A Good Boss And A Bad Boss Philosophy Essay

Boss is the one who lead the whole organization. Boss is very important member of any organization whether it is small or big. The entire thing comes under the boss. So in this essay we are comparing and contracting between two bosses’ good boss and a bad boss.

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Both the boss is educated so it is very easy for them to manage in an organization. Both the boss were very intelligent so it is very useful or an organization. Both the boss was good decision maker so they were very useful for their organization by their good decision making skill and a company takes long profit from them.

One boss come on time and other boss does not come on time it impact on the employees. So if the bosses come on time so employee will also come on time. If the boss does not come on time so it directly impact on the employee so they never come on time. One boss respects their employee and other boss does not respect the employee. So if the boss respects the employee so employee gives well out put toward the organization. On the other hand second boss does not respect the employee so employee will not give positive response toward the organization. One boss spoke bad language to the employee so the employee will give respect to the boss. Second boss spoke bad language to the employee so the employee does not respect the boss. One boss gives reward to the employee so the employee will motivated and give more output which is very beneficial for the organization. Other boss does not give reward if the employee working good so the employee does not motivated and does not take interest in their work. One boss is devoted toward their work on the other hand other boss is not devoted with their work.

So the good bosses give the organization a long term benefit and the bad boss give a company a long term loss. If the bosses follow all the rules and regulation so employee will be also follow the rules and regulations.

A real vacation and a dream vacation

In student life vacation are very important elements to feel free and relax and reduce our stress. This break is important for the student life so they can prepare for the next studies. In every vacation every ones want to go to their dreams places and spent much of their times of vacation over there. So my dream place of vacation was to visit muree but we visit in real life vacations to Hyderabad. So in this easy I am comparing and contracting two vacations my real life vacation and my dream life vacation.

In real life vacation we enjoy a lot with my family on the other hand we think to enjoy if we visit to our dreams vacation. In both the vacation we planned to go different place to spend our most of time so that we feel free from all tension and stress. So that we can gives focused on our studies. In both the vacation we planned to stay in a 5 star hotel so it will be great experience for us to stay in a 5 star hotel. We planned to visit different parks and historical places so there we can enjoy much as much we can. In both the places we planned to go in a club to play different types of games so our sporting skill will improve.

In a real life we planned to go Hyderabad by car but on the other hand we planned to go muree by aero plane because I do not sit in plane until now so it was really pleasure to sit in an aero plane. In dreams vacation the weather was cold so we planned to take hot clothes on the other hand in Hyderabad the weather was hot. Our real life vacation was nearby from Karachi it takes almost 2 hours to reach but on the other hand dreams life vacation is far away from Karachi so it takes almost 1 day to reach by car.

So I described to vacation which I was planned but we visit to Hyderabad not muree my dreams place next vacation I will go to my dream vacation and get experience of snowfall and much more.

An accident scene

During the 20 years of my life, I have experienced great numbers of events. Most of them have faded away with time going by. However, there is still something unforgettable in my life, among which an event that happened last year is the most unforgettable.

It happened on the National Day of last year. I set out to north Nazimabad to visit my best friend who studied there on the late afternoon of that day because I had to have some lessons. It was nearly 7 o’clock when I got to the dock of Nazmabad. To my disappointment, I was told that the last bus which could take me to my destination had already gone. I had no idea of what to do because I didn’t tell my friend that I would go there in order to give her a surprise.

I walked along the empty street with my brain blank. Suddenly, I noticed that there was a man who was driving a motorbike and following me. A sense of nervousness overflowed me and without thinking of the consequence I rushed into a small store, crying. There was a woman in the store. She looked at me and asked me what had happened. I told her the whole thing. To my amazement, she asked me whether I’d like to stay in her store and sleep with her for the night. I nodded my head with tears of thanks. Then she asked me to sit down to watch TV while she was making a bowl of noodle for me. The next day, we said goodbye to each other.

This event makes me convince that there still exists some niceness in our society. What’s more, the event has taught me that I should give my hand to those who need help as often as I can.

The effects of computers on our everyday lives

Computer is a blessed from science which connects different peoples living away at far distance. Computer is one of the blessings of science

The uses of computer are universal. Computer have computer can give many effect on our everyday lives such as computer can make life more easier it also can make your eye dim, and it can help in your business. When they used a computer, it can make their life and work more easily. They will convenient to finish their work. Their work will not be postponed and they will submit it on time. Computer also can make easier to people for searching any information. Furthermore, computer also can give a negative effect to us. It can make your eye dim. It’s happen when you always face a computer because many work to done using a computer. Your eye will not really see what in front of it. That’s why; many people need to wear glasses when they face a computer for a long time. In addition, computer can help us in business. We really need a computer to enter or store the important data. For instance, if people buy something, we just used a computer to calculate, save and make a receipt. Finally, computer can gives much benefit to people on their everyday life. So, they need to appreciate a useful of computer even it also have a bad effects.

A computer can solves problems of building and electronic power distributions it count, lists, compares, rearrange different details programmer instructions in industry it is used to control different manufacturing operation and machine tools. In hospitals it is used to arrange and control laboratory and hospital instruments and medicines. It can used to guide and control the movement of ships aero planes and space ships. Now a computer typing is getting very popular. In its moving rays of lights from a laser lens are used. The typing is very fast accurate.

An interesting use of computer is in music to composed different new musicals tunes and tones from some gives sounds it has mechanized too much. We begin using our minds less and lesser and much depending upon it. Computer has touched its peak of success. Computer is a blessed technology it used in positive manner.

The effects of peer pressure

Peer pressure refers to the influence of other people upon an individual’s life borne out of interactions. When the term peer pressure is mentioned, it is mostly thought from a negative perspective. What comes to mind is friends influencing one another to abuse drugs, engage in reckless sexual behavior or fathom rebellion against the authorities.

However, peer pressure can be positive. When one interacts with the right people, their influence on his life can be positive. Peer pressure has a very important role on the growth and development of individual meaning peers cannot be avoided but should be chosen carefully. Not all peer pressure is negative; the kind of influence one acquires out of peer pressure depends on the kind of people one interacts with. Parents have a very crucial role in ensuring that their child gets the right kind of influence out of peer pressure by influencing them to interact with the right peers. To prove the point, the paper will use real life experience. It is imperative, therefore, to appreciate that peer pressure is not all negative. It should be appreciated. By following my peers, I became more exposed to the outside world. I was exposed to positive influences, which changed my perception of life for the better and equipped me with skills that would help me in life to become successful.

Parents should be very tactful in doing this so that it is not taken as interference. Parents should also communicate freely with their child on what they expect of him or her. Communication is very important and for it to be effective, parents should form a close relationship with their child. Parents have a role to play in building child’s self-esteem. A person with high self-esteem is not easily influenced negatively because he or she will not be easily moved into doing things that are against his or her belief just to feel accepted

In conclusion, positive peer pressure enables a person to analyze his own behavior and character. This prompts to contemplate developing a positive approach towards life as a way of becoming more accepted among the peers. It is, therefore, important that the parents encourage their children to relate with the right people instead of locking them up in the house. Parents should help their children in choosing the right friends.

The two places you have visited

Now a days it is very common that every weak end almost every person go to different places to enjoy. By going these types of places help you to reduce the stress and tension of the whole weak the entire bad thing which has occurred in working day by going to different places. We can forget every bad thing which happened to weak end at going different places to enjoy so in this easy I am comparing and contrasting two places which I recently visited are farmhouse and a water park.

Both the places help to reduced our tension and stress by going these places I forgotten all the stress and tension and was free minded after visiting these places. Both the places have swimming pool from which we enjoy a lot with my friends both the places were beauty full so that we were enjoy and seeming the beauty of the place our hearts was not allowing to go back home. Both the place was outside the city so we also enjoy in a bus. Both the places have a slide from we dive into a water so it was great adventure.

In farm house there was a cricket ground and in water park there was no cricket ground so in farm house we really enjoys by playing cricket with my friends. In Water Park there was a canteen from which we buy lunch and eat it on the other hand in farm house there was no canteen so we bring lunch by ours home. In farmhouse there was resting area so we were rest and feel relax. On the waterpark there was no resting area. In farm house there was indoor games. We play with my friends and enjoy a lot. In water park there was no indoor games. In waterpark there was a little zoo on the other hand there was no zoo. In farm house there was shot slides in Water Park there was long slides.

It is very important to visit the different places which help the people to knowing about the places. It helps us to reducing the places. It helps us to reduce our daily life pressure. So we should visited different places in every weak end

Two fast-food restaurants

Restaurants are becoming now a days common almost every person goes restaurants ones a weak. Restaurants help the people to relax it help us to give our tension release and feel relax. Restaurants Gives us friendly environment which help to reduce our daily life tensions. In every weak family are very much goes in these types of restaurants. In this essay we are comparing and contracting between two fast food restaurants.

Two fast food restaurants have similar rates of their items which help the person confuse to goes which restaurants. Both the restaurants give friendly environment to relax and eat food which will reduce our stress and tension. Two restaurants have similar numbers of waiters which help the people to serves quickly which help in consuming the restaurant. Two fast food restaurants have similar menu of food which feel difficult to choose to go which restaurants. Both the restaurants have similar number of kitchens which help to quickly cook the food. Both the restaurants have reception which is easily to deal with the people.

One restaurant is neat and clean and other is dirty which help to attract the customers. In clean every ones like to go and eat food but in dirty restaurant no body want to like to eat food in this restaurant. One restaurant waiters have friendly nature which helps to deal the customer so the people attract toward the restaurant so their waiters also get tips and gift from the people. On the other hand other restaurant waiters does not have friendly environment they talk to people rudely so the people does not attract the customer and they does not get any tips. One restaurant serves food within 20 minutes in these people are attract to these restaurant on the other hand other restaurant does not serve the food in 20 minutes so the losing their customers. One restaurant is neat and clean and other restaurant kitchen is dirty so the people. One restaurant taste of food is very good but other goes not gives good taste of food.

So we can go to those restaurants which are good neat and clean and gives healthy food. So that we can live healthy.

Two perspectives on the same place: past and present

People have different perspectives to regarding to a particular place. They can be positive or negative. My two perspectives are for Karachi as how it was 10 years ago and how it is now. So my perspectives are for Karachi as past and present and both perspectives have same positive as well as negativity.

Karachi was a city of problem many years ago. As it is the largest city of Pakistan so there is almost always heavy traffic on roads. Traffic problem, electricity storage and pollution are quite common in a big city. People faced a lot of troubles in travelling traffic problems, staying at homes (electricity storage) and pollution was one of the main factors of increasing diseases. But there was not a single doubt, not even any article on terrorism as far as Karachi is concerned. People were having a sound and safe life in this ways. People can trust to everyone. People can live life safely the does not have any tension of any safety in Karachi. So Karachi was more of tension but less of worries.

Now after almost ten year, the map of Karachi has almost changed. Now there are under passes, bridges and three signal free roads in Karachi which are main running roads of Karachi. Less problems of traffic, electricity department is now semi privatized. There is certain timing of load shedding in a day not at nights. For pollution government has eliminated two stroke rickshaws and instead of them they have started example cng rickshaws which are safe for pollution and now there are changing buses. But terrorism is there in a way of target killing. Extortion and kidnapping on the basis of cast, community and language. Now, Karachi has gained a lot of losses its value because of terrorism. People do not safe they goes outside they feel they are not safe. Their mobile phones are not safe. They do not buy a huge price mobile because of snatching. Now Karachi is more of worries and less of tension.

So, there were my two perspectives on Karachi as how it was in past and how it is now in present times. Hoping that all the draw backs which are now on in Karachi will be eliminated soon

Two pets in the same household

Pets are those animals that make people feel good whenever they look to them. Now a days pet is very famous in almost every house hold. So I am comparing and contracting between two pets of same house hold. They are cat and dog.

Both the pet’s cat and dogs have hair. Both the pets give birth to their kids. They drink milks when they are babies. They both belong to the mammal’s kingdom because of back bone. People love both pets very much. Dogs and cats are domesticated animal so they keep as pets. Both of them give birth to multiple of kids at same times. That’s way they are loved very much.

One of the major differences between both cat and dog is cat belong to the feline’s family and dog belong to the canine’s family. Dog are pack animals so you can spend as much time as you can it will make you happy but one the other hand cats are loners animals so they spend as much time alone so they does not gives much happiness. Dogs bark but the cats meows so they both have different voice. Dog is status as high as in the status and determined as their ranks. On the other hand cat does not have high status and does not deserved high ranks. Dogs are the night’s animals but the cats are the day animals so we can take help from dong in an security purpose. Dogs are bigger than the cats but the cat is smaller than a dog. Cat is sacred from the dog but the dog does not feel sacred from cats. Because dog likes to eats a cat. Dogs can perform many trick but the cat cannot because dog are well train if call a dog by name come here dog comes on the other hand if we call a cats so he does not come.

So pets are use full to spends times in many households we fins cat and dog both feel happy to the owner.

Two ways of studying for an exam

Now a day almost everyone wants to study. By studying we can make our life easier. Study helps a person to lives a life comfortable. At the end of studies we give exam after a year. In exam if we are pass so we promoted to next grade. In this essay we are comparing and contracting between two types of studying in exams which are individual and group studies.

In individual studies and group studies we can prepare for an examination by this we get a good grade and promoted into the next grade. Both the studies help a student to achieve their goal of their good grades. Both the studies are effected by any external factor for example if we are studying with group or individual any friends and cousins come they disturb in the studies so it is difficult to focus on our studies during exam because we cannot studies so our focus is on our relatives not on exam. Both the studies have fear of result so we study in order to get good grade.

In group studies there are many people studying. But on the other hand there is only one person studying. In group studies so many ideas will occur which will help full in examination study but on the other hand there is only a single idea so it is difficult to study with one idea. In individual study we study relax full and comfortable but in group studies we cannot studies comfortable and relax full if we are studying individual we know that how much is left and how much is done but on the other hand is there is one person is lazy so it is difficult for us to finish quickly our studies. Individual study is not time consuming but one other hand group study is time consuming. In individual study our is not effected by any disturbance and enjoyment but in group study our study is affected.

So exam are very important after studies. By this we can see this how much he and she had study for a year and get good grade. We should study because studies are very important for any life without it we cannot live life comfortable.

Why people cheat

Cheating means to perform illegal and unlawful actions. People cheat in many ways as well as for many reasons to achieve their goals or targets in their life in an illegal way.

There are two reasons why people cheat firstly cheaters are mostly those who are not educated or less educated. So they desired to earn money in unlawfully manner. They start doing many thing which is harm to other person they does not care that what other person is thinking if a person is crossing from a bad condition they also start cheating and getting money from them. They start cheating and doing street crimes and robberies to earn more and more money because they are not educated they cannot earn so much money by lawfully manner so they started doing this. Secondly cheater are those who are greedy and always loves to have more and more money it does not matter they are educated or not but they have concern with the money to cheat more and more and have more. They take their rank advantages if they are educating they started playing with the human felling to earn more money. They does not think that cheating is wrong but they focus is on earning more and more money. They also started cheating by blackmailing or other many things in order to get money their goal of life is to earn more and more money.

Cheaters are of many ways simultaneously, there are many ways through which people cheats some cheats in their office or anywhere they work in terms of cash. Some cheats to grab land, merchandise or any asset from the owner. Some cheats in such a way that they are the owner and they continuously having their past from the object but very little so that no one can doubt so cheater vary from person to person

These are the main point which we have discussed earlier above that’s way people prefer to chat to get money or to achieve their goal in an unlawful way.

Why people choose not carry cell phone

The people not choosing to carry cell phone with them because of snatching and disturbance of call and message during the working hours. Most of the people do not want they were interrupted by any sort of disturbance like phone call, message, and e-mail e-t-c

But this is not only the reason the other and the major reason is that snatching of cell phone. Most of the people were shooting and killed during this activity and it is very common activity. Now a days not a days does when the snatching is not happened and this activity is going is at a peak, bad local administration and inefficiency of law enforce (police). Police has come with an interesting method to convey their incompetence and turn find new for old mobile phones.

Many of the peoples have lost their lives. People are cheaper the value of mobile phone. According to the survey the around 20 to 30 mobile snatched in a day in a Karachi. It is also consider a way of getting income for those who are unemployed and for those who are habitat of doing those activities. The other reason we discus before is the disturbance or interruption it made during working hours and others important. When someone is busy at his work, he is disturb by forwarding message and call to someone. He cannot focus on his work through interruption of care and message. It also create disturbance for student as well as because their mind are presented on there, they mostly keep their catting with their friend and calling all the time to their friend. During studies they also use their cell to replying the message which will interrupt in their studies. They mostly keep their on their cell screen and focusing on their book and note book properly.

These are the some cause the people and student do not choosing to keep their cell phone with them we also try use the cell phone according to our need do not waste our time on message and as well as calls.

Why people exercise

It is a famous saying that health is wealth and for living a healthy life one must have to do regular exercise to keep them healthy and fit. Healthy life is key to live longer and save life.

Exercise help to person fit by doing this we can feel relax and our all tension and stress will reduced by doing exercise. Exercise is also mostly done because of maintain figure. Every model or actress do exercise for 2 to 3 hours daily to remain fit and their figure is also maintained by doing the exercise. Exercise help to reduced unwanted fat mostly fat person do exercise so that their fat is decreased. It is also help to be a mentally fit and physically also by doing exercise. Exercise also helps to fight with the disease. If we regular exercise so disease will not harm us.

People do exercise to remain fit for whole day. Those who do not exercise catches disease quickly and they also become victims of flu, cough and viral fever. They feel firing and lazy. So in order to remain active people prefer exercise in their daily routines. Exercise makes people physically fit and strong enough to work effectively and efficiently. They also look fresh and charming always. Their stamina also increase as people exercise more and more, exercise also keeps our nerves and our self well in control. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise for having strong body.

By overviewing the causes and effects of exercise, we can examine why people prefer exercise in their daily life so that they can have a happy and sound life

Why people keep pets

There is one simply answer because they love us back or they love us. Pets are those animals that make people feel good whenever they look to them. Pet are many like cats, dogs, chickens, birds & parrots etc. pets needs attention and care but they are tension releaser and can make our mood better when we are in tense or in anger.

There is one simply answer because they love us back or they love us. Sometimes they show us love when we don’t even show them any back and that in itself can wear on a person and sometimes make a hard no loving person melts his/her heart and they begins to respond to the constant love that is radiating from the animal or pet. But the animals if you feed and take half way good care of them will give you constant love and want take it away from you unless you are just brutally mean to them.

People have pets for their love, for releasing their tension and how to have more colorful life. Meanwhile, they also take good care of their pets so that their pets will always protected from germs and diseases. Pets add good memories in people’s life. People can enjoy and mostly past their leisure time with pets which gives them a relief and pleasure. They vaccinated their pets monthly or twice in a month, so that their pets can also have a longer and strong life and it’s the duty of people as well to take good care of their pets because it belongs to them.

These all are the causes and effects that why a person loves to have pets in their life as they add beauty and love in their life

You experiences before and after giving up a bad habit

Habits are those which people always perform whenever they are free. It can be good as well as bad even I have experienced a bad habit which is smoking but when I left it I feel relives and relax now habits also define our personality even.

When I was a smoker I have noticed that people don’t feel good and comfortable to spend time with me because they all hate smoking only I was smoking my teeth became yellowish so nobody want to likes to talk or sit with me. My looks especially my teeth were getting yellow day by day my clothes always had a smell of cigarettes. So I rapidly analyzed that why this all happening and why people do not want to stay with myself.

I then decided to work on my bad habits and tried to got rid it as soon as possible so that I can regain my personality and can remake or rebuild my friendship with those who always feel awkward whenever I sat next to them after smoking. Finally, I was able to accomplish my mission any make all previous friend which would not like to sit with me or talk with me because of smoking so they all sit with me and talk with me again.

When I left smoking, I manipulated that I was regaining my personality. My clothes got back the smell of perfumes instead of cigarettes. My teeth got white again. More importantly I got back my social circle in which few of them left me when I was a smoker. I also examine that I look fresh and healthy now; my stamina is increased as well as I have become strong enough to perform any work which is of more than an hour’s.

So, this was my tremendous experience of smoking before and after it. I feel good now and I am very proud of myself that was able to comprehend this situation and got rid of it