Distinctive resources

10.The internal environment of the firm:doesyour firm haveany distinctive strategic resource/assets?HOW/WHY?

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According to Johnson et al (2008), distinctive resources are indispensible element of organization to create competitive advantage. These unique resources should be hard to imitate or obtain. A powerful brand can be seen as a distinctive resource for organization as it cannot be imitated easily (Johnson et al, 2008). A powerful brand related to a long term development of culture and history of organization. That is, the image of organization should be developed step by step over time. For Toyota, the brand represents a beacon and reliability for customers (Young&Aitken, 2007). Toyota holds the value “be of service to society” and focus on innovation since it founded in 1937. Toyota enjoys its own features and develops it year by year. This positive image is difficult to be imitated or substituted.

13.The internal environment of the firm:doesyour firm haveany distinctive strategic resource/assets?HOW/WHY?
14.If yes,is this advantage sustainable?HOW/WHY?

Competitive advantage could contribute to organisations performances are superior to their competitors (Johnson et al, 2008). To creating competitive advantage, companies should develop patented products or services in accordance with the changing external environment. Based on BBC Weather centre, the global climate is worsening day by day. The greenhouse effect is an essential phenomenon which related to climate change due to the human activity and excessive gas emission. As for Toyota, environmentally considerate automobiles were innovated by using the new Hybrid technologies in order to sustain environment (Toyota homepage). The Hybrid technology is a combination of an engine and a motor and will become a core technology in the near future. This system compromises the merits of engine and motor to take advantage of their own strengths. To be specifically, the motor will operate at the start up and low speeds, whereas the engine could be act at a certain speeds(Toyota homepage). It is can be said that this is a power-saved and efficient system. Furthermore, Toyota pay more attention on the utilization of various fuels such as gasoline, bio-fuels, electricity, hydrogen, biomass to aim to decrease the emission of gas.

Buying a hybrid car is encouraged currently because its fuel-saved feature and environmentally protection (BBC, 2008). That is to say, possessing a hybrid car will become popular in the coming future in global. Based on King (2009), Toyota will be the first Hybrid car carmaker in European market. The first hybrid petrol-electric model is named Auris. It is clearly can be seen that the Hybrid technology will be a core competence of Toyota.

Another distinctive merit of Toyota is that Toyota lock in a certain market. Johnson et al (2008) claimed that market dominance is a better method to sustain competitive advantage. Toyota focused on young generation market when it was launched in UK (Young&Aitken, 2007). Almost 70 percent under 40 customers were attracted by unusual advertising methods. For instance, sponsoring nightclubs activity, advertising in pop clubs, cinemas and concerts in urban area(Young&Aitken, 2007). This marketing strategy is successful help Toyota dominate youth market. In addition, the brand of Toyota means reliability and credibility for older drivers originally (Young&Aitken, 2007). It is can be draw the conclusion that Toyota lock in a certain size market.

This competitive advantage will be sustainable in the future as its reasonable and feasible. Reasons why this competitive merits will be sustainable are as follows:

Firstly, the target of Toyota this innovation is ensure earth, human and vehicles coexist in the harmonious future(Toyota homepage). That is, minimizing the damage of human behaviour and harmful gas generation. This is a vital task that the whole human have responsibility to do. Secondly, Hybrid system is a breakthrough of current technology improvement. In other words, this system will bring the “eco-car” (Toyota homepage) time for human. Finally, the consciousness of environment protection is widespread and acceptable universally. Human will pay more attention on environment sustainability.