History On The Syrian Uprising Politics Essay

When reviewing the information on Syrian Uprising it is apparent that each source of media reports in a different way. As shown by one mass media source might not give all of the facts on the war. A second and third source will have two different hypotheses. Now the report done by USA today gives a different point of view on the same topic, the article paints the picture of the terrorist being the good guys or the criminals in this case, the rebels are they the same or different? This all depends on the media and propaganda.

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The Syrian civil war, also referred to as the Syrian uprising, is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria between forces loyal to the Ba’ath Party government and those seeking to oust it. The conflict began on 15 March 2011 with nationwide demonstrations as part of the wider protest movement known as the Arab Spring. Protesters demanded the end to nearly five decades of Ba’ath Party rule, as well as the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad.

As you can see from the evidence shown in the brief statement that the same group is shown as the Opposition party or the terrorist, however there is room for an optional on this also with the historical facts.

To find out the Arab point of view, on the thesis topic hereunder, you got to watch Al-Jazeera News Channel, as it is the best Arab News Channel that covers the Syrian Civil War/ Uprising. Also, it has covered all previous Arab revolution against their tyrant rulers, a period known as “Arab Spring”, which erupted initially in Tunisia, a couple years ago, then moved to neighboring country, Egypt, followed by neighboring Libya, then Yemen, while it is still going on in Syria. To emphasize these ideas, please refer to a weekly debate program called “Opposite Directions” that covers various theme. The last program related to the thesis topic broadcasted a couple weeks ago, which hosted by a well known Arab commentator, Faisal Al-Qassem., whereby two opponent individuals were interviewed, a journalist that is pro the Syrian government, and a representative from the Opposition Party, known as “Free Syrian Army”. The Program was highly thrilling and influential upon watchers as it covers a very hot current issue that arouse the feelings of millions of people, and human rights organizations around the world. In iorder for the outsiders to understand the discussion theme, I should demonstrate a brief history of the current ruling party of Syria.

Syria is an Arab State located in the highest conflict area in the Middle East, probably for the whole world, as it has direct borders to Israel, in an area; called Golan Heights. This strategic area was seized by Israel during the 1967 War, in which Israel succeeded in occupying the remaining of Palestine, which now known as West Bank, Sinea Desert from Egypt, and Golan Height from Syrian territory. Since that date, and this heavy butterfly defeat; Syria and other Arab States in the surrounding region become unstable, and angry demonstrations erupted in these countries demanding revenge and out setting the dictatorship and so called traitor leaders. Looking at the remaining facts of how and why this happen

In Egypt, president Jamal Abdul Nasser admitted his full responsibility about the humiliating defeat, Announcing is resignationaˆ¦ However, the Egyptian backed by most Arab people went into massive demonstrations, requesting the return of Nasser to Power, and resignation of his assistance generals, accusing them of the cause of the defeat. In Jordan, dominated by Palestinian origin people announced their revolution against Israel establishing a movement called Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), led by late Yasser Arafat, who become the symbol for the Palestinian cause, who was finally died while besieged in his headquarter in Ram Allah, with allegations still going on, that Israel mainly Sharun, the Ex PM of Israel has poisoned him with Bolton poison material.

PLO achieves the first victory against Israel in 1968, with assistance of Jordanian Artilleries, in an Al-Karamah War. Although the war was on small scale but it raised the morals of the Palestinians and Arab people, so more people and fighters join PLO, and become a dominating force in Jordan that threaten the authority and power of its King, late Hussein bin Talal. An internal clash and fierce fight erupted between PLO and Jordan, ended with an Agreement signed in Cairo 1970, in which PLO fighters moved to South Lebanon to start a new era of fight for freedom against Israeli aggression.

Now, going back to Syria, which is the main theme of my thesisaˆ¦ During the aforesaid clash, the Syrian Army crossed the border of Jordan in an attempt to assist the Palestinian revolution; an opportunity that the Minister of Defense Hafez Al-Assad has seized to take hold of the power, and made a cope announcing himself as new President, establishing Baath Party, with main ministers and VIP positions are held by people from his sect. Syria, like most other Arab states is composed of ethnic groups, Alaweya who are part of Shiite Muslim comprised 12% of the population, while Sunni comprised three quarter off the population, with other minorities from Christian, Kurds etcaˆ¦ Thereby, 12% is ruling the majority of the people by suppression, force, corruption which was the seeds for the uprising we are witnessing nowadays… Hafez Al-Assad died in 2,000 and was succeeded by his son, the current president Bashar Al-Assad.

Bashar attempted to implement political reform in the country, However, al-Assad is widely regarded to have been unsuccessful in implementing democratic change, with a 2010 report from Human Rights Watch stating that he had failed to improve the state of human rights since taking power ten years prior. All other political parties have remained banned, thereby making Syria a one-party state without free elections.

In terms of socioeconomic situation, although Syria owns huge natural resources, factories, agriculture, oil etc; the majority of people mainly in the outskirts of the main cities like Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Darrah, Dir AlZoor, Hamah live in poverty, deprived from freedom for election and welfare…Therefore the uprising has erupted and still undergoing in Syria.

Now, going back to the Program “Opposite Directions” or Face to Face, the journalist that was pro the government claimed, as Syrian regime is announcing daily in the Media, that those protesters are terrorist gangs related to Islamic Al-Qaeda extremists, and they are paid by neutral Arab/ Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey that they are seeking peace with Israel, while Syria backed by Iran, Russia and China, is in the front fire line with Israel..

The other commentator representing the Opposition Party, denied totally such allegations, and asserting that the Uprising has started by peaceful demonstrations by poor people away from the major cities, that were demanding freedom, equality, welfare, which are just basic demands and basic right that must be granted for the people all over the world. Then, after using fire arms and artilleries to suppress or quell the demonstrators, they were forced to use the arms and fight the Syrian Army… They have created a new army called “Free Syrian Army” comprised of veteran soldiers and military high rank staff that dissented from the legal Syrian Army…

The Program duration is one hour, which includes two periods of interruption for advertisements that are irrelevant to this hot topic being rallied. From my opinion, there is no need for such interruptions as will make the watchers lose interest, especially when one of commentator was not given the chance to express his ideas extensively and in a comprehensive way. Also, the host, although he is very experienced and skilled in presenting such programs, most of the time was pro one of the parties that is the opposition side, in an unbiased way, which definitely will influence the ideas and concepts that will be inferred or contemplated by the watchers. It will be much better to leave each party clarify his point of view.

On the other hand, there are numerous programs and articles that had been published or announced in the US media including TV News channels, magazines, newspapers etc. For the sake of comparison with the aforesaid AlJazeera Arab News Channel Program, I will refer to a comprehensive article published in the CNN website, called “Syria: Understanding the unrest” edited Arwa Damon and Richard Roth, CNN

The article does not touch on the history or the facts of the real issues that has lead to such uprising. It covers general issues including past inhuman massacre committed by previous late president of Syria, Hafez Al-Assad, father of Bashar the current president, in 1982 in Hama city, in which over 20,000 were killed. However this is a reference to an isolated incidence that is can’t be compared to the current massive military violence against civil Syrian people in almost all of the cities and towns in the country.

The other main point demonstrated in the said article, that reveals the real American point of view about the whole issue is related to domination, as the article clearly refers to the support the Syrian regime is receiving from two main powers in the world that are : Russia and China. Over history it is known that Syria is supported in terms of military, diplomacy and economy by Russia. And definitely, Russia or China have strategic interests in Syria; as if they lose their domination over the country they will lose their last stronghold in the Middle East; exactly in a similar way that has recently occurred in Libya; for which country was dominated by NATO forces, mainly France; as almost oil and 50% of projects are or will be allocated to France and other NATO countries..

Also, the topic refers to other regional countries that have a role in the Syrian issue, mainly Turkey, and Saudi Arabiaaˆ¦ Turkey is an important trading partner, but its relationship with Syria appears to have cooled. From my point of view, Turkey will have a great role in the crisis if it either interferes by military forces, or just by packing the rebels mainly the “Free Syrian Army”; which will be a great help for the protesters and opponent forces.

In early August, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah condemned the crackdown on anti-government protesters, saying there was “no justification for the bloodshed.” While it is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia has openly criticized Syria, it is not surprising. Saudi Arabia is wary of Iran’s influence in the region — and Syria is Iran’s closest ally there.

From my point of view the role of other Arab major countries like Egypt, and Qatar have to be taken into consideration, for Egypt inference by force will create an unbalance for the benefit of the opposition. While Qatar economic aid for the opponents will be a high significant factor in the whole equation of force balance.

Is social media still playing a part in the uprising? Is it likely to have a decisive role in the final outcome?

It’s huge. It’s not the same as we saw in Egypt, which has been labeled a Facebook revolution because of the role of social networking sites. Syria is the YouTube revolution.

If activists weren’t posting videos to YouTube, we would have almost no window into what appears to be happening in Syria. Will it be decisive? Yes, absolutely. The reason why people have been able to have such a strong debate about crimes against humanity, about abuses, about the atrocities allegedly committed is because we’ve had these images on hand.

As I have demonstrated a brief history of the area and conflict in the ME region, I believe the main and most complicated issue that is the cause of all such uprising or what so called Arab Spring era, is the Palestinian Cause. Although I am of Palestinian origin, but I’ve never lived or seen my country Palestin, I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and the closest point I reach was Jordan and Egypt. Definitely, nobody will ever forget one’s heritage, descendants, ancestors, homeland as those give the value of one’s existence in life. But by looking of high toll of death on a daily basis in Syria, on the average 100 people die every day, and civilian people are bombarded by artilleries and airplanes , from their own army that they build by their blood, money, and efforts.. All what I can say that it is unfair, and all the world should interfere somehow to solve the problem

Finally, to recap, I repeat that the Palestinian issue is the cause of all this unrest in the area, probably the whole world. It is the cause that provokes uprising and unrest in the whole world… It is the cause that the Islamic extremists or fundamentalists use to justify their terrorism upon innocent American Civilians. It is this mentality that doesn’t accept dialogue and brainstorming with confronting ideas, and it always it is my way or the high wayaˆ¦ Such kind of people are the main blockade to peace, freedom and amenityaˆ¦I don’t believe that conflicts and violence will lead us to anything, it will take us to nowhere, to the contrary they provoke hatred, poverty, resentment, and illiteracy, with desperation and no hope for the future.. I do believe that all people are descended from one Father, Adam; and one Mother; Eve… so we all are brothers in humanity, and should learn how to love each other and live in tranquility, brotherhood and peaceaˆ¦.

In enclosing this should show that no everyone shares the same point of view on one sub ject matter, not all view points are heard or seen. The use of history and fact to give a point of view is to learn from the mistakes made in the past have a way of coming back into play.