced lots of pain, like physical or psychological which they lose their parents, but they still need to continues their life, so love is already become the necessary thing for those victims to cheer up, that what the function of love is.

As the main theme of this essay is want to is that live can really inclusive everything, it must be a question that for us to think about it. However, I think love is inclusive things must be base on the people with what experience. If all people think that or all they have the same feeling of love, it would not be able to occur some tragedy by human, the world will not have terrorist and become a wonderful world. Except for the extreme examples, loves really can inclusive most kinds of things which seem to be the movie said. Therefore, many people have this love inside their mind even the heart actually, although they will not express it in every moment, but we know that love are always belongs with us and it is the most greatness thing.