Is Technology A Blessing Or A Curse Philosophy Essay

We live in the age of technology. We commute by automobiles and airplanes and communicate by emails and mobiles. The media and the Internet provide us the latest information from all over the world. Movies filled with hi-tech special effects entertain us. Air conditioners and room heaters keep our life comfortable despite climatic inconveniences. The list goes on. Technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives. Of course, a few of us may have concerns about the pollution and environmental problems that technology has led to. But overall most people feel that technology has benefited us immensely.

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In the mid-20th century, people have gained control technology sufficient to leave the Earth’s

atmosphere and space for the first time. The technology used to know the techniques or methods

of organization to solve the problem by the method of right and serve the purpose. Technology

affect the person and the possibility of other kinds of animals to adapt to the natural environment.

Human species has begun using the technology that makes it simple natural tools. Discovery of

prehistory, the ability to control fire increased food sources and the invention of the wheel helped

humans to travel and explore your surroundings. However, not all technology has been used for

peaceful purposes to develop weapons and destructive power has evolved over the centuries,

from clubs to nuclear weapons. Technology also has an impact on society and the environment in

many ways .. In many societies, technology has helped bring a more developed economy and allow

the entertainment show class.Many technological processes produce unwanted by-products,

known as pollution, anddeplete natural resources, harm the earth and its surroundings.

different use of technology influence the values aˆ‹aˆ‹of society and new technology often increases the

new ethical questions. Example: survey

The concept of efficiency in terms of human productivity, a term originally used only for

machines, and challenge the traditional norms.Philosophical a discussion about current and future

use of technology in our society, with disagreements about the technology improves the human

condition or worsens the situation. So technology is not a blessing or a curse, is both. We can not

determine whether one of them. We live between technologies. Travel by car and aircraft and to

communicate via telephone and email and telephone. The media and the Internet make us the

latest information from around the world. Movies packed with hi-tech special effects to entertain

us. Air conditioners and heaters to keep our lives well, but climatic disadvantages. Technology has

changed virtually all face in our lives. Some of us may have problems with pollution and

environmental problems as the technology lead. But in general most people feel that technology

has benefited us more. The technology is now so fundamental to human life. No one can deny the

benefits of technology. But most people can not see another hand. Technology has two faces.

Despite the encounter, there are many problems caused by technology.

For example, in the past, you rarely see people with glasses, now almost all teen glasses. The

reason is that many teenagers are using computers for a long time, to the extent that destroy their

own eyes. Moreover, people today rely on technology too. Most people complain when they could

not use computer for the special day with teenagers. People complain when the computer

accident and not save the file you worked on. Humans rely on so much technology that no one

would survive if there is no technology in the world. In my opinion, technology is a blessing or a

curse, is both. What does change in attitude is how they use it. We can not coward on nuclear

weapons for the damage it produces, which teaches that the epidemic. Everything is better as the

technology used to create everything. What will stay in our consciousness, it’s what we do with it

either bless or curse our environment, and as a result of our own lives

Questionnaire Results

The questionnaire was an interesting way to take a peak at the opinions of the people in order to compare them to the findings of my research. I tried to keep the sample representative and balanced for example I made sure that of the 20 given the questionnaire 10 were male and 10 were female.

Q1) How many people use technology?




40 +

This tells me that the majority of the sample group asked believe the people in 15-25 is the most range use technology in wide range.

Q2) Most of people believe the technology is blessing?


Strongly agree


Strongly disagree


Most of them answer of the technology is blessing by strongly agree it’s refer the technology is very important in the life

Q3) can we avoid the bad side effect of technology?



May be

Here we see that the majority feel that the technology may avoided the bad side effect.

Q4) Age appropriate person so that he could keep up with the evolution of technologyaˆ¦..





We see here the most suitable age which the person could keep up with technology is 10-15 then the ratio decrease when the age grows up.

Q5) Technology double-edged sword


Strongly agree



Strongly disagree

Most of people see the Technology double-edged sword and no one disagree.

Part II


To be know the method of organization to solve the problem in right way:-

By the mid 20th century, humans had achieved supremacy of technology sufficient to

leave the atmosphere of the Earth for the first time and space. Technology used for

know the techniques or method of organization to solve the problem by the right

method and serve some purpose. Technologies are affecting human as well as other

animal kinds ability to adapt to their natural environments. The human species began

to use technology by conversion the natural things into simple tools like

How produce afire by a simple way

Wheel help the human in travel

Make a coat by simple way

The aim of the technology when it began is good. The people want by simple tools make something

help them in daily life. So, we invite a lot of something to help us and us it daily. Now, these things

we can’t life without it. Like



Less of water

And a lot of things we use it and can’t imagine our life without it. So, the technology helps us in

our life to be more easily.When a technology has been used by communities to compete to develop

themselves. Therefore, the technology has two faces are the face of good and the other face is evil.

And with that despite the good start that was designed to facilitate people’s lives. For example, when

he invented dynamite was to open the mines know, and iron and other minerals, but after then used

in World War This is how the beginning but the end is bad. So he makes Nobel PRIZE to encourage

people to make a good invite which help the world and people.


1- The good effect


Technology improves our goodness of life. By use the technology we have important discoveries. In

our life we depend in technology in everything in our life. When you think about the technology

you found yourself use it every minute. So, it is important in our life and the life will be different

without it. The technology enters in all fields like pharmacy, medicine and engineering. It’s difficult

to see field without technology. In medicine it is make a big different. Now we can treat the patient

without make meeting. It saves our time and effort and more and more in this field. The technology makes our life easier. And the big invite which convert the impossible to possible. It is

the internet which can connect and communicate with people who are miles away from us. It’s

only one of the many examples we could give it to verify the fact that the technology is a blessing.

All media depend on the technology. Now we know what’s happen in any region in world by the

media. It’s easy now but in the past it’s like difficult to imagine it. But the technologies make a big

Event in our life when something invite like



Cell phone

These inventions change a human life in twentieth century. But the important inventions in the past



We see it everywhere, in cars, trucks, airplanes, ships, car interiors, toys and more. Life will never

be the same without wheels. They range from wooden carts and carriages, a simple device, but it

provides over time developed. With so many uses and applications, is still part of the human race,

and one of the first steps of civilization. Can you imagine that he does not take a taxi to the hotel?

instead of this situation, a few miles with tons of pockets? Or did he get an hour’s walk to the mall?

2. Tools

People are left thumb, which led to the development of tools. Simple instruments such as the use

of sharp rocks into knives and spears cut. Large rock as a used hammer has become a stream. We

have our houses, animals, trapped in our rooms built and improve our way of life with tools.

Interestingly, some mammals and birds use a variety of tools.

3. Sanitation

System in which waste collected and disposed of at the same time is more than somewhere useful.

Old people saw it and were among the first to invent system. Today we rarely think of the network

pipes beneath our feet and make sure that our waste stays out of our eyes and nose! I’m glad to

know that we are not stool on the floor. Well, most of the time.

4. Roads

Dirt paths taken by hunters were from vehicles, but it was invented after the invention of the

wheel, there is a real need for better roads. Dirt trodden path now, wood, stone and brick streets.

For convenience of use, to transport routes, the world is a success. Today is the backbone of the

economy and society. Consider buying a life without the road. We lived in the houses at random.

Transported goods slowed. There will be more accidents.

2- The bad effect

(A curse)

We are seriously ill patient. From birth, we have a death sentence on our heads. Time makes us

Powerless to age, get sick and die. During this trip, condemned from birth to death, misery and minds of our

bodies (eg, fever, indigestion, stress, depression), waste from other living beings (eg, mosquitoes,

competitors, officials, relatives) and the miseries of nature (for example, extreme heat or cold, floods and

earthquakes), a regular haunt us.

Vedic texts explain the cause of our suffering. We are spiritual beings trapped in material bodies. We do not

belong to this temporary material world and miserable, but a happy eternal and spiritual kingdom in which

we live forever in harmony with the love of God Because of our desire to enjoy the independence of God, we

have set ourselves in this world , which is an arena of experimentation and adjustment. Our advanced

human intelligence is designed to recognize our terribly difficult here. For a man so intelligent, the Vedic

texts provide a systematic spiritual path that will allow them to re-align and return to God

In our modern times, this intelligence was not used to advance spiritually, but to develop the technology

. Technology gratify our senses, our inflated ego and makes us feel comfortable and proud. However, the

technology provides entertainment, not peace, comfort, not happiness, drugs, not health, cosmetics, not the

young, the life-support systems, not immortality. Thus, the technology is that we kill the suffering of

material existence analgesic. It creates an illusory sense of well, that makes us feel that a spiritual solution is

required. Technology, through false promises, there’s no possibility of attaining eternal bliss and condemns

us to remain and suffer in this world of birth and death.

Srila Prabhupada says unnecessarily brief and superficial nature of technological progress, “the intelligence

that was designed to solve your problem permanently abused convert a castor oil lamp in a lamp.


Often the technology’s proponents argue that the misuse of technology is to blame, not the

technology itself. They liken the technology to a knife in the hand of an assassin who kills, but in the

hands of a surgeon, he heals. Likewise, in other words, technology cannot be blamed if Mavericks

threaten, for example, misuse of nuclear weapons.

The analogy is good, but does not apply to technology? Technology cannot create cars. It also

creates the world views of users of such machines. In a technology-centric world, multitudes of

gadgets promise control and enjoyment. Consequently people develop, consciously or

unconsciously, a world view that everything is done for your enjoyment if you take the bus. The

technology-focused, being secular, to teach them something about the higher purpose of spiritual life.

Not having any knowledge or the ability to find inner satisfaction, people feel that the material

enjoyment should be the sole goal in life. Furthermore, communication, using the most sophisticated

technology, fills his mind with lust and greed of enjoyment of property. In a world of limited

resources and unlimited desires, the frustration of lust and greed is inevitable. This frustration when

anger explodes. And the people of whey are given no knowledge of karmic justice, which will keep

them “as they are driven by greed, lust and anger – from improper use of technology, the most

powerful resource, while pursuing pleasure?

aˆ? Once I saw a poster advertising a beauty contest close to jazz. Below are images common to read a

note: ” proceeds from this competition will be used to treat AIDS patients.” I could not ‘t ? to

comment on my friend’ ? ? not whether people will be cured of AIDS from this, but I know that

many people have AIDS because of it. ”

aˆ? In many renowned educational institutions, students are equipped with high-speed connections to

the broadband Internet to facilitate research work. But what is the main research topic for most students?

aˆ? We have not seen the ads promoting rice, vegetables and other essential foods that nourish our

bodies? Rarely. But, as we often see ads that entice us to smoke and drink and destroy our bodies?

Everywhere all the time.

aˆ? What is the main objective for which almost all countries use the technology? Defense. Do not

offer food or other basic needs.

aˆ? Where do most of the funding for technological research around the world come from? Both

industry and the defense or industrial consumers. Both meet, not for the basic necessities of life for

everyone, but for greed, lust, wrath of the powerful and the wealthy.